“Location of Deceased Animal: Horse Pit”

Through a “Public Records Act” request, I have confirmed the following 16 deaths at Florida racetracks in the second quarter of 2015:

4-year-old Starstruck Slew, April 1, Tampa Bay 6

5-year-old Gentleman’s Kitten, April 4, Gulfstream, training

2-year-old Empire’s Court, April 10, Tampa Bay 10

4-year-old Crowned Heart, April 13, Gulfstream W, training

5-year-old South Floyd, April 15, Gulfstream, training

Oakley Sydney, April 15, Pompano Park

6-year-old Dreaming of Danny, April 17, Gulfstream 4
(chart said “[took] some bad steps”)

3-year-old To the River, April 24, Tampa Bay 8

unnamed, May 4, Gulfstream, training
Location of deceased animal: “Horse Pit”

3-year-old Slynninberg, May 9, