Jockey Whacks Horse 12 Consecutive Times, Gets Wrist Slapped

In the most recent minutes from Los Alamitos, the stewards write:

“Jockey JESUS AYALA came to the office to review his crop use during the eighth race on Sunday [September 22] which he won. He admitted to the violation, which was blatant in that he used his crop 12 times in succession without giving his horse a chance to respond. Despite the fact that he hasn’t had a violation in 10 months, we departed from the penalty structure and issued the following ruling:


So, he beat the hell out of his horse (Tequila Sangria) – four times the limit of consecutive whacks – and incurs but a paltry fine. And this, mind you, was “departing from the penalty structure”; otherwise, he’d have gotten off with even less. Nothing is more important than “equine welfare,” huh? Vile. By the way, the race in question was a $125,000 Grade 1 with $62,500 going to the winner – which, of course, helps explain Mr. Ayala’s exuberance with the “stick.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. This appalling decision by the stewards clearly evidences the facts that –

    they don’t give a damn about the welfare of the horse and
    they condone, enable and encourage animal cruelty.

    For these stewards to only fine this jockey $300, which is chicken feed to these riders and their connections, is pathetic. Do they think that by issuing a paltry fine is the end of the matter? They probably think so.
    However, it’s not the end of the matter – the public continues to be sickened by the cruel and merciless whipping of racehorses. Racing does nothing about it…another nail in the coffin for racing.

  2. Well, follow the money and it will lead you there.
    TEQUILA SANGRIA is owned by a veterinarian called Steve D. Burns.
    He makes his living off the misery of racehorses and couldn’t care less if they beat the crap of this poor filly as long as she wins right?
    If he cared even one iota then he would have filed a complaint against the jockey which he didn’t do.
    In fact, I surmise that he called the stewards and requested that he go easy on the jockey.
    Anyways, if Tequila Sangria were to run sore she would run out of fear now knowing that if she slows down she will be beaten and that’s why the whip is more than just physical torture, it’s mental torture as well, mind control.
    These pro-horse racing parasites are vile, bad apples, rotten to the core.
    We need to all pull together, each and every one of us to shut this horror show down.

    • True! This “penalty” isn’t worth a damn & both owner & jockey should be sanctioned far more severely!

  3. So if there is no response after 3 consequitive strikes and a pause then it is okay strike the horse again and a gain???
    Have they ever considered the horse may be at his limit/hurting and unable to”respond”.
    The rule is a joke and means nothing.
    Striking the horse 12 times even with a pause is brutal. A $300.00 fine just shows racing is in no way serious about protecting the horse. It is such a sham.

  4. These are the same types of creeps that didn’t do anything about that gate steward who punched that colt in the head. I mean, look at all the nauseating shit they do to these horses on a daily basis- why would flogging a horse even register with them?

    • It’s a crop, not a whip. It was first violation in 10 months. $300 is a days wages for most jockeys. You all are overreacting

      • Why do you racing apologists keep coming to this site?! It doesn’t matter what name you give it, there was no excuse for hitting a horse 12 times in a row, even if, according to your delusional minds, “it doesn’t actually hurt”. I dare you to whack yourself with one of those so-called guiding sticks – not the little taps you insist are used, but the full force overhead swings these jockeys actually use (and have been photographed and caught on video doing). Seriously, get a brain, grow some balls, whatever it takes to man up and admit that HORSE RACING IS ABUSE.

      • That is something akin to saying it’s over-reacting when a child is abused for the first time in 10 months. Was there another violation 11 months ago? The fine should have been much larger, and the jockey should be arrested and suspended. A jockey can get a sizeable percentage of the winnings, so the horse gets thoroughly and brutally beat due to greed. There are other jobs that can pay the same for honest, legal, humane work.

  5. What are the possibilities of re-framing the blatant beating of a horse with a stiff, fiberglass rod that should be felonious animal cruelty? If a human carries that item down a street, like carrying a baseball bat (which can be a crime), would it be considered a “weapon.” Can we call it “whip beating” or “whip brutality” or just plain “brutalized by whip beatings x times”?

  6. On Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 1:02 PM Horseracing Wrongs wrote:

    > Patrick Battuello posted: “In the most recent minutes from Los Alamitos, > the stewards write: “Jockey JESUS AYALA came to the office to review his > crop use during the eighth race on Sunday [September 22] which he won. He > admitted to the violation, which was blatant in that he use” >

  7. I saw a jockey the other day at Indiana grand, who, while on a horse being ponied in the post parade, reached around with his whip and smacked the horse on the butt. I’m assuming this was to amp the horse up in prep of the race.
    The reaction was instantaneous. The horse angrily swished his tail and did a small buck.
    A few minutes later, the jockey did it again. The reaction was more pronounced, the horse let out a bigger buck.
    But – as apologists would have us believe – I thought these whips don’t hurt? I thought they just make noise?
    I can guarantee that horse was really NOT happy with being hit, and those hits weren’t even near the force that they normally hit with during the actual race.
    In another race in a stretch run, a beautiful grey horse was being smacked hard with the whip often. Each time he was hit, he pinned his ears more and rung his tail. His tail started to look like a spinning propeller, and it was an obvious reaction to each hit.
    Why would a horse have such a reaction to a “nerf”or “sponge” bat, whip, crop, stick, or whatever the hell else apologists want to call them? Why would he react to something so strongly that “just makes a noise?” Just another huge lie from this industry.

