Jockey Hits Horse at Los Alamitos for “Acting Up”; Stewards Agree Horse Was “Being a Little Unmanageable”

This from the Los Alamitos stewards for September 15:

“Jockey BRYAN [sic] PENA was in to answer as to why he had to hit his horse during the post parade. Mr. Pena stated that his horse was acting up. After reviewing the video, it shows that Mr. Pena’s horse was indeed being a little unmanageable. In a majority decision no penalty was issued. Steward Sawyer voted for a fine.”

He hit his horse because he was “acting up,” but it’s all good for said horse was “being a little unmanageable.” I’m out of words.

(Note: This may or may not be the same horse who was hit in this video.)

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  1. Please do not dilute your power as a valid force in ending an antiquated industry based on animal cruelty and expendability by posting nonsense non compelling videos of this sort . If you continue to do this no one will take you seriously and you will lose your support base. This is just a video of a groom slapping a horse lightly for not going forward. It was wrong but a negligible offense and did more harm to your mission than good.

    Debra Atwell

    • Debra, you might be okay with hitting a horse every time he doesn’t do something you want him to, but there was NO reason for that jockey to behave that way. Hitting horses has become so commonplace that it is actually defended, which is disgusting. If you honestly think that Patrick will lose his support for calling out abuse of any sort, whether in your eyes the horse “deserved” it or not, then you obviously don’t know anything about this site or the people who support it.

    • How would you like to get hit every time you disagreed with something?
      Racehorse’s can’t talk and they will act up like this because they are being forced to do something that they don’t want to do which is also evidenced by the extreme beatings/whippings as seen in every race.
      The horse didn’t want to go forward, appeared nervous, and most don’t want to be a profit slave for apologists like you.
      If anybody saw a dog owner in a dog park slap their dog like this they would tell the owner to stop, tape it on their iphone and/or file an animal abuse claim.
      I suppose you pro-horse racing entities are so used to forcing your profit slaves into servitude that you think nothing of it and just because you don’t find it compelling it doesn’t mean others don’t.
      How about you slap your daughter the next time she doesn’t want to do something?
      Child abuse charges coming your way.
      Beating of any sort on any living being is unacceptable and should be punishable by the law.

  2. Thank you, Rebecca Paquette, my thoughts exactly. What goes on behind closed doors? Such a vile industry.

  3. Day 1 Keeneland , from what I’ve heard 2 banned off breakdowns,I believe at least one of them was a 2yr. old. DAY 1…..mind you. WTF

    • Bonnie. Race 4 for 2 year olds. 8 started and only 6 made the finish line. Was this the one???

  4. Patrick: looks like it’s going to be another long, blood-soaked weekend for these poor horses. Keeneland just had one fatality — well, one they’ve admitted to, anyway — and it’s supposedly THEIR FIRST DAY of racing. Also, I’m sure you’re already aware of an additional “vanned off” in their very next race. They seem to be acting even more secretive about that one. How surprising.
    Of course, we’re all fully expecting the next impending breakdown at SADT. True to form, it should be due to occur in the next couple days, as they’ve managed to go nearly A WHOLE WEEK since poor Emtech was raced to death. No doubt they’re still pleased with their “gold standard of safety.”

  5. How convenient that the stewards did not name the horse.

    If it was the horse in the video, then no way was this horse being unmanageable, let alone a little unmanageable.

    A racehorse on race-day can be a little unmanageable (and we know why) – he might rear for example.

    There’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever for this jerk, namely BRYAN PENA to abuse and mistreat a horse and the same goes for the horse that BP abused if in fact it was not the horse in this video.

    The stewards’ attitude and statement is reprehensible.

    Utterly shameful, it truly is.

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