Stonewalling No More? Kentucky Releases Names of Dead Horses

Facing ever-increasing demands for transparency – most especially from diligent journalist Caitlin McGlade and the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting – the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has agreed to release the names of its dead horses, and they’re doing it publicly on the Commission website. While it is unclear whether all kills (notably, training) will be published, for now we have these six:

Queen Jeanne, Feb 22, Turfway R
“Left forelimb: biaxial mid-body sesamoid fractures. The palmar annular ligament, medial annular ligament and intersesamoidean ligament were ruptured. The lateral annular ligament, suspensory ligament, superficial digital flexor tendon, deep digital flexor tendon, straight sesamoidian and oblique sesamoidian ligaments were torn. The medial and lateral digital veins are torn.”

Tell It Ina Melody, Mar 28, Turfway R
“Left forelimb: Lateral sesamoid: apical fracture. Medical sesamoid: comminuted basilar fracture. The palmar annular ligament was ruptured. The following structures were torn: Medial annular ligament, medal and lateral branches of the suspensory ligament, superficial and deep digital flexor tendons, and all distal sesamoidian ligaments. There were changes noted in the synovial tissues of the fetlock joint.”

Cathedral Reader, Apr 6, Keeneland R
“Right forelimb: Compound lateral condylar fracture and axial fracture off the lateral sesamoid. The fetlock joint is luxated. The superficial and deep digital flexor tendons, intersesamoidian, straight sesamoidian, and annular ligaments are torn. The medial aspect of the suspensory ligament is ruptured.”

Mandel, Apr 10, Keeneland R
“Left forelimb: Closed luxation of the fetlock joint. Lateral sesamoid: Apical fracture. Medial sesamoid: comminuted apical and basilar fractures. The following soft tissues were torn or ruptured: palmar annular ligament; suspensory ligament; superficial and deep digital flexor tendons; and distal sesamoidian ligaments.”

Amandine, Apr 19, Keeneland R
“RF lateral, displaced condylar fracture and biaxial sesamoid fractures.”

Into Morocco, Apr 20, Keeneland R
“Right hind: Apical-abaxial fracture of the medial sesamoid. Medial extensor branch of the suspensory ligament is torn.”

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  1. So repulsively benign and detached. No words acknowledging the courage of the horse.

    If these are necropsy reports do they not report on the blood analysis? I would wonder if the horse had attempted to mitigate its own injuries by being “sober” or if there was an “intervention” to block pain or enhance energy. Drug therapy or jockey pushing the horse. In training the habits if a horse become part if its racing strategy but if a horse acts unusual how did the jockey respond. Ive seen enough whippings to believe many injuries could have been avoided

    These injuries seem so explosive. As a skier and basketball player i can feel signals in my muscles and occasionally in a fall i can feel my bones reacting but catastrophic injuries occur at their moment of many factors happening without warning. Running is is fairly predictable thats why i ask.

    To each of the magnificent beings in this report, i acknowledge you as the brave snd kind soul you were.

  2. Multi-billion dollar empire Keeneland has been actively, and knowingly facilitating the massive pain, suffering, and dying of racehorses.
    The same can be said for people because they have facilitated, what’s virtually human trafficking rings, the exploitation of vulnerable human beings including woman and children that didn’t even have money to buy milk for their babies after working 80 hours a week for top trainers like Steve Asmussen and Chad Brown.
    They should be held legally liable for breaking the law like any other company, but this is horse racing.
    They give these trainers tons of stalls every single year and they know exactly what’s going on just like they do with the racehorses and, I allege, that there is killing going on specifically for equine insurance money.
    Since keeping informal records of some of the kills a distinct pattern is consistently emerging.
    All racehorses matter, but I will focus on 2 on this kill list.
    CATHEDRAL READER purchased for $200,000, equine insurance policy most likely in place, isn’t performing up to high level stake races that is demanded of them for this price and then drops dead in the dirt.
    INTO MOROCCO purchased for $185,000 and $120,000 before that has the potential for a $300,000 equine insurance policy. Same pattern as Cathedral Reader, doesn’t perform and drops dead.
    BOTH racehorses are trained by the same trainer DALLAS STEWART who has appeared on my “suspicious” over the past 5 years.
    Yet, due to lack of transparency, total shroud of secrecy and a victim who can’t speak we will never know unless the FBI starts to investigate this situation.
    Whatever you think there’s no denying the fact that this business is widespread carnage and it’s unacceptable in the 21st century.
    This vile business, by releasing these names, are only responding to outside pressure because they’ve never possessed the moral scruples to care about their profit slaves.
    Kentucky is running a modern day slavery ring when it comes to both racehorses and labor.

  3. This is their idea of transparency? SIX acknowledged horse deaths from Kentucky tracks that generally have the highest death rates in the nation? No wonder they don’t want a central governing body; it would force them to release the actual numbers of equine corpses they generate each day. Shame on Kentucky. Shame on horse racing.

  4. The barbaric cruelty inflicted on these sweet, majestic Animals is excruciatingly heartbreaking — the Horse-Racing Industry must be SHUT DOWN — permanently — let’s KEEP AT IT.

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