“The other horses at the ranch wouldn’t let Tiz Willow eat.”

An update on the 2-year-old Tiz Willow, who died of starvation in a Golden Gate stall back in January. The criminal (though not in the eyes of the law) animal-abuser Gustavo Medina was brought before the Golden Gate stewards June 2:

“Present were Medina his translator Rob Cochran, investigator Mike Alford and CHRB Staff Counsel Rob Brodnik. Mr. Brodnik questioned Mr. Medina at length about his lack of care for the horse Tiz Willow, as did the Stewards. Mr. Medina had no explanation other than the other horses at the ranch wouldn’t let Tiz Willow eat. Even if that were true Mr. Medina had almost two months to remedy the situation. When given the opportunity to present witnesses on his behalf and generally defend himself he had little to say and no witnesses…but finally when prompted by the Stewards for some response, mumbled ‘I’m Sorry.’ A decision will be forthcoming.”

“The other horses at the ranch wouldn’t let Tiz Willow eat.”

“Mumbled I’m sorry.”

Some human beings have little to no redeeming value.

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  1. Gustavo Medina should be charged under Felony Animal Cruelty laws, but racehorses don’t even have these protections.
    What is equally disturbing is all the people who walked by the stall because I’m sure there were plenty of them, the owners of the ranch and all the apologists who stood by and watched TIZ WILLOW suffer.
    What’s even more appalling is that this is going on all over America on private training centers.
    I saw it with my own eyes when I was an apologist and you don’t report it because they kick you off the property.
    These people CONDONE the abuse, the neglect and the killings.
    They are delusional demented devils, pure evil, and they have got to go.
    You fucking racehorse apologists – your time is coming and we will SHUT YOU DOWN.
    I’m physically sick from this vile business and the vile people in it.
    I implore people to be a voice for the racehorses and shut these hell holes down.
    They have no place in the 21st century – none.

  2. I used to think I was somewhat unique in regards to the disgust I felt toward the entire horse racing industry. Now, I’m utterly incredulous that there’s ANYONE outside the bloodsport business who DOESN’T share my horror at this unspeakably cruel non-sport.
    HOW is this still legal?
    HOW is this still a thing?I
    HOW can these monsters sleep at night, knowing the torment and suffering they inflict in the name of greed?I
    And, most importantly, HOW many more thoroughbreds have to suffer and die a tortuous death before we finally DO something to end this repulsive bloodbath?

    • I firmly believe that most people that own horses have no business owning them. Feeding horses isn’t rocket science but you do need to feed them their grain separately. The other horses wouldn’t let Tiz Willow eat? Then Tiz Willow needed to be fed separately. Seems incredibly sîmple to me. Medina is an animal abuser who is incredibly stupid and lazy and he should be banned from ever owning a horse again.

  3. In my 78 years on this planet, I have yet to find a species of animal that is as cruel as the human species.

  4. I am with you again Gina on your thoughts – WTF does in a low voice – “I’m Sorry” supposed to mean you ignorant SOB. You killed that horse out of abuse – there is no such thing as other horses will not let one eat and if that is a problem – then separate them but this horse died in a stall so what the hell is your real reason you bastard – the reason being that you could not give a shit about whether the horse lived or died and I wish to hell that you were dead. Along with all of the other assholes who watch as this poor animal suffered – you all should be in jail – but better still would be the death penalty brought back for the abuse and torture of animals – you would be a goner already and the world would be much better off and you would just be the tip of the iceberg.
    These race tracks are so incredibly cruel and the people involved are a disgusting bunch of bastards that should never ever be allowed to even have a god damn mouse as a pet never mind be in charge of the lives of the horses. The race tracks need to be a thing of the past and it can be happen soon enough – how many more lives of these wonderful horses do we have to read each day about as another one bites the dust and is killed off. Everyone involved in this sport is a cruel bastard – owners, trainers, jockeys, vets, care givers, pony riders, stewards photogaphers – you are all to blame for the abuse and death of these horses. It needs to end – there is no more time left for you f*ckers!!

  5. I have never seen such disregard for our beloved horses thank God for horse racing wrongs bringing light to the situation in all the years of my rescue I never understood the racing industry and what goes on behind the back doors and I’m embarrassed to admit that but now I know and I will be the voice believe me I’m screaming from the rooftops

  6. I am going to echo the sentiments expressed here- how the %&$#@ do you let a horse die of starvation and not be charged?! Why was there not one miserable excuse for a human being at that stable that had the balls to stand up and say anything? Animal abuse laws are only there because they have to be to pacify those of us who actually care about the lives and well being of animals- there are no real penalties involved no matter what atrocities are committed. I think that what is done to the animal should be done to the abuser, and I volunteer to do it.

  7. Gustavo Medina should never have any priveleges again! Thanks for your report. Sincerely H Clark June 17 2019


  8. And this Medina person will continue “working” with horses??
    I would bet this is not his first instance of animal cruelty and it won’t be his last. Somebody needs to take a look at the referenced “ranch”.

    And what is equally disturbing is this case of starvation did not come to light until the necropsy.

    Nobody “noticed” the condition of this helpless little filly at the mercy of dispicable so called humans.

  9. This example alone exemplifies what’s wrong with horse racing and the people in it.
    However, there are trainers STILL TRAINING who have a long list of dead racehorses under their care with no accountability or repercussions.
    Hell, even killing a racehorse in this business is, more or less, acceptable.
    Anybody who kills an animal in a business or domestic setting would certainly be up on Felony Animal Cruelty charges and most certainly wouldn’t be allowed to own an animal again.
    Yet, the continued killing of racehorses, the carnage, goes on unabated.
    This is outrageous and shouldn’t be happening in the 21st century.
    The other day both Todd Pletcher and Python Patricia Farro had another 2 victims and these killers just keep on killing.
    Why they have not lost their license is only because horse racing condones this and they don’t give a damn.

  10. Umm… just an idea here…could someone have taken the horse somewhere, where he could be fed alone? Another pasture, maybe just outside the pasture, in a barn, in a stall ? Just some ideas.

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