“Bled Profusely From Ear”; “Spinal Cord Severed”; “Ruptured Stomach”; Tiz Willow 800 lbs at Death

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have confirmed the following deaths at that state’s tracks so far in 2019. (Please note: The Board redacted the names of the dead horses; any identifications below came via other channels.)

Big Ceas, Jan 20, Golden Gate R
Catastrophic breakdown of left front fetlock. Complete luxation of the fetlock joint with lateral displacement of the distal MCIII. Complete, longitudinal split with severe fraying of fibers of lateral branch of the suspensory ligament. Full thickness, transverse rupture of the palmar annular ligament. Full thickness, transverse and longitudinal rupture of the intersesamoidean ligament. Complete, transverse rupture of the collateral ligaments of the fetlock. Gastric ulceration, severe.”

Tiz Willow, Jan 25, Golden Gate
“The gross findings in this mare confirm a markedly thin body condition with serous atrophy of fat. Additionally there was a large impaction observed in the transverse colon and proximal small colon. The bone marrow fat percentage…was 2.3% which is considered very low with a reference range between 62-99% in an healthy adult horse. This finding along with the serious atrophy of fat support a negative energy balance with mobilization of fat stores in the bone marrow of this animal. It is reported that this horse was not euthanized and had died. 800 lbs [at death].”

Grace Bay, Feb 15, Golden Gate
Horse flipped and struck head on the way to…race. Bled profusely from right ear and unable to rise and then became comatose. Acute skull fractures of basisphenoid, occipital and temporal bones with intracranial hemorrhage.”

unidentified, Feb 17, Golden Gate T
Horse collapsed while training and then shattered left front cannon after working four furlongs. Cervical vertebrae – C2 (dens) acute, transverse, oblique, comminuted with displacement and severing of the cervical spinal cord. Presumably, the catastrophic left cannon bone fracture was the initial injury. The cervical vertebrae fracture, which caused the spinal cord to be severed and led to death, is presumed to be a secondary traumatic event immediately following the leg fracture.”

unidentified, Mar 10, Golden Gate
“Colic on 3/9 treated by veterinarian and died [note: no mention of euthanasia] morning of 3/10/19. …hemorrhage of the entrapped section of intestine and hemorrhage in the ruptured stomach. Gastric rupture with transmural hemorrhage.”

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  1. May I use the picture to make a poster for Del Mar protest?

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  2. Thank you for keeping up with reporting the unrelenting toll of death and abuse these horses suffer. I am completely committed to helping end horse racing for good.

  3. The fact that there even has to be protests against such barbaric treatment of horses is disgusting.

    I cannot even comprehend the vileness of someone who would cause a baby’s legs to literally shatter like this, or pump them so full of drugs their stomach is eaten away by ulcers, or force them to run until their lungs bleed, and not only call it a “sport” but fill their pockets with money made from pure torture.

  4. These pics are clear evidence of a sentient being suffering greatly and probably suffered long before it died in the dirt for this vile business.
    So CHRB Board – the hens guarding the hen house – are protecting the killers by not releasing the names of the racehorses who died.
    Absolutely unacceptable, disgusting, and needs to be shut down.
    Since you claim to “love your family members” so much then provide the doping/vet/ESWT records to the owner of this blog so we can publish them for all to see.
    Then you can no longer hide behind your secrecy and your outrageous, delusional claims that you actually care for the racehorses whom you exploit, maim and/or kill every single day.
    So sorry for all racehorses who died for their stupid $2 bets and for politicians who continue to support this public butcher show.

  5. TIZ WILLOW – I pledge to be a voice for you and for all racehorses who are voiceless victims of this vile business and the vile people in it.
    Your necropsy clearly shows just how much you suffered and why your slave master should be in jail.
    It also clearly shows a business full of rotten, delusional people who saw this go on and did nothing.
    Your poor racehorses please don’t let them forget what they are doing to you, what they’ve done to you, and what they continue to do to you.
    May your spirits rain down on those you hurt you.
    I’m heartbroken over this, and I will never accept the daily killing of racehorses as a “sport” or “entertainment” or as a “normal” occurrence – never and nor should anybody else.

  6. Exploitation is all about money, greed, and selfishness. “The LOVE of money is the ROOT of all evil.” Until people repent of their SIN, exploitation of horses, elephants, dolphins/whales, wild animals, and people – children, girls, women – will sadly continue. Can we wait for people to have some spiritual awakening? No. So, the next best thing is to address the MONEY behind all of this. STOP THE MONEY, STOP THE CRIME.

  7. This stuff doest “just happen”…..Its cruelty at its worst…why is no-one ever charged with cruelty? How can WE file charges, prompt an investigation? 800lbs at death? This horse was starved…..If you do this to children you and up in jail, why not jail when it’s done to innocent horses?

  8. Absolute horror. This has to end.
    RIP poor poor abused horses – kind souls who did not ever deserve an ounce of this.

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