Belmont: 4 Kills in First Week; Another “Went Wrong” Kill at Delaware

Equibase’s account of the 4th at Belmont yesterday: “Deft…fell on the lead suffering a fatal injury…then was subsequently euthanized.” Deft was three years old. He is the 4th dead horse in the first week of Belmont’s fall meet – 26th there on the year. The lie of NYRA’s “demonstrably safer” racing laid bare, yet again.

In the 5th at Delaware Wednesday, 5-year-old Dispel “went wrong…and had to be euthanized.” This is the second “went wrong” kill on the Delaware week.

This is horseracing.

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  1. In what other equine “sport” can so many horses be cited as simply “went wrong” and there is no investigation, no intervention, no public outcry from others in the equine community? The general public might be ignorant but those of us who own horses or compete with horses in other disciplines should be horrified at the staggering loss of life. I don’t understand why the equine community is silent on this blatant wholesale exploitation and slaughter – could it be that we have heard the litany of “that just happens” and “we love our horses like family” from the racing industry for so long that we simply accept their f***ked up propaganda now?
    I continually get letters from animal protection and legislative organizations claiming to be appalled at animal exploitation, yet not one of them is willing to acknowledge the worst case of animal exploitation in American history going on in our own backyards.

  2. I used to love horse racing…………until I found out as an adult the ugly side. Purely profit, no care about the horses. And……….once they are not as useful……… to the slaughter house. I’ll never watch another race again.

    • I’m a 55yr old woman,when I was a child Lassie was on tv…my smarter than my parents Grandmother told my parents “Don’t let her watch this,she’s too sensitive a child to handle it” Well,you know what I’m still too sensitive,but I don’t see it that way, I see it that I’m so superior to these Torturing of Animals scumbags.I’m the sane one these serial Abusers,can only be called one thing,and that is PURE EVIL!! Let’s SHUT it down,NOW.

  3. DEFT ended up in the hands of trainer Rudy Rodriquez which greatly reduced his possibility of making it off the track alive.
    This one example alone clearly shows a business that can’t clean itself up, doesn’t want to clean itself up, and/or requires doping, cheating trainers to abuse racehorses so that they can fill races.
    Here’s Rudy Rodriquez’s rap sheet:

    Poor DEFT we will never know what dope was shoved into your veins, muscles, joints and/or mouth because this is horse racing where dirty rotten scoundrels who continuously abuse racehorses are not penalized.
    In fact, this business gives him stalls, horses, and races to continue and killing them doesn’t even garner keeping him away from them.
    Demented and vile, and there are plenty more Rudy Rodriquez’s.

      • I’ll be SOOOOO Happy when this torturing of Innocent Horses is shutdown for good and these assholes will have to get a real job.Yeah,let’s see how they make it then.Bloodmoney is supporting these Cretans.

  4. Watched Deft go down, live, terrible accident. So sorry for owners trainers and jockey. Racing high end thoroughbreds is inherently dangerous even with safe and qualified oversight and practice. They were bred to run

    • You might feel sorry for the abusers that sent this horse to his death and the silk assed monster that finished the job by whipping him to it, but nobody here has anything but contempt for the racing industry and the heartless dregs of humanity that are involved in it. That was an intelligent sentient being that died in the dirt – not out there because he loved to run but because he was forced out there and was beaten to make him race. That horse felt fear, felt pain, and not one person in the industry that killed him gave two shits about him past what money he could make them. His death wasn’t a terrible accident, Paul, it was purposeful exploitation and it was abuse designed to kill.

  5. Sorry for the connections? For what? That’ they sent a horse out to be killed? What about the poor horse that snapped his leg? And his trainer is a pos, with a long history of death and destruction. Why should we feel sorry for him??
    These horses were not bred to run. That’s a sorry excuse. The only time my horses run, and that’s only 1 of 3, is when she is spooked. The other 2 meander. And they’ve been off the track for a year- so not likely they forgot how to run.
    And high end? So many of these horses dying are far from high end. They are low end claimers that get patched together to make a few bucks every other week, if not sooner. And your line about “qualified oversight and practice” is laughable. The only consistent thing this industry has proven is that there is no qualified oversight and practice. This is certainly the wrong forum to come to to feel sorry for the shit connections that killed this horse!

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