1. Stop killing these animals and stop horse racing all together its cruel and inhumane.

  2. One of the racing fans said in the video horses love to race, this is not true. A famous thoroughbred horse trainer told me “thoroughbreds are bred to run not to race. We push these horses beyond their limits”.
    If horsemen know this then why do they continue to race these horses? Why?

  3. I’m so sick and tired of the horse racing industry spewing their lines that any person with half-a-brain knows that they are ridiculous.
    To put it simply: does a racehorse talk?
    No, because if they did they would sure as hell say that they don’t love to run for these abusers and killers
    In fact, they are speaking to us through their broken bones, bodies, and spirits.
    It’s time we heed their SOS calls and shut this horror show down.
    So sorry for all racehorses who died for their stupid $2 bets.

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