Catherine’s Cause Dead at Golden Gate, Two Others Dead at Santa Anita

From the Golden Gate Stewards Minutes:

Catherine’s Cause “fractured [her] pelvis during training” March 26. Dead. She was four days shy of her fourth birthday.

Also, Santa Anita reports two “deceased” for the week 3/21-3/27. Identities withheld.

Please stop betting on animal races.

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    • The worst thing is that not one word was said by the TVG commentators or the race call announcer. Even though they were talking about Noble Edition before the race as a prime “contender”.

  1. Thanks Glen. Race #2 Noble Edition. This filly had her 3 year old birthday yesterday. She was foaled on April 2, 2013. Wow. What a great birthday present huh? As good as dead for $2 bets.
    Race #3 El Nino Terrible. A 5 year old gelding. Another victim of this cruelty circus. Another dead statistic.
    So now they are withholding names. I’m not a legal eagle, but this seems illegal. This is public information. Frank Stronach & his croonies probably at work once again protecting the maiming, and killing on his racetracks.
    My condolences to the racehorses Noble Edition and El Nino Terrible.

  2. CC’s owners are devastated by the loss.. She was a part of their family as are the rest of their racing members.

    • Oh yes, the proverbial racehorse obituary, one that is heard time and time again. Oh, but we loved the horse – he was family.
      If you had even one iota of love for any horse then you wouldn’t partake in this cruelty circus which results in maiming and deaths.
      Another proverbial racehorse obituary “accidents happen.” They sure do, but this is like comparing apples to oranges. Really? The ongoing abuse of racehorses are the precursor to maiming and deaths. By participating in this cruelty circus you are setting up this recipe for disaster.
      By the way, Lelky I grew up on a thoroughbred horse farm. I owned and trained racehorses, regrettably, for many years so I will take any one of you on – any day.
      The industry is directly responsible for over breeding, unwanted horses, unaccountability to the product (racehorse) they exploit, unaccountability to the wagering public, they even exploit their financial supporters such as taxpayers and/or casinos not to mention the environmental disaster of a slaughterhouse.
      By participating in this industry you are directly supporting this entire scenario. Many of you are in a state of denial as shown in your comments.
      I encourage any industry participant to wake up, and walk away something that you didn’t afford CC or countless other racehorses.

    • Sure they are…so do they sell their human family members, too? One would think that the tired, old “that horse was a part of their family!” excuse would, at last, look as ridiculous to folks like you as it really is.

  3. So there goes that only motivated by money excuse. They named her after their mom who was a wonderful individual. It’s a tragedy all around. Accidents happen in any aspect of life. Horses are typically taken care of better than the people behind the horse, which you’d know if you owned one. Sad is the day that non racing people weigh in. I bet this will get deleted too :p

      • Self-delusion is spot on. Trust me-that was me for so long. It’s seems almost surreal, I never thought I would look back on my career and life, and feel the way I do now.

    • Oh Lelky, you show your true colors in just a few sentences. “If you owned one” – so there goes the old “they’re family'” excuse…because we don’t OWN our family members. And I see CC was for sale in her last and final race – we also don’t SELL our family members.

      You’ve got a point, though, about the horses getting better care than the individuals that OWN them. While I do disagree that the horses get BETTER care (you see, this “non racing” person witnessed the realities of racehorses’ lives for nearly ten years), those who OWN them live pretty much hand-to-mouth. Horse racing isn’t the Sport of Kings! – not by any stretch of the imagination! No, the majority are paupers…and when we refer to those who stay in it for the money, we are referring to those who earn their meager living in racing because that’s all they CAN do – no other skills, no education, and no drive to change. Yes, they stay in it for the money – the little bit of money to live their meager lives.

      There are the owners who enjoy the feeling of “prestige” that they believe comes with owning a racehorse. But the thing is, anyone can own a racehorse – and that’s just one reason why racehorses’ welfare and being the priority suffers. I saw it time after time after time…a racehorse owned by someone or a group with barely enough money to pay their own rent, much less to pay for necessary diagnostics and treatment for their injured horse. In fact, there is currently a racehorse owner/jockey who’s been begging on FB for funds for one of her horses – an intact horse – who suffered a broken leg in a race (although she ran him again!…after the fracture occurred!). Oh yes, she exclaims, this injured horse is her children’s FAVORITE and they LOVE him!…and she states how his fracture is so bad that he stumbles and falls to the stall floor! But SHE doesn’t have the money to have him surgically repaired, so she’s begging for others to fund the surgery…while he waits and waits. Injured, in pain… These are the folks that stay in it for the money. Not getting rich. Just getting by. And their horses suffer because of it. THAT is the majority in racing.

