Jockey Gets Wrist-Slap for Punching His Horse; “Frog Juice” Update

Some odds and ends…

Australian jockey is suspended two weeks for this:

Two weeks.

BloodHorse reports that veterinarian Kyle James Hebert was found guilty this week for providing dermorphin to multiple trainers in Louisiana in 2012. Dermorphin, also known as “frog juice,” is roughly 40 times more potent than morphine (my original “Frog Juice” post). According to BloodHorse, Hebert “advised trainers that [the drug] would make the horses focus and run faster” and “that the substances [sic] was untraceable.” This, from a doctor. Ugly. Horseracing.


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  1. This 3 year old filly was about to have her third start and was fearful of what was ahead of her and displayed that fear the only way a voiceless animal could. This brute of a jockey used a lot of force with his cowardly punch and the intent was clearly obvious. From the footage available, I saw that the end of the whip struck underneath her body mostly in the rib area and her private parts and that would’ve been very painful for her and could’ve fractured a rib bone.
    This act of violence is utterly inexcusable.
    There were other jockeys close by who showed zero response but then again they’ve likely done similar as this behaviour is not uncommon especially in trackwork training where there are no cameras. The two clerks of the course were right there and did nothing, typical.
    And where was the vet….????
    Even if the vet didn’t witness it, there were many there that did and they had a duty to report it immediately. No one called the vet to check her out and she was forced to race.
    Many Australians are outraged about this incident and with Regal Monarch breaking down and then euthanased on Melbourne Cup day, the horseracing industry here is being attacked, more and more people are being made aware of the sickening mistreatment of these racehorses being the magnificent noble equines that they are.
    And, as always, the offending jockey walks away with a little tap on the wrist. 2 weeks’ suspension is no punishment after what this little mongrel bastard did to this young filly.
    And the head of the Australian Jockeys’ Association, Des O’Keeffe, comes out at a news conference declaring that this was an isolated incident and managed to keep a straight face when saying this. Says it all, lying to the public some of whom might’ve believed him. Disgraceful.

    • Abuse of the horse is well tolerated in racing and, as we know, when something is tolerated we get more of it. A two week suspension is a real deterrent, right ! What a joke !
      That angry little piece of protoplasm punched that filly with all the force he could muster where he knew it would hurt most and did not care who was watching. One can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors in spite of O’Keefe’s claim. These people have no trouble lying with a straight face. But what they don’t seem to grasp is people are not stupid.

  2. When are these horse breeder’ going to start to read the pedigrees and not breed to the most popular sire is ? These horses are to young to race. When is the government ( not this Orange Jerk) Things look like they have gotten worse The Racing has had how many years to fix this ?

  3. This just goes to show how vile the horseracing industry is. These magnificent horses are hit, drugged, beat, make to run when they are not up to it, and these little thugs of jockeys, that was not a slap with the whip that was a full fledged punch with his fist, how dare him and no one around that poor horse reacted. Horse racing is a cruel, tortureous sport that needs to end. That jockey should be fired and banned from riding ever again. What did that poor horse do to him that he deserved that punch???? What scum.

  4. Several years ago, one of my racing contacts shared with me how easy it was to obtain cobra venom from a supplier in Tennessee. Again….cobra venom. Now why would ANY trainer need cobra venom in ANY racing stable? I think those of us who are astute enough to fully grasp what occurs on the backside of tracks knows the answer to my question. Injured or not, horses need to race in order to bring home a paycheck and even the Program Director of New Vocations once told me that she would guess that 80% of the horses running at Beulah were running with injuries. How does anyone justify that? Apologists?

  5. TWO WEEKS? : this is laughable! — Monster-Jockey should’ve been penalized more severely — 5 years in prison would’ve been a good verdict — along with a hefty fine of, let’s say, $10K — next time, the idiot-monster will think twice! — THE NERVE! — BEATING UP on innocent, vulnerable animals, WHO, by the way, are always at the mercy of us humans — it breaks my heart to know there is no one there to speak out & protect them — SHAME ON YOU monster-COWARDS for persecuting these magnificent animals, who deserve love, care & respect — YOU MAKE ME SICK! — again, YOU MAKE ME SICK! — By the way, you DO realize — you have options available — you NEED NOT persecute these animals — WHAT WILL IT TAKE!!!

  6. Tears for that horse. I can’t look at the video (“unavailable” it says) see so many but it is enraging and heartbreaking. He should never be let near a horse for the rest of his life.

    The veterinarian needs to lose his license, plain and simple.

    Why are people like these two?

    The honor and privilege of being given your license to be a vet and he does this.

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