“Possibly Bled Internally”; “Dropped Dead on Track” – 4 More Racing Kills

The carnage continues:

Yesterday afternoon at Tampa Bay, 4-year-old Congrats to Ken “broke down” in the 4th race – “euthanized,” says Equibase.

Last night at Saratoga Raceway, 4-year-old Ideal Brandi “collapsed and died on the track” in the 11th race – “possibly,” says the Gaming Commission, “bled internally.”

On April 19, 7-year-old Skip Tony (51 career whip-runs) “fractured sesamoids working” (training) at Golden Gate – “euthanized,” say the Stewards, “in equine ambulance.”

On April 21, 3-year-old Sailor’s Serenade was “working” at Golden Gate when she “dropped dead on the track.” Three years old.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Such a sad industry, I grew up riding quarter
    Horses at my great uncles farm. My favorites were 2 mares Lady and Cutie both had very different personalities. When times got hard he had to sell a lot of his livestock to make his mortgage payments. I read on anything horse
    Related in hopes that this industry will stop discarding these beautiful animals to kill pen sales.

    Seeing the number of racing horses killed every day from racing or other injuries makes you want to help as many unfortunate ones who ran and have been thrown away like trash find a new loving home, to just live life like a pampered friend. Heartbreaking seeing 1, 2, 3, year olds being forced to run and they aren’t fully grown. Even the older horse injuries is also heartbreaking.

  2. it’s horribly sad and wrong what people will do to horses for money. they are our companions not something to use for profit! have a little decency and feelings , put a stop to the pain and torcher, plea

  3. It is an ugly “sport”. Thank you for informing the public with the facts. I think most people would look at horse racing differently if they knew the truth.

  4. Racehorses are disposable commodities of this cruelty circus. Whether they die during training or racing, their post-racehorse career is no better because many are dumped at kill auctions.
    Whipping and doped to perform in order to generate billions is the life of a racehorse. They rarely reap the rewards of the billions they have generated, and will continue to generate.
    They are nothing more than profit slaves with no voice.
    Well we can be a voice for them as they die in the dirt on racetracks all over this country.

  5. Very wrong to treat horse so poorly.. horses helped people all though the years. they need respect..

  6. We adopted 2 racehorses saved from New Holland by rescues both were great horses!

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