      It’s sad that we “weigh in”? Lelky, it’s tragic that this unnecessary gambling industry exists. It’s TRAGIC that countless horses suffer in it. It is all so unnecessary.

      • Joy, I introduced a “financial bill” that never got anywhere in this industry. Basically, any person wanting to own a racehorse had to provide financial information to show that they were financially capable of taking care of that horse. The owner would have to fill out a financial application not unlike one that you fill out to lease an apartment. They would have to demonstrate where their financial sources were coming from to support a racehorse and vet bill.
        This approach would eliminate many out of the business (of course I would like horse racing shut down), but after it was reviewed by the commission they had concluded that almost all owners in the claiming ranks would not be financially eligible to own, train, and race a horse, if this were implemented, resulting in no horses to fill races for $2 bets. Of course the HBPA wouldn’t allow this to go through either.
        So you are right on when you provide this comment about most who can’t even afford to pay their rent. Yet, they are permitted to own a living, breathing, sentiment being that requires nourishment and care. As you know Joy, there are basic food banks in the stable areas of many racetracks now. It’s a form of welfare that is greatly needed so this image of rich people is just not true.

    • They may think that they are acting in a loving manner to their horses, but it is not agape love; the unconditional love of which St Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 13.

      “To create suffering without recognizing it – this is the essence of unconscious living; this is being totally in the grip of the ego.” Elkhart Tolle

  4. 20+ industry insider: thanks for sharing although I would have prefer it never happened.
    Quite frankly, I’m astonished that there are not more chain reaction accidents similar to this.
    I really encourage you to please share some of your stories, be a voice for the voiceless.
    I know you have some more stories your keeping inside of you.
    Anybody in this industry does, and we all need to speak out about it.
    What’s going on here is nothing short of a death camp.

  5. I’m sad to report another victim died this morning at Santa Anita. This one was FOUND MONEY. Another one who died in multiple drug violating trainer barn of Doug O’Neill. This dude has a horrific rap sheet of ongoing drug abuse on his racehorses. I’m talking serious repeated violations of pain numbing dope to the point of catastrophic breakdowns.
    In our society, we have something called a DUI because we know that people who drive drunk are the same people that have a high repeat rate of driving drunk again, and killing other innocent people.
    A DUI is not unlike a repeated multiple drug violating racehorse Trainer. Chances are, he goes right back to the ongoing use, and abuse of drugs on his racehorses after he gets repeated slaps on the wrist. This is unacceptable because it’s the racehorses and sometimes the jockeys that are maimed and killed. It’s a recipe for disaster.
    Re-licensing a Trainer with a dope history is the same thing as handing a driver’s license back to a repeated DUI offender. The only difference are the victims. In the first case, it’s the racehorses paying with their lives. In the later case, it’s people. In the end, they are all victims.
    FOUND MONEY was more than likely doped up to run, doped up to cover-up lameness issues, and doped up to be more competitive. Doped beyond their natural capacity causing catastrophic breakdowns. The industry has this angle covered as they deny vet records leading up to catastrophic breakdowns. As soon as a breakdown occurs the vet should have a legal obligation to hand over the vet records of any racehorses who suffers a catastrophic breakdown on any racetrack in any state, but the industry fights this hard citing confidential information.
    Doug O’Neill is not unlike the DUI driver who continues their homicidal behaviour only in this case it’s a racehorse.
    The majority of multiple drug violating Trainers have a trail of dead racehorses and nobody bats an eyelash in this industry. In fact, they place them on a pedestal.
    This industry is a sickening, and pathetic display of horrific cruelty to an animal. Even when they can put provisions in place to prevent these breakdowns including lifetime suspensions for Trainers like Doug O’Neill – they almost never do.
    This is the ongoing deliberate support of abusive behaviour in this industry. It’s got to go.

    • It’s the fox minding the henhouse. These trainers get a slap on the wrist and go on. When the trainer is handed a suspension for a violation, the horses are put in another trainers name, and business as usual. That trainer is still conducting their business thru another trainer. And EVERYONE on the backside knows it. In fact they operate out of their assigned barn and stalls. Try this in the world of Pro-Sports.

