Maryland’s Dead Racehorses, 2016

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on Maryland tracks in 2016:

Tsonga, January 1, Laurel 3, “ankle”
Cusabo, January 2, Pimlico training, “condyle”
Minor Heir, January 3, Laurel 2, “sesamoid”
Whiskey Rock (sic perhaps), January 13, Laurel training, “condyle”
Half Wed, January 29, Laurel 4, “sesamoid”
Rock Me Gently, February 12, Laurel 5, “leg”
Carved in Stone, March 4, Laurel training, “leg”
Tiz Stormy, March 7, Laurel training, “pelvis”
Consistency, March 12, Laurel training, “ankle”
Personal Property, March 13, Laurel 9, “slab”
Bruno and Me, March 14, Laurel training, “collapsed”
Automagically, March 26, Laurel 2, “collapsed”
Splitter, April 10, Laurel 5, “condyle”
Heather’s Rose, April 17, Laurel 9, “collapsed”
Air Squadron, May 6, Laurel 6, “sesamoid”
Salsalito, May 7, Laurel 1, “condyle”
Homeboykris, May 21, Pimlico 1, “collapsed”
Pramedya, May 21, Pimlico 4, “ankle”
Out With the Blues, May 28, Pimlico 3, “knee”
Jolity, June 16, Pimlico 7, “slab”
I.E. Flash, August 14, Laurel 2, “ankle”
Daniel Did It, August 26, Timonium 2, “sesamoid”
Bustin to Win, August 26, Timonium 3, “shoulder”
Dannhauser, September 24, Laurel 10, “compound”
Boston Strong, October 14, Laurel 3 (euthanized November 12), “leg”
Cats Serenade, October 16, Laurel 9, “sesamoid”
Pauline’s Pride, October 26, Laurel training, “collapsed”
Bluegrass Lady, October 30, Laurel 3, “pelvis”
U.S.S. Boxer, November 6, Laurel 7, “sesamoid”
Don Jules, November 9, Pimlico training, “ankle”
Arrogant Officer, November 13, Laurel 9 (euthanized November 14), “suspensory”
Maybe Tonight, December 8, Pimlico training, “sesamoid”
Seeking the Sherif, December 20, Laurel training, “ankle”
Tactical Hero, December 23, Laurel 2, “condyle”
Beware the Fury, December 23, Laurel 7, “fetlock”
Just Jack, December 31, Laurel 5, “collapsed”


There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.


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  1. Horse racing is a greedy, evil sport. Poor horses are abuses, drugged, and raced sometimes until they drop dead! When they no longer make money foe their owner, they are sent to Mexico to be slaughtered while fully conscious 😞

  2. Patrick,
    I’m curious if necropsy reports are available for maryland through foia requests im curious because I would like to know what happened to SEEKING THE SHERIF he was a horse that I follow…..I would like everyone to look at his pp tells a story of its own look where he came from who his trainer is check the dates and keep in mind the masocistic saga from the breeders cup this horse went from a 12,500 claimer to racing in the breeders cup to ending up at shithole penn national in a optional claiming event where he had a tag on him for 25k to death a month and some days later training for his new’s all for money nothing else

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