A List That Should be Posted at Every Betting Window

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at Pennsylvania tracks in 2016. (These are the most detailed necropsy reports I have received to date; some came with pictures. Notably, virtually every horse listed below had stomach ulcers. Enough said.)

Stand by Your Man, January 13, Penn 2, “1/3 of left scapula shattered into multiple displaced pieces…severe damage of the surrounding skeletal muscle and soft tissue including a severed blood vessel and severe hemorrhage”; “chronic synovitis of the front fetlocks”

Exceptionalism, February 27, Parx 1, “acute, complete, severely comminuted sesamoid fractures with partial ligamentous tears, joint capsule disruption, and regional hemorrhage”

Have Faith Sister, March 1, Parx 6, “acute, complete, mildly comminuted sesamoid fracture with complete intersesamoidean ligament tear, partial suspensory ligament tear, and regional hemorrhage”

Goldtique, March 5, Parx 9, “this horse was involved in a three horse collision…broken back – death due to vertebral fracture and exsanguination” (she bled out)

Digger’s Jigger, March 5, Parx 9, “this horse was involved in a three horse collision [same as above]…found dead in her stall [next] morning – death due to axial musculoskeletal trauma and exsanguination” (she bled out)

Regal Soldier, March 7, Parx 7, “severely comminuted right hind limb fracture”

Gentle Buzzing, March 24, Penn 7, “marked acute fracture of sesamoid bones”

Dancing Terror, April 9, The Meadows 10, “left hind limb was swollen…with a puncture wound, through which bone was protruding…eight large pieces of bone (and numerous small pieces) present”; “numerous small ulcers” present

Salty’s Hero, April 25, Parx 9, “catastrophic second, third, and fourth metacarpal fractures with suspensory ligament disruption…and regional hemorrhage”

Drive, April 27, Penn 6, “acute comminuted fracture of the metacarpal”

Lovelibuzz, May 3, Parx 4, “comminuted and displaced fractures of the radial, intermediate, third, and fourth carpal bones with hemarthrosis”

Joe Boo Kelly, May 6, prior to Penn 1, “horse became unstable during the post parade and then fell and died – no obvious cause of death”; “the ulceration of the stomach was severe – 90-100 erosions and ulcers”

Nasa, May 7, Parx 6, “displaced fractures of the medial and lateral sesamoid bones with disruption of the sesamoidean ligaments”

Tell Tale Friend, May 9, Parx 8, “acute, comminuted sesamoid fractures with regional hemorrhage and disruption of the sesamoidean ligaments”

Fors Fortis, May 24, Presque Isle 1, “sesamoid bones badly comminuted…suspensory ligament completely transected and avulsed from the bones”

La Moskette, June 7, Parx 2 (euthanized late July), “sesamoid fracture, ligament avulsion – horse failed to recover; “lung: locally extensive acute hemorrhage”

Forbidden Story, June 17, Penn 6, “bilateral sesamoid fractures with partial rupture of the flexor tendons with hemorrhage”

Mike the Hab, June 24, Penn 8, “multiple fractures of carpal bones” (both legs); ulcers “severe”

Lorilee, June 25, Penn 1, “sesamoid fracture, condyle fracture…luxation of MC3 with disruption of the suspensory apparatus”; “spleen is severely congested”

A. Rod Again, June 28, Parx 4, “acute, comminuted, displaced fractures of the medial and lateral sesamoid bones…[multiple joints]: mild-moderate chronic osteoarthritis”

Truly Amazing, June 28, Presque Isle 2, “cause of death was Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage”

Purple Egg, June 29, Penn 5, “sesamoid fracture with disruption of the suspensory apparatus”; “spleen is severely congested”

Maxwell’s Hammer, July 2, Parx 2, “severe tendon rupture”

Notaria, July 12, Parx 2, “sesamoid bones fractured into multiple, displaced fragments…suspensory ligament severely frayed, with near complete fiber disruption”

Anthony’s Flyer, July 16, Parx 2, “traumatic stifle laceration with joint penetration and patellar fracture”

Mr. Perseverance, July 21, Penn 1, “sesamoid fractured into three fragments…ligaments torn”

Greatwhite Buffalo, August 2, Presque Isle 4, “both front fetlocks attached by skin only, leaving the distal cannon bones exposed, covered with ground-in dirt and severe bruising”; “gastric ulcers quite extensive”

Isutalkintome, August 7, Presque Isle 3, “left front fetlock attached by skin only, leaving the distal cannon bones exposed, covered with ground-in dirt and severe bruising”; “gastric ulcers extensive”