      • To 20yr+ industry insider: thx so much for your accurate comment. Everybody does know. I knew it so did everybody else, but nobody says anything when they are actively involved in this business because everybody knows there will be repercussions. They put the fear into you intentionally. It’s called intimidation which is a common practice with organized crime (not suggesting that this is). This has a lot to do with racehorses getting killed or maimed on racetracks.
        The industry and those who control it, via their big name Trainers like O’Neill, send a clear message: we can dope, maim, and kill. We will manipulate and/or control the commissions and any system in place to deter our organized drug den. You, my friend, will fill races for us and probably go broke in the process.
        Another strong message: cheaters prosper. Honest owner/trainers won’t not matter how talented your racehorse may be.
        You know as well as I that any other Trainer who was caught with even ONE of O’Neill’s prior drug violations they would have their license suspended. Heck, if your outspoken in this industry they will fine you for just about anything. They will find a reason to Fine you.
        That’s the message. The message of fear, intimidation, and code of silence.
        Not only bad for the entire industry, but really bad for the owners/trainers and particularly the racehorses who have to run against these horses most likely doped up to win. So you may have a very NATURALLY talented racehorse that can’t win against the Lance Armstrong racehorse.
        Even if you are not directly involved with this industry you would be nuts to wager on this dishonest wagering product.
        Our state governments who bend over backwards to financially support this money pit that has for its fundamental basis the ongoing abuse of sentiment beings are a total disgrace to the hard working Americans who weather economic storms without any financial assistance. Small business employs more jobs than this industry ever has or ever will, but they don’t get, what amounts to, welfare handouts.
        It’s absolutely outrageous that either taxpayers or casinos are legally forced to support a business that they want nothing to do with!?
        This financial endless trough to this deplorable industry has got to stop. When the financial welfare handouts stop to this so called “rich” industry, then this industry will fall down in the dirt just like many racehorses who die in the dirt in their death camps.
        Please support DECOUPLING. Let’s get the Interstate Horse Wagering Act abolished. Don’t wager on any horse races. Educate as we all do here.

  6. Joy,

    Your post might be the single most disgusting irresponsible just down right shitiest story I’ve ever read what a shame this just blows my mind I’m at a loss for this horse racing bullshit cause that’s all it is just open disregard for life I sit here and think about sun city ( no one has contacted me as of yet I keep tryin ) what I would do for the money to have her the knowledge to take care of her n the place to keep her living close to the hellhole penn national seeing hearing reading just all the madness being a poor man myself what is one to do I can’t stand this it shakes me to my core makin an effort about a year ago to learn about horse racing all because I caught sun city by chance on tv in her 116 start. And thought to myself holy shit that’s alot of races not knowing how many it truely is May be the worst most eye opening decision I’ve made in my life what can I do about this I mean shit like this goes on 10 min up the road from me 4 days a week 297 days out of the year pa don’t care penn national don’t care the hbpa is the biggest shit joke this town has seen the horse racing commission what horse racing commission without the horse there is nothing no race no track no money no trainer no jockey no fans no bets why don’t you fucking racing people get a damn clue and take care of the one thing you CANNOT deal without

  7. IMMORTAL WINK – 10 year old gelding – 136 starts, entered for yet another round of abuse. Made over $100,000 with average start $800.
    LP’s TIGER – 10 year old gelding – 136 starts, entered for yet another round of abuse. Made over $240,000 with average start $550.
    My only hope is that they don’t end up on the Death List here. However, they are both heading for catastrophic breakdowns. A racehorse this age, with this many starts, is almost always doped to the max to cover-up lameness issues, and to keep them going for $2 bets. It’s just a matter of time before one of their bones, tendons, or ligaments gives way.
    These PP’s, age factor, and starts are a recipe for disaster.
    I’ve received disturbing news about a racetrack in Puerto Rico called the Camarero. Both the above horses race there. Evidently, many American Trainers are selling their lame horses for about $1000 and the racetrack picks up the tab. They load as many horses as they can on a cargo plane, and off they go. Basically, they are being sent to their deaths either on the track or incinerated when finished.
    However, Puerto Rico is less accountable then the racetracks here (if you can believe that). There are no measures in place to protect these horses going over there.
    The connections are made here in America via Mexican Cartels allegedly where corruption is rampant, and the racehorses are paying the price.
    Patrick, not sure if you can get a FOIA request via Puerto Rico. If you do don’t know if they will provide accurate information, but I do know that the death list is extensive.

    • How low can you go !! And nobody in this game of destruction and death gives a damn.

      Thank you Gina for exposing this outrageous treatment of horses for a few dollars. I have heard racing in FL is a front for drugs through some form of money laundering. Actually, nothing would surprise me about this ugly business. The essence of racing is a corrupt gambling business and, of course, it attracts all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.

      In the name of decency and the law it needs to go.

      • Yes Rose it has to go.
        The saddest part of this entire corrupt gambling equation is that the racehorses are paying with their lives.
        Thanks to you, to all who comment, and especially to Patrick for all his dedication to obtaining the facts, via the FOIA, and posting them on a blog for all to see.

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