Morning Kill at Saratoga Makes It 9 Dead (and counting)

And another at Saratoga. This morning, Umetuka was “injured galloping [training] on main track, vanned off for x-rays” and, says the Gaming Commission, euthanized. Umetuka was four; she had been put to the whip nine times. This (already) makes nine dead at NYRA’s crown jewel – the lie of “Demonstrably Safer” laid bare, yet again.

Golden Julia, May 25, Saratoga T (died May 30) – “horse died from acute blood loss”
Investment Analyst, Jun 7, Saratoga T – “sustained leg injury necessitating euthanasia”
Gattino Marrone, Jul 3, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids – euthanized”
Fight Night, Jul 12, Saratoga R – “fell heavily after the wire”
Total Fidelity, Jul 14, Saratoga T – “fracture to LF sesamoids – euthanized”
Overlord, Jul 15, Saratoga – “colonic rupture”
Verravanni, Jul 25, Saratoga – “pleuropneumonia”
Misspent Youth, Jul 27, Saratoga T – “cardiovascular collapse”
Umetuka, Jul 31, Saratoga T – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”


  1. Another day of death. Another equine angel lost. And this disgusting industry is still being supported, still being defended, and more infuriatingly, still being ignored by organizations that claim to be against cruelty and abuse. Well, PETA and HSUS, what other feeble excuses and back fence support are you going to offer this death machine today?

  2. Seriously euthanized for galloping – how god damn stupid do you think that all of us are who read this bullshit every single day???? How stupid – stupid is definitely at the track end. This is just another bullshit story about animal abuse and another kill on the daily list of events. You people will never stop this abuse until the consequences are levied against you in the way of huge monetary amounts because nothing else registers with you bastards This will of course never happen because you have all the useless politicians and law makers in your back pocket. . It is always and always about the money – never ever about the horse. The racing/gaming commission is just as responsible for all of these “kills” – this racing needs to stop – have you ever stopped long enough to seriously read the list of dead horses and do you think that this is a normal daily event – well guess what you assholes – no it should never ever be the “norm” – daily kills are just bullshit and lack of training and lack of caring most of all. End the racing – end the killing – do it NOW!!!

    • Absolutely Cathy, as usual money talks. It might be a coal slag heap which the locals are told as perfectly safe until like Aberfan in Wales collapsed and killed hundreds of children in their school. Like the damn recently in Brazil, the badly constructed road flyovers that have collapsed over the years and the high rise apartments. These were all a result of greedy, corrupt people who bought influence and power from equally corrupt local and national politicians to cut corners and make even MORE money than before.
      These horses lives were sacrificed because YOUR corrupt politicians are ignoring the facts. Your trainers and owners and racecourse owners are ignoring the facts and safety rules.
      Though FAR FROM PERFECT, the racing industry in my country, the UK was compelled to enforce more rugged rules concerning the use of the whip, (which frankly shouldn’t be used at all). Jockeys and their bosses have been heavily fined and have even lost their licenses if they ignore the courts.
      These aren’t racing cars that get damaged or even written off, they are beautiful warm blooded athletes that are loving and brave, and they are treated worse than racing cars. Like Greyhounds they are overbred to ensure an adequate supply for the race industry and the failures are shot or sent for slaughter.
      In Ireland at the moment the same argument is raging where dogs are repeatedly killed or put to sleep after accidents and the failures who don’t make it are bludgeoned to death or left tied up in a forest to die of starvation or thirst. Their ears cut off to lose the tattoos they wear for course identification.
      A sick, greedy number of shifty grubby men make vast profits from this industry that is in such decline that only subsidies from local and national government keep them going whilst childrens hospitals are drained of resources.
      We live in a very sick world indeed where the backward Chinese butcher dogs in the cruelest ways for their meat fetish. They cruelly slaughter donkeys for their gelatine so the men can “increase their virility.”
      Those who think they are participating in a harmless bet on racing should think again and hold their heads in shame.
      Cathy please copy and paste this reply for the other petitioners.
      Thank you

    • Well said, Cathy. This is despicable! And it breaks the hearts of animal lovers, everywhere. Horseracing people will blather on about making things safer, etc., but in the end, nothing ever gets done. The cheating, doping and general disregard for horses’ lives continues on, the same as usual. It amazes me how people who post on horseracing sites continue to defend the scum who are known to do terrible things to horses. The stuff they say is ridiculous. Horses will not go extinct if racing is outlawed!
      This is a sport of continual death. How anyone can defend it is hard to grasp.

  3. This is terrible . Sickening to heart. Why is something not being done.

    • Some Thoroughbreds start trading at only 14 months depending on when their birthday is. And that isn’t considered abuse in itself?!

    • Some Thoroughbreds start training at only 14 months depending on when their birthday is. And that isn’t considered abuse in itself?!

  4. This is so depressing and it shows all that this country only cares about money , not the quality of life for our horses. All of you money hungry mongers, I hope you all suffer a horrible death. To many of our beloved horses are dying needlessly.

  5. I’ve never been to a horse race and never will be…animals are not here for our entertainment. When you are done with them, when they cease to make you money, you turn your backs on them, kill them. You are heartless humans.

  6. What are they doing to these poor horses? Running them so hard that it’s killing them? Maybe they should be run like the hirsed are and see how far they get.

  7. Where is the investigation if this was football or baseball and 9 players died bet there wpuld be an investigation.

  8. A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY? God fearing and kind? Don’t think that I would accuse the US of being the only one but you have by far the worst record for horse care anywhere in the world with perhaps the exception of China which is of course a country of sick monsters and barely human people who still believe in animal parts for virility etc.
    Can you go to Church on the Sabbath and really think you are a truly Christian country?
    At least in the UK there would be a top level investigation into such an appalling record.

  9. It’s getting out of control. Shouldn’t someone be investigating why this is happening? So sad. Horses are such beautiful creatures

  10. The word humane has gone out of our language.All for the bucks! The whips used, the electric prod used by riders, is heartless. These animals cannot speak for them selves, so we must. Stop the horse racing, the dog racing etc. Racing should not be glorified! It is all for the money and glorification of the owner, trainer,etc.

  11. How absolutely abominable to see this happen yet again and again for human amusement. Why don,t the trainers run around the track and just stop abusing the horses.

  12. Sickening and wrong. When are people going to wake up and outlaw this disgusting “sport “???

  13. I’m probably going to be deleted for this comment but what the hell. Like illegal poaching of Elephants Rhinos Great Apes and Tigers maybe the only way to stop this is for trainers, jockeys and owners to feel fear the same way these poor beautiful horses feel.
    Maybe tying one to a car or truck and being dragged along for several miles whilst being beaten will give a strong message to these nasty, greedy and heartless people that these animals have supporters who are prepared to give back what they are handing out. If one of these people were to fear going out at night in case they were snatched and broken up themselves.
    It may have to come to this in order to stop this criminal and I humane behaviour by theses greedy people.

    Just a thought mind!

  14. Racing has killed too many horses. The drugging and poor care is bringing the death toll at the tracks
    higher and higher. If you go to the track you are helping to kill these beautiful, mistreated animals.

  15. The only humane solution is to end horse racing and find good homes for the horses. No amount of money or jobs is worth this.

  16. Cruelty in this sport abounds-see how
    horses are abused south of the border –
    all is appalling. Beautiful animals who
    would do all in their ability for humans
    who just treat them hideously.
    Please send no comments to me regarding
    this – I just ache for these animals and
    hate the abusers.

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