Burst of Fire, August 7, Presque Isle 3, “glenoid rim fractured…two pieces of bone pulled away”; “gastric ulcers extensive”

Kernel Slanders, August 12, Penn 8, “sesamoid fractured into three fragments…ligaments shredded”; “score lines and bruising in front fetlocks are suggestive of repetitive osseous stress syndrome, a common finding in fetlocks of racing Thoroughbreds”

Little Louella, August 27, Penn 3, “fractures of the third and radial carpal bones, mild to severe osteoarthritis”; “stomach: severe, chronic, focally extensive ulcers”; “spleen: severe congestion”

Registrada, September 13, Parx 4, “comminuted medial sesamoid fracture”

Age of Fluffy, September 21, prior to Presque Isle 8, “spine fractured”; “gastric ulcers are common in horses on NSAIDs, and in training…these were extensive and may have caused the horse to be painful from them during the paddock period…this may have led to the horse rearing and flipping over backwards”

Rockin’ Rockstar, October 2, Presque Isle 4, “comminuted (many pieces), spiral fracture of humerus, with ends distracted…greater tubercle separated from parent bone; rib fractured”

Jennie Says So, October 10, Parx 1, “acute, complete, open sesamoid fracture with suspensory ligament disruption”

Bobby McDuffie, October 22, Penn 5, “complete rupture of the distal sesamoidean ligaments with hemorrhage”; “the spleen is enlarged and filled with blood”

Gambler Five, November 2, Penn 8, “deep digital flexor tendon completely severed and displaced…dorsal surface of the superficial digital flexor tendon shredded…[multiple] ligaments torn…medial proximal sesamoid bone has a complete mid-body fracture…lateral proximal sesamoid bone fractured into multiple pieces”

South Philly Magic, November 14, Parx 3, “horse had a broken neck and was dead when the veterinarian arrived”

Star Cover, November 26, Pocono 9, “upon exam it was both visually and palpably obvious that there was a complete breakdown injury to the suspensory apparatus; both sesamoids were fractured and the ankle was on the ground when attempting to bear weight – as a result, the horse was euthanized”

Queen Patron, December 7, Penn 5, “compound fracture of fetlock…protrusion of metacarpal and sesamoid bones through the laceration…exposed bones are covered in dirt and debris”; the mucosa of the stomach contains 53 erosions and ulcers”

Final Betrayal, December 11, Parx 8, “sesamoids fractures with extensive ligamentous tearing and hemorrhage”

Sierra Ancha, December 14, Penn 2, “compound comminuted fracture left forelimb…severe soft tissue damage with exposure of several fragments of bone”

Surfer Chub, December 27, Parx 1, “shattered knee – multiple, acute carpal fractures”

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Burning Point, May 26, Penn, “lymphohistiocytic meningoencephalomyelitis with necrosis” (last raced April 23)

Hoppy Hour, June 15, Penn, “marked diffuse chronic fibrinous arthritis of the left hock – the thickened joint capsule along with the abundant fibrin suggest a chronic, on-going process” (this filly was two years old and had yet to be raced)

Bird Prince, July 22, Parx, “this horse has been showing neurologic signs and was euthanized…” (four years old)

Cantina Butterfly, October 26, Parx, “on October 26, the horse was down, depressed had labored breathing and a very swollen face with a bad odor and some nasal discharge…died before a tracheotomy could be performed” – necropsy revealed “severe extensive cellulitis, severe gastric ulcers, renal papillary necrosis, severe traumatic osteoarthropathy” (three years old, last raced September 13)

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There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

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    • In addition to the drugs, horses are “warehoused” at the track and that “warehousing” contributes to ulcers, as well. As I have previously stated on this blog, a horse’s natural state consists of:

      – Roaming freely in a herd
      – Grazing most of the day
      – Rarely exerting themselves

      I can’t tell you how many times I have posted this on pro-racing pages and no one can come back with any justification except to say that the horses can “see” other horses in their stalls so that makes it okay. Idiocy, at its best.

      I spent years on the backside of a low level track and observed horses stall walking, head bobbing, and weaving which are all “unnatural” behaviors. Sickening yet there are racing apologists who declare that the horses are happy as long as they get peppermints and a ball to play with in their stalls and there are those who actually believe that propaganda. Obviously, ignorance is bliss.

