NY’s 102 Dead Racehorses, 2015

(Please note: What follows is surely an incomplete reckoning, for in NY only on-site deaths must be reported to the Gaming Commission. How many more were killed at off-site training facilities? How many more, still, were euthanized for race-related injuries back at the owner’s farm or after being acquired by a rescue? And, of course, this list says nothing of the many recently “retired” who met brutally violent ends in Canadian abattoirs. The upshot: NY has a whole lot of equine blood on its hands.)

Killed on New York tracks in 2015:

2-year-old Golden Bay, January 2, Aqueduct 6
“fx RR leg”

5-year-old Shewreckstheplace, January 4, Aqueduct 5
“fx LF sesamoids”

9-year-old Reminic, January 7, Monticello 4 (euthanized January 8)
“fx LF leg”

2-year-old Channel of Love, January 9, Aqueduct, training
“fx RF leg”

4-year-old Apex, January 9, Aqueduct 2
“fell…fx LF leg”

9-year-old Italian Rules, January 9, Aqueduct 2
“ambulanced off where exam revealed torn RF suspensory”

4-year-old You Take the Cake, January 15, Aqueduct 2
“fell…medicated; ambulanced to Ruffian Equine Hospital; exam revealed fx neck”

4-year-old One More Chief, January 16, Belmont, training
“fx LF cannon bone and sesamoids”

3-year-old Senso, January 18, Aqueduct, training
“unseated rider and ran loose, ran into rail – possible pelvic fx”

3-year-old Miss Macarena, January 22, Aqueduct 1
“fx LF leg”

2-year-old Tornado City, January 26, Belmont, training
“sustained LF leg fx while breezing”

She’s a Cowgirl, March 6, Saratoga Raceway
“fx RR leg; surgery performed next day – euthanized due to complications”

3-year-old Risk the Moon, March 12, Aqueduct 5
“fell…stood up – fx RF leg”

2-year-old Summer Hawk, March 19, Belmont, training
“sustained fx to LF medial sesamoid while breezing”

On The Brink, April 9, Yonkers 1
“fx RF leg”

Fashion Shark, April 9, Yonkers 3
“collapsed and died on track (artery rupture)”

4-year-old Subtle Humor, April 12, Aqueduct 3
“pulled up, splint applied, ambulanced off to barn – fx RF leg”

2-year-old Con Sneaky, April 12, Aqueduct 4
“fell…fx L tibia”

2-year-old Zenstone, April 16, Aqueduct 1 (euthanized April 17)
“ambulanced off; x-rays next day revealed fx RF leg”

Make a Friend, April 17, Buffalo 8
“took bad step…walked off track – vet exam revealed fx LR leg”

2-year-old Uninfluenced, April 19, Belmont, training
“sustained fx RF leg while breezing”

4-year-old American Hero, April 25, Belmont, training
“sustained fx RF leg while breezing”

5-year-old Lunar Tales, April 26, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died after breezing – possibly cardiovascular event”

5-year-old Spider Bride, April 29, Finger Lakes, training
“palpable R shoulder fx”

3-year-old You Gotta Believe, May 1, Saratoga, training
“unseated rider…ran loose…impaled R stifle on rail”

2-year-old Jay Bird, May 5, Saratoga, training
“collapsed and died on the training track – sudden death, pulmonary hemorrhage”

4-year-old Otoy, May 8, Aqueduct, training
“fell after sustaining L humeral fx while galloping”

4-year-old Prime Time City, May 16, Finger Lakes 4 (euthanized May 22)
“came off track lame; later diagnosis showed multiple chip fractures LF knee”

5-year-old Mr. O’Leary, May 17, Aqueduct, training
“sustained fx LF leg while breezing”

4-year-old Sunshine Bliss, May 18, Finger Lakes 7 (euthanized May 19)
“suffered injury to LR limb…non-weight bearing; overnight in obvious distress”

4-year-old Zzaj, May 21, Saratoga, training
“sustained R tibial fx while breezing”

3-year-old Fancy Pancy, May 24, Finger Lakes, training
“collapsed and died on track after workout – suspected cardio-vascular event”

3-year-old Gabbole, May 28, Belmont, training
“fx LF sesamoid while breezing”

Big Sky Paradise, May 28, Monticello
“broke at gate, again after 1st turn; stopped, returned to paddock; vet exam revealed LF tendon severed by rear foot/shoe – decision made to euthanize”

5-year-old Icprideicpower, May 29, Finger Lakes, training
“collapsed and died during morning workout, suffering a catastrophic cardiac event”

5-year-old Soul House, May 30, Belmont 6
“collapsed after being unsaddled, vet administered medication; horse died – cardiovascular collapse”

7-year-old Hughes Next, June 4, Finger Lakes 6
“fx LF leg”

4-year-old Helwan, June 6, Belmont 4
“fx LF leg – investigation continues”

3-year-old Animal Kracker, June 20, Belmont 5
“fx both RF sesamoids”

2-year-old Coast of Carolina, June 22, Finger Lakes, training
“fx LF sesamoid”

8-year-old Looks R Deceiving, June 28, Vernon
“fx RR leg”

3-year-old Defined, June 30, Saratoga, training
“fx RF sesamoids”

7-year-old Katmai Unleashed, July 6, Finger Lakes 5
“fx LF sesamoids”

4-year-old Lord Cashel, July 11, Belmont 3
“fx RF leg”

4-year-old Retaking, July 11, Finger Lakes 6 (euthanized July 16)
“fracture LF ankle”

3-year-old Leverage, July 13, Finger Lakes, training
“fx RF cannon bone”

3-year-old Miss Lucky Lauren, July 15, Belmont, training
“fx L shoulder”

9-year-old Bettors Curse, July 18, Saratoga Raceway 1
“ambulanced off; vet exam showed RF ankle instability likely due to fractures”

4-year-old Imposing Figure, July 20, Finger Lakes 8
no cause given

Rainin Fire, July 28, Monticello, training
“fell warming up, sustained fx L shoulder”

3-year-old Image of Luck, July 28, Yonkers 2
“horse walked off; exam revealed laceration to F/L cannon bone”

3-year-old Jackson N Leonard, August 1, Saratoga, training
“fractured LF sesamoids breezing”

3-year-old Kathy’s Reward, August 1, Saratoga, training
“fractured LF cannon bone while breezing”

4-year-old Innovation Economy, August 1, Saratoga 9
“fractured RF leg”

5-year-old It’s All Your Fault, August 9, Batavia, training
“took bad step, ambulanced off – fx LR leg”

4-year-old On a Snowy Evening, August 14, Saratoga 8
“fx LF sesamoid”

8-year-old Big Looie, August 16, Saratoga, training
“fx both LF sesamoids”

3-year-old Mondor, August 20, Finger Lakes 1
“fx LF leg”

Warranee Prince, August 21, Tioga
“fx LF leg”

12-year-old Divine Fortune, August 27, Saratoga 1
“fell over last jump – fx L humerus”

2-year-old Country Muse, August 30, Saratoga, training
“fx both RF sesamoids”

2-year-old Sicilia Nino, August 31, Belmont, training
“fx both LF sesamoids”

5-year-old Wild Hardships, August 31, Finger Lakes 7
“fx RF carpus”

2-year-old Disappear Here, September 19, Belmont, training
“fx both LF sesamoids”

4-year-old Chase the Giant, October 1, Finger Lakes 6
“fx RF sesamoid”

9-year-old Nine Innings, October 2, Batavia 7
“fx RF ankle – unrepairable”

2-year-old Marked Bills, October 11, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died while breezing – investigation continues”

6-year-old Jade Run, October 15, Finger Lakes, prior to race 5
“found down in stall, unable to stand; in distress; possible reaction to pre-race [left blank] – euthanized”

3-year-old Dilly Magilly, October 16, Belmont, training
“fx both RF sesamoids”

2-year-old Sky Devil, October 17, Finger Lakes 5
“fell…ran loose; sustained fx RF sesamoid”

2-year-old Flynn Bug, October 19, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died after breezing – cardiovascular collapse”

7-year-old Blue Sixty Four, October 26, Belmont, training
“crashed into rail and fell while training; sedated and stood up; ambulanced to barn, treated for head trauma; seized in afternoon – euthanized”

5-year-old In Haste, October 30, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died after jogging on training track – cardiovascular collapse”

4-year-old Bam Bam, October 30, Belmont 4
“fx RR cannon bone”

2-year-old Reyana an Reya Act, November 4, Aqueduct, training
“R carpal slab fracture”

