Yet Another Kill at Belmont Park

New Pass, a 3-year-old under the whip for just the 4th time, was killed in the 7th at Belmont yesterday. According to the NYS Gaming Commission, the filly “suffered a fatal musculo-skeletal injury in the vicinity of the 1/16 pole and was euthanized on the track.” They added, “investigation to follow.” Allow me to save resources here – horseracing, by its very nature, kills horses. That’s about the size of it. New Pass, by the way, is the 14th racehorse to die at Belmont Park this year.


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  1. I am still reeling from all of this. No, I had not known, all of my life. Imagine being cheated of your life at only age 3 and up to that time tortured. If we were a decent society, people would be imprisoned for what is happening.

  2. There will be an investigation, really!!
    The investigation sorely needed is one by a 3rd party into the corruption and abhorrent animal abuse and cruelty pervasive in this gambling business. But that will never happen because money trumps all in this industry.

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