  1. Horse racing is a cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
    It’s not a sport.
    It’s not entertainment.
    It’s not full of people who “love” and “care” for their horses.
    Rather, it’s a delusion that is carefully construed to the public so that this blood bath can continue.
    This a freak show really when it gets right down to it.
    Just read the descriptions above – monstrous, grotesque display of racehorses suffering every day on the track up until they die in the dirt – the pre-existing injuries obvious in the necropsy reports.
    The racehorses above suffered every day of their lives with little relief, and no outside entity protecting their well-being.
    As mentioned, the majority had stomach ulcers which are a direct result of the stress that these racehorses were undergoing on a daily basis.
    The stress of just having to be cinched up, and readied for yet another round of cruelty, and abuse.
    The connections are animal abusers because they permit these egregious acts of torture on racehorses while they are pinned in their stalls.
    Then they send them out for another round of abuse and possible death most knowing full well that their racehorse is sore, and suffering.
    Then there are the enablers of the abuse – anybody who participates and supports this blood bath.
    The racing commissions permit this to continue because the rules are nothing more than public fodder, for the most part.
    They have NEVER held one person legally responsible for any racehorse who has died under their care.
    The HBPA are on a class of their own when it comes to enabling the ongoing abuse to these magnificent animals.
    While they collect millions in wagering incomes, via the Interstate Horse Wagering Act;while they collect millions by unauthorized deduction of purse money from owners accounts, they ensure that the horseman are protected at all costs, even at the cost of racehorses dying so that they can fatten their wallets.
    Everything is designed to ensure that the racehorse loses so that they can make millions.
    Even when a racehorse makes it off the track alive, there is few aftercare programs (most are full), and the BILLIONS they make is not provided (a pittance in some cases) to these profit slaves when they are done maiming them.
    Anybody who participates and/or supports this antiquated blood bath should hang their heads in shame.

  2. The horror story continues.
    More blood on the horseracing industry’s hands.
    Completely unnecessary

    Owners, trainers, jockeys, vets, racing officials, breeders and all participants,
    the death of your vile industry is on the horizon.

  3. There is NO LOVE FOR HORSES in the racing world. Those that force equine, the majority of whom are foals, yearling, two and three year old’s, into a demanding training regiment, ongoing physical and mental pain are suffering outright abuse. Their well-known age of maturity is SEVEN! No wonder their bones SHATTER when racing! They’re all still infants! SHAME!

  4. So a racehorse baby died in the dirt at the “premier” track Gulfstream Park while being forced to run for their 2-year old in training sale.
    Apparently it was a gruesome breakdown, but aren’t they all?
    Then the Kentucky House moved swiftly to pass a bill that classifies racehorses as LIVESTOCK, and not as companion animals.
    Nobody needs to be a lawyer to see that the continuous catastrophic breakdowns will not yield any type of repercussions with this bill being passed.
    “They stressed that designation is important to make sure that horses are not classified as companion animals, similar to household pets.”
    In other words, they don’t want to be held accountable for any ongoing cruelty, abuse, and deaths like a companion animal who is protected under the law.
    The racehorses dying will have no protection under this bill so it doesn’t surprise me that they were quick to put it through.
    What a despicable bunch of people.

  5. Greatwhite Buffalo, August 2, Presque Isle 4, “both front fetlocks attached by skin only, leaving the distal cannon bones exposed, covered with ground-in dirt and severe bruising”; “gastric ulcers quite extensive”

    He was TWO.

  6. And no,nada.,zilch accountability for this !!!
    Why is this ? Why do the animal advocacy groups shy away ? Why has the HSUS “partnered” with this business of expiration and awful cruelty ……so many questions and no answers.
    Meanwhile , the horror stories continue

  7. There is yet another list to consider:
    There have been numerous covert investigations into the underground horse racing world, and it makes these gruesome deaths posted here look decent if you can believe it.
    We know of many underground horse racing rings operating in California and other states.
    For the most part, they are being conducted by Mexican-Cartel linked groups, and the evidence seems to be pointing to government official involvement.
    We also suspect that many of the big name Trainers, whose racehorses often DISAPPEAR off the radar, once they are determined not to be stake horses, are involved with this.
    They are involved, in the least, by selling their racehorses into this underground abyss of corruption.
    It’s similar to pit bull dog fighting rings.
    When I was involved with this business I worked at a couple of premier sales, and I can tell you (with utmost certainty) that most of the racing prospects were sold into these rings.
    The sales auction houses don’t give a damn as long as they make their sales commissions.
    Once the hammer comes down, they wash their hands of the situation.