5-year-old R Free Roll, November 27, Belmont, training
“fx RH leg”

6-year-old D Terminata, November 28, Saratoga Raceway 2
“horse fell and died on the track due to suspected cardio-vascular event”

3-year-old Banker’s Boss, November 30, Belmont, training
“fx LF leg”

8-year-old Bettor Again, December 5, Batavia 4
“fx RF sesamoid”

3-year-old Little Love, December 17, Aqueduct 5
“RF leg fracture”

4-year-old Blooper, December 27, Aqueduct 1
“collapsed and died – investigation continues”

4-year-old Successful Sweep, December 27, Aqueduct 1
“fell…sustaining LF bilateral sesamoid fx with dislocation of fetlock”

In addition, these 20 horses died from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. But make no mistake, they are no less casualties of Racing than the ones above.

4-year-old Eastcoast Lights, March 29, Belmont
“severe colic, unresponsive to treatment – euthanized”

Morning Joe, April 19, Saratoga Raceway
“previously fx near LR pelvis, stall rest prescribed; 2 months later his health took a turn for the worse…found down in stall…got horse standing…demonstrated considerable distress – decision made to euthanize”

3-year-old Mr Reid, May 16, Aqueduct
“found dead in stall; previous surgery for severe colic – horse predisposed to colic”

5-year-old Sin Banderas, May 19, Finger Lakes
“backed into wheelbarrow and sustained laceration to LR DDFT & SDFT”

7-year-old Clever King, May 20, Finger Lakes
“found deceased in stall – being treated for colic”

6-year-old Sea Fighter, June 2, Finger Lakes
“being treated for chronic diarrhea, colitis and subsequently laminitis; grave prognosis – euthanized”

8-year-old Canadian Wish, June 8, Finger Lakes
“severe diarrhea, developed dehydration and endotoxemia due to elevated temperature – humanely euthanized”

3-year-old Ghostof Gettysburg, June 13, Belmont
“severe colic and diarrhea; unresponsive to medical treatment”

5-year-old Start It Up, July 10, Aqueduct
“laminitis both front feet”

Vroom Hanover, July 11, Tioga

5-year-old Painted Poney, July 16, Finger Lakes

4-year-old Bella Bamba, July 17, Finger Lakes
“history of kicking walls; fx R hip – poor prognosis, euthanized”

6-year-old Darling Bridezilla, August 25, Saratoga
“adverse drug reaction – sudden death due to cardiac incident”

2-year-old Totally Discreet, September 22, Saratoga
“laminitis both front feet”

4-year-old Logan’s Slogan, October 16, Finger Lakes
“arytenoid chondritis; treated without resolution; resultant edema caused difficulty breathing – euthanized”

Country Delight, November 6, Batavia
“suffered fx RR pastern”

Delightfully Mine, November 6, Saratoga Raceway
“being treated for colic without resolution”

3-year-old The Lewis Dinner, November 15, Aqueduct
“chronic throat infection from throat surgery 45 days ago – resistant to treatment”

7-year-old Rush Now, November 17, Finger Lakes
“diagnosed with colic – surgery not an option”

4-year-old Fashion Fund, December 1, Belmont
“found down in stall & removed to clinic where filly was diagnosed w/comminuted left femoral & pelvic fractures”

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  1. Racing will never tell us the all the facts and that’s because they themselves know the number of maimed and dead is indefensible.

    Dr. Rick Arthur, the equine medical director for the CA Horse Racing Board has stated: “It’s hard to justify how many horses we go through. In humans, you never see someone snap their leg off running in the Olympics. But you see it in horseracing.”

    It is impossible to justify. Just end it.

    • Jo Anne, and those are the ones we know about. It doesn’t include the ones such as Bionic Brine, Slade, Shanty Hill Road, Sounds O K, and the many others that limped back to their stalls only to later be euthanized due to the severity of their injuries. The racing indsutry is simply a killing machine.

    • My comments are constantly BLOCKED on the Bloohorse/Paulick News website. They have a comment section to all their articles.
      I have never been offensive, I have never directly attacked anybody, only discussed things, only present my opinion, and many of my comments are blocked. Some get through.
      There are comments much worse than mine that they publish. It’s just another way for them to control a person who voices their opinions on the horrific state of horse racing.
      I just tried to post this website because many owners/trainers commenting ask me to give them this website. They want to comment.
      Every time I try to publish it, my comment gets BLOCKED.

