Collision at Remington Leaves Two Dead

In the 9th race Saturday night at Remington Park, there was a collision between two of the horses – 3-year-old My Buddy Rob and 4-year-old Wayln Brent George. Both, according to NewsOK, were euthanized – dead.

This is horseracing.


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  1. How more SICK can horseracing get!
    The industry negligently continues to do NOTHING about the sickening deaths of these magnificent animals. An unconscionable act it most surely is.
    And where is the Humane Society of the USA on this?
    And where is PETA on this?
    And where is the SPCA on this?
    And where are the politicians in government on this?

    UTTERLY DISGUSTING state of affairs

  2. My Buddy Rob and Wayln Brent George, you both were born for a life of enslavement and suffering. The likelihood that you would be trained/raced with accumulating injuries was high. The chance that you would be discarded when you were used up was very likely. And like countless of your “brothers and sisters”, it was highly likely your deaths would have been being butchered in a slaughterhouse.

    So while your deaths in a tragic incident while being raced for someone’s betting entertainment makes me SICK, there is almost some relief that you were spared ongoing sad, unnatural lives and abuse had you not been killed at such young ages.

    I only wish you had never been born or had been born to a responsible, loving human who would have cherished you as the family member you should have been. I’m so sorry…

  3. Where is the humane society Why are the rights of these horses to live without being trained to die , not being investigated The sport of kings. No it’s the sport of savagery

  4. My Buddy Rob and Wayln Brent George – my heart goes out to both of you.
    You were born to be used, abused, and disposed of by this cruelty ring, death camp, and corruption pit.
    You were one of the statistics, one of the FACTS, on HRW’s.
    We will not forget you, and we will continue to be a voice for racehorses who are being maimed and/or killed on a daily basis.
    Once again thanks to Patrick for his unwavering dedication for providing the DEATH FACTS.
    This is something that this deplorable business has been hiding for years.
    “Massive collision at the 16th behind the winner,” recalls the announcer.
    So I will now provide a analysis of both racehorses that would make anybody’s blood curl.
    It’s a story of ongoing animal cruelty, and abuse.
    I would like to remind readers that this race was a Maiden Special Weight for a purse of $42,075 for Oklahoma Bred horses. The HUGE purse money was propped-up by the casino profits.
    I watched the replay.
    Even before I looked into, and analyzed the past history of these 2 racehorses I’ve got to say that it was so obvious to me that both were running SORE – very SORE.
    I don’t know how they ever passed the vet screening, but this is horse racing.
    First up: Wayln Brent George.
    His first life time start – he was last by 30+ lengths!
    Hello, is there anybody there protecting this horse with obvious issues – NO – this is horse racing.
    The next 6 races were mostly out of the money with a couple of 3rd place finishes – nothing stellar.
    I would also like to remind readers that in between his races, this horse was probably laboring to get a flake of hay because he was trained extensively, probably on some pre-existing conditions, which are usually the predominant contributor to these type of PP’s.
    Here’s where it really gets ugly, and here’s where this despicable business CAN’T justify this blatant ongoing animal cruelty of WBG.
    On 9/04/2016 He wasn’t able to finish the race. It’s often referred to as a DNF which signifies MAJOR issues going on with a racehorse when they can’t finish the race on their own volition.
    He was now an accident waiting to happen.
    In fact, it’s a miracle he made it out of this race alive. I watched the Replay – horrendous!
    Now they say that he “bore out” and lost the rider, but there’s much behind this seemingly innocent statement.
    A horse bores out usually because he’s very SORE, and it’s their way of protecting themselves.
    He had enough of the pain, and suffering most likely.
    At any rate, something was amiss, something was not right.
    Despite this strong signal of issues, the connections (you know the ones that “love” their “family members,”) still continued training, and racing this horse.
    Here’s another disturbing FACT. Racing jurisdictions go to the ends of the earth to keep vet records PRIVATE so that nobody knows exactly WHAT is going on with the horse, and the wagering public has NO IDEA what issues may be present at the time of wager.
    Total lack of transparency, and I would even say legitimized fraud let alone lack of protection, and safety for all horses/jockeys involved in that race.
    Now it gets uglier if you can imagine that, but this is horse racing.
    In his next race on 11/05/2016 he trailed throughout.
    I watched the replay – BRUTAL – absolute BRUTAL abuse of a sentiment being.
    So obvious that the horse was in pain, was unable to compete like previous starts, but forced to be another wagering number for this despicable business.
    The racing commissions didn’t protect this horse and deny the entry. They are the enablers of the abuse.
    Again, despite the fact that this horse was CRYING out for retirement the connections STILL used, and abused him, continued his training, and entered him in what would be his final race.
    Trailing the field by LENGTHS, not even in contention, he had the ill fate of smashing into another used, and abused sentiment being My Buddy Rob.
    We know the ending – he DIED in the dirt for these low life scum bags.
    I DESPISE YOU ALL! I despise any one of you who have the fu**ing audacity to come on here, and DEFEND this pathetic excuse for gambling.
    You all need your head examined.
    Make no doubt about it, poor Wayln Brent George endured cruelty, and abuse at the hands of those who say “I love my horse.” Classic abusive syndrome.
    You all should be charged with Felony Animal Cruelty charges. The FACTS are there.
    The Humane Society or ALDF should start to prosecute these horse abusers in a court of law.
    They will be charged, and when that happens, a precedent will be set.
    That’s my hope.
    Now to My Buddy Rob.
    Finished 3rd his first time out.
    His next race would be his last.
    Again, the refusal to gain access to private vet records might have shown a physical issue after the first race that may have been addressed with pain masking drugs, to keep him going until his final step.
    Very possible, and very common in this industry.
    Yet again, the “good” folks of horse racing think that this is perfectly fine by them.
    They may or may not be the abusers, but are the enablers of the abuse.
    Nobody, not one person, not even the connections looked out for these horses.
    They subjected them to the necessary operating procedures of this business model which is beating/whipping, doping, maiming, dumping, and/or dying.
    Nobody, at any level, who competes or supports horse racing “loves” their horses.
    They only love what they can gain from them, and they even send them out into a game of Russian Roulette.
    Wayln Brent George and My Buddy Rob lost the game like so many others.
    The horrifying analysis doesn’t end here I’m afraid because NOT ONE, NOBODY, NOT ANYBODY will be held legally responsible for these poor souls DYING in the dirt.
    They may not have pulled the trigger, but they sure as hell loaded the gun.
    An investigation will ensue? – Laughable.
    How stupid do they think people are?
    They got away with that ignorance for years, but not anymore, not on my watch.
    I will be a voice for them, I will educate as much as I can, and I will advocate for the SHUT DOWN of this business one racetrack at a time.

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