Dead: Scatoosh, Art of Darkness, My Pal Lily

Dead racehorses from the past two days:

2-year-old Scatoosh broke down “breezing” at Belmont Thursday – euthanized, says the Gaming Commission, on track. Trainer, Leah Gyarmati; owner, Treadway Racing.

3-year-old Art of Darkness suffered what the Commission calls an “equine death” in the 12th last night at Buffalo. Trainer, Craig Gilmour; driver, Shawn McDonough.

3-year-old My Pal Lily was “pulled up and euthanized” (Equibase) in the 4th last night at Delta. Trainer, Samuel Breaux; owners, K and T Guidry; jockey, Emanuel Nieves.

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  1. SCATOOSH poor little filly – another baby horse sacrificed by the racing industry. She began her career on July 30, 2015 and had clocked up 7 starts, the last being at Aqueduct on Jan 31, 2016. She “broke down” the New York Racing Commission says but it does not disclose the reason for her being euthanased on the track. Was it a limb fracture, suspensory apparatus collapse, sesamoids, pelvic fracture/injury, spine fracture/injury, head injury, neck injury, a severe bleed or a “heart attack”? Why the secrecy? She was an active racehorse who was doing very well and no doubt she was destined for the breeding barn.
    Career 7: 1-4-0 for $95,953 (averaging $13,708 per start).

    Oh, an “equine” death. The New York Racing Commission appears to be of the opinion that this description will satisfy the public re the death of this very young horse. Well, this horse dies in a race in full public view and people take an interest in the welfare of these horses which is open to public scrutiny. The public sustain the racing industry therefore the public has a right to know what really happened to this horse.

    MY PAL LILY another baby horse killed. Chart refers to his performance in the race as “was never close” and then goes on to say “pulled up and euthanized”. It appears that the Louisana Racing Commission is of the view that the nature of the injury/condition that caused this horse to be killed by a lethal injection is unnecessary……
    This was his 6th start and all his races were Claiming – up for sale for $5,000.
    Career 6: 1-0-1 for $11,055 (averaging $1,843 per start).

    This is horseracing.

    • Re MY PAL LILY i meant to say “is of the view that to disclose the nature of the injury/condition…”

  2. Just an update on the 3 horses that fell heavily in a race at Louisana Downs on Sept 18, 2015. It was a horrific incident.

    SOCIAL PRIZE fell heavily when it clipped heels bringing down two other horses HEAVENLY O who has reappeared and VALID WOLF who has not reappeared.

    SOCIAL PRIZE a 4 year old gelding was claimed for $12,500 on Sept 18, 2015 at Louisana Downs. He has since raced 4 times the last being Feb 20 at Delta Downs when he came home 8th by 16 lengths. Chart says “SOCIAL PRIZE was no factor”.

    HEAVENLY O a 5 year old gelding has also raced 4 times since and has been racing poorly coming home
    last 10th/10 by 21 LENGTHS “had a steady fade”
    4th “dropped back under a right-handed whip into upper stretch and tired”
    2nd last 10th/11 by 29+ LENGTHS “showed little”
    last 10th/10 by 37 LENGTHS “failed to threaten” (this was his most recent start Feb 14, 2016)

    VALID WOLF a 3 year old gelding has not reappeared – he’d had 11 starts for $10,800. 5 months has elapsed and I wonder what his status is – maybe he’s still recovering in a paddock – maybe he’s gone.

    NOT INTIMIDATED a 3 year old gelding was also involved in the incident but didn’t actually fall down but was adversely affected in the collision and lost his rider. He has also raced 4 times since and in his last start Dec 30, 2015 he came home 7th “never a factor”.

    (The ages of these horses are based on their foaling dates at the time of writing)

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