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  1. I know some religions believe if you’ve been a bad person you will come back as an animal.Doesn’t that just say it all. In other words they are saying a lot of animals are treated like crap and tortured. Think about that people will you. I don’t believe that,but I do think that some animals ARE TORTURED and race horses most definitely ARE.Just the fact that they are kept in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT is CRUELTY alone. I’m to the point I hate all these F’n scumbags from the writers to the photographers (the worst propagandists) all of them who are enabling and contributing to this SINFUL SLAUGHTER.You know who you are you F’n SCUMBAGS.

  2. This, unfortunately, is almost minor compared to some of the gate crew aggression that I’ve seen first hand. I’ve seen them jerk and drag horses by the ears, have someone stand behind them and whip them in with a buggy whip, smack them numerous times with their lead lines, throw hoods on them and drag them in, and shove them in backwards from the front. And then there is the infamous video of the starter at Delaware park that punched a horse in the face multiple times, and even the owner of the horse excused the behavior! But they all care for the horses? As long as they can get them into the gate by any means necessary. Then we see horses like Elfy and Zippit Yankee, who showed their strong displeasure at the gate, and one is now dead and the other maybe injured from flipping in the gate last week.

  3. Have reported this myself. Jockey name is Edgar Payeras. I never got the gate person name. Have retweeting this numerous times. . A disgrace that this happens. Making me wonder what happens when not in view of camera. This guy was caught in full view. The jockey should have reported as the camera crew.

  4. I am somewhat surprised this was not deleted out like they do any track accident. The horse with tail injury last week maybe got thst back gate slammed on him.

  5. On the one hand the Paulick Report had an article expressing amazement at the intelligence of horses and on the other hand the racing industry continues to treat their horses like trash. I made this very comment on the PR but of course he didn’t have the balls to let it stand. Where is PETA and HSUS with the blatant abuse caught right on camera? Still with their heads up theirs asses like the rest of the racing apologists.

  6. Are you people nuts these are not pony horses these are thoroughbreds whole different breed what you think he should have done got off and give the horse a piece candy and asked him to please move forward

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