  8. I urge every person on this site to be paying attention to the federal case of the penn national trainer, very telling undeniable proof of what horse racing is in this state. For all you supporters the gig is up all your dirty little secrets are being exposed for what they are the truth is out :)

    • Thank you Billy for your valuable input here.
      Yes, I’ve been following it.
      It’s so typical of this business.
      “Entertainment” it’s not – a corruption pit it is.
      The racehorses are paying with their lives for these ungrateful corrupt pieces of crap, and the industry has done NOTHING about it for years.
      I can also say that there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that most don’t even know about that lead to racehorses dropping dead.
      This corruption is taking place at the highest levels of the game with the most influential people in this business partaking in some form of it.
      That’s precisely why “investigations” go nowhere because the higher-ups are most likely involved and/or financially gain from the corruption scheme.
      In the end, as always, it’s the racehorses who pay the ultimate price.

      • Refused to treat a truely injured horse but drugged the shit out of racehorses for money on a daily basis….nothing but anger does he still have a license to practice I hope every person involved is truely held accountable for all their actions trainers jockeys owners commission track testing lab all have a part in this people made some serious money off of these horses backs off shore bets jocks pull in horses rigged races all goin hand in hand, also how do these trainers have inside knowledge of what drugs weren’t being tested for not to mention shockwave and whatever else goin on that everybody seemed to know about but nobody cared that it was going on I thank gill for speaking out even though he’s still a pos for his part in this

    • Would like to share this –

      The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses in Australia recently posted two newspaper articles about animal cruelty in the horseracing industry. But when I went to have another look just now, the links don’t work unless you are a subscriber of those newspapers. Sorry.
      All about racing in the state of Queensland – things have been bad there for a long time and the racing authority ordered its integrity people to do an investigation which, after a 12 months’ period, has just been completed. The findings are shocking e.g. foals being drowned on breeding properties. A photo of an emaciated racehorse was included in one of the articles.
      The newspaper, the Courier Mail, has a very wide audience so this was good exposure.

      A former Police commissioner of Queensland has been appointed as head of this racing authority’s integrity commission. He publicly stated in the newspaper articles “we’re talking about serious animal cruelty”.

      • Foals being DROWNED? – monsters. And I don’t want to look at even ONE MORE emaciated equine right now.

        TY for sharing though, Carolyn.

  9. Used, abused, exploited, maimed, dying in the dirt, dumping at kill auctions, dumping into neglectful situations, victims of corruption as seen here etc etc.
    There’s another dark side to horse racing that is a well-kept secret, and has been going on for years: killing for equine insurance money.
    It’s still going on.
    There are many scenarios surrounding this evil, but the high priced 6-figure horses bought at auction houses such as Keeneland are immediately put on an equine insurance policy in most cases.
    In order to collect the horses must die in active training whether that’s on a racetrack or on a PRIVATE facility.
    It’s disconcerting that some racetracks such as Santa Anita and Gulfstream Park are not even releasing the names of some racehorses who are dying in the dirt.
    This seems a mystery, and is being done for many reasons, but nobody can find out about equine insurance policies when names aren’t being released right?
    Just saying….
    Then we have egregious acts of inhumane treatment on many racehorses, most recently, Dr Drip.
    All of a sudden the very outspoken industry went into hiding in the corner cobwebs of their stalls.
    The underfunded animal shelter that cleaned up yet another dumped victim got little or NOTHING from the horse racing industry in terms of financial contributions.
    Again, there was the usual lip service coming from the multiBILLION dollar industry AQUA, but that’s about it.
    Absolute low life scum bags.
    They should have immediately sent this rescue $5000 just for their efforts.
    Where were all the “good folks” of horse racing, you know the ones who claim to “love” and “care” for them?
    Well, nowhere to be found of course just as they were all too happy to dump Dr Drip just like so many others are dumped because they must in order to keep this cruelty circus going.
    Racehorses are victims of this cruelty ring, death camp, and corruption pit because that’s all it is when you strip away the fancy hats and their “entertainment” banner.
    This is the DIRTY world of horse racing, and it needs to shut down.

  10. This has been a horrifying week. You are right, Gina – we better all have zero tolerance for the lip planting platitudes from the organizations we saw rise upon the discovery of their dirty work. Where is their outrage over an 18 year old boy (his training of resistance to compassion is at their feet) being saddled with their guilt? I have gotten to the point of never quieting outrage after seeing the real photos of that poor champion’s injuries. I feel revulsion for the humans continuing this charade of mint juleps and fancy hats.

  11. I get a stomach ulcer just reading this list. Horrific treatment of horses that mean NOTHING to the owners, jockeys or trainers.

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