    • A horse can feel a small gnat on his fur.. a crop is painful! A horse is very sensitive to feel , it doesn’t take much! A horse reacts out of pain!!! Much behavior you see from a horse is a horse trying to tell the human something is wrong or there is pain and has tried to give earlier signs to the pain but the human ignores the smaller signs until it gets bucked off, kicked, bite or whatever extreme the horse had to do to get the humans attention, and then the horse gets beaten and is in more pain cause it’s a stupid horse right ?!!!!! It’s a vicious cycle! The horse reacts through pain and FEAR!!! Common sense people! These jockeys do there job, to Win and make the owners richer! The horse is just a tool.. they will throw away and get a new horse once the other horse is so mentally and physically worn down and broken. Very few horses live the good life in those race barns. All that matters is that they Run the race .. deal with the problems later with quick fixes. Sad stuff.

    • I hit myself with a riding crop once. It hurt. A lot. I never used one on a horse again.

  8. California just banned the sale of furs. With the exceptions of dog and cat fur. I guess it’s okay to kill and skin dogs and cats, but not mink, rabbit, and chinchilla. Dog fighting, cock fighting, and bear baiting are illegal. But the state government allows the cruelty of horse racing to continue. They also still permit hunting, and fishing, but not fur trapping There is no logic in any of this. If they are really concerned with preventing cruelty, all of this would be illegal, but it seems their concern only extends until it interferes with state revenue gathering

  9. I’ve always wondered about the whipping, don’t like to see it happen. It’s too bad the jockeys don’t get punished more for using the whip. The whole thing is really disgusting!

  10. This is so cruel should be banned , I love to keep whipping him , see how he likes it 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  11. I hate to see this kind of abuse because the horses love to run and they should not be mistreated because they are not as fast as others. That’s when it becomes cruelty and you sure right he won’t run faster because you beat him he will slow In agonizing pain so you’re not doing anyone any good just showing everyone what kind of person you are shame on you maybe like to be slapped around a little bit with a leather strap a little stick that hurts like hell you people make me sick

    • Horses don’t love to run, they run because they’re prey (ok, maybe because it’s breakfast time). Turn a bunch of horses out and they graze, they don’t have races.

  12. POS jockey! But you love horses dont you? No you love winning at any cost. Maybe jockeys should be whiped since they cant seem to do their job.

  13. The great Domino was punished so much in 2 races at 2 that he grew to hate his jockey and tried to attack him whenever he was close. They had to cover his head to get the rider on. Why they didn’t try another rider I don’t know. He was not quite as brilliant at 3.

  14. Dr Rick Arthur revealed at the recent International Federation of Horseracing Authorities held in Paris on October 7 that –

    The whip was relevant in Three (3) of the Santa Anita spate of horse deaths there.
    The jockeys used their whips on the horses when they should’ve been helping them.
    Though he thought it was likely that the horses would have died from the injuries they’d sustained, the whip contributed.

    Pretty sure he said that these incidents occurred in the gates or nearby.

    To substantiate my comment, one can Google this by going to the website of the IFHA and look for the
    53rd conference (Paris) under conferences and go to the videos – time consuming but worthwhile.

    From what i’ve seen of the Paris videos so far, the whip and horse deaths are a serious and threatening issue for the racing industry globally.

    I was astonished that one of the UK representatives said that the assailants (advocates for the racehorse) know nothing about the horses in the industry and that the industry people are those with such knowledge (not verbatim but words to that effect). Such arrogance. Oh dear, if only he knew that the so called assailants are made up of a high number of people who have –

    excellent equine knowledge and qualifications
    worked at the coalface in the industry
    rescued horses from the industry
    rescued horses and suffered heartbreaking experiences with horses who have been irreparably damaged and had to be euthanased along with the expensive vet bills
    worked in administration in the industry
    been racehorse owners
    been racehorse trainers
    held positions of authority in the industry
    been former grooms in the industry
    been former stable workers in the industry
    been former trackwork riders in the industry
    been former veterinarians in the industry
    been former farriers in the industry
    been fans of racing

    The above list is far from exhaustive.

    And those “assailants” Mr. whoever you are from the UK who do not come under the above list, are people of integrity who know the difference between right and wrong. One doesn’t have to have inside knowledge of the industry – it is common knowledge that racing is notorious for its animal cruelty.

      • Barbaric it most certainly is.
        A UK man (I think he was connected with the British Racing Authority) was on a panel and when he gave his presentation it was about steeplechase racing. He said Cheltenham had Six (6) deaths this past season and they (presumably the BHA) thought they should have a review. Mmm thought it might be an idea, eh? Laughable if it wasn’t so serious.
        He emphasised how wonderful steeplechase racing is, such a long history, such a tradition, iconic and how important it was for the industry. In my view, he displayed no remorse for the fact that these horses suffer trauma, distress, exhaustion, career ending injuries and of course often death in this abhorrent so-called sport.
        Ah yes, rest assured, they’ll do their biased review and come out with their usual spin satisfying only themselves.
        Reviews, investigations, inquiries, ongoing research, etc. by the racing industry have been going on for decades. They say that they’ll put safety measures in and expect the public to swallow that.
        The measures they put in place have never worked – the horses continue to suffer and die.

  15. He derserve to have that crop slap him as hard as a man can 12 consecutive times!! That jockey puts shame to this lame lame event. He needs to be fined heavily for his freakin stupid actions, if that was my jockey doing that to my prize horse, he’d be FIRED!!! A wrist slap,,, really. That’s animal cruelty, abuse, that horse does the best he can , being beaten is unforgivable!!!

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