“Took a Bad Step, Perished on the Track” at Belterra; “Went Wrong, Had to Be Euthanized” at Delaware

Monday, one of the two quietest (races run) days of the racing week, this:

In the 5th at Belterra, 2-year-old Carol Marie “took a bad step at the quarter pole, lost her rider, and unfortunately perished on the track” (Equibase).

“took a bad step and unfortunately perished on the track”

In the 4th at Delaware, 3-year-old Tricky Rose “went wrong in the right front entering the backstretch, was pulled up, and had to be euthanized.”

“went wrong and had to be euthanized”

Two more dead fillies. For $2 bets. America, are we not better than this?

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  1. Well at least they released the names of the horses they killed, instead of just “unidentified” as if these horses never really existed, which to this depraved industry, they really didn’t. They were just a throw away means to a dirty end.

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