  2. Outrageous carnage.
    I noticed there are two “investigations continue” notations, one from June 6 involving Helwan and the other involving Blooper from 27 December. How are the results made known or is this one more sham!! Also, how long does it take to do an investigation. Surely there is some conclusion from June !! And why the notation on these two horses ? Something must be really suspicious to warrant the notation.

    This is nonsense. Racing investigating itself is a joke, pure and simple.

  3. I find some of these injuries suspicious. Especially when there is more than one injury on the horse. It also raises suspicion on the amounts of cardiac deaths. Are these animals not being properly warmed up? The colic deaths for the most part, I would suspect is the lack of hydration or rehydration.

  4. You people and so called trained individuals whether it be owner, trainer, or vet should be ashamed of yourselves for these horrible horrible things and unnessary deaths to these beautiful horses. Letting an animal suffer because something was NEGLECTED . what a waste of skin you people are and as you should all lose your license to be in this industry. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU

  5. Just when I think the industry has hit rock bottom it’s actually the ceiling. The disgusting killing carnage of this industry is unacceptable, and needs to be shut down.
    Please folk, please Patrick please listen up. The dog and horse racing industry in Florida is about to shut down. The Seminole Tribe looks like they will be successful in DECOUPLING the casino and racetrack model of doing business.
    Basically, under the current legislation a casino must give profits, and hold a live racing meet in order to operate a casino in Florida. Its’ called COUPLING. We know it as a RACINO.
    The Seminole Tribe and all of the casinos in Florida (with the exception of Frank Stronach who owns Gulfstream) want to pass a law called DECOUPLING so that casinos can operate WITHOUT live racing. They are fighting hard for this change and it looks good.
    If it goes through, dog racing will almost be immediately shut down. Horse racing will shut down within a year. Of course the only facility holding out is Gulfstream which is owned by Frank Stronach. Despite his wealth he’s nothing more than a horse hoarder.
    I’ve attached the article. Here’s the link:

    Both dog, and horse racing will not be financially viable without the support of casinos.
    It looks like the end of the racino is near in Florida.
    My only hope is that this starts a trend because it’s my understanding that the majority of casinos no longer want anything to do with horse racing.
    Hopefully, other states will follow.

    If this goes through in Florida this means less breeding, less unwanted horses, less to slaughter, less suffering, and breaking down – all the things associated with this disgusting antiquated circus.

    We must contact PETA. If PETA gets the word out to it’s members there will be huge support to pass this DECOUPLING legislation.

    Let’s shut horse racing down in Florida. This could just be the beginning.
    The house of cards starting to fall.

      • Yes Patrick you have – a huge shoutout to you. We all know that since the onslaught of racinos the dying of racehorses have significantly increased mainly due to the huge increase of purse money.
        Moreover, as you always mention, the racinos pay every horse to race, and many horses are breaking down, and dying just for $100!
        Everybody reading this must support the DECOUPLING law in Florida. I so hope it goes through.
        The racetracks will not survive without the financial support of the casinos.
        One good thing, the Seminole Tribe in conjunction with the casinos are a formidable force. They are very wealthy, and have a bevy of attorneys fighting for this.
        For once in my lifetime, I’ve finally seen another group out financing, and out muscling the horse racing industry. It’s so nice to see. So nice to finally see a shift in power all for the betterment of the racehorse.
        One thing about the Tribe, and the casinos, they’ve had it with the horse racing industry, all the ugliness, all the liabilities associated with running such an abusive business based on the exploitation of the racehorse.
        Another interesting comment made by the casinos at the meeting? They said that young people no longer want to support this industry. I would attribute this to the organizations such as PETA for educating the public, and exposing the truth about the horrific world of horse racing.
        It’s no secret That the demographics of people wagering on horse races are predominantly over 55 years of age with many being over 65. When they are gone, there is nobody replacing them. The gig is up. It’s about time.
        Olivia, this if for you. Since people who support this industry live in a perpetual state of denial by continuing to support this animal abuse, then it will be legislated out of business.
        Since the industry does little or nothing for the racehorse either during their abusive exploitation or even after (slaughterhouse) then the law will have to protect them.
        Again, the irresponsible industry does little or nothing to clean up the mess they create, it’s once again left up to people who have nothing to do with the exploitation; true to form right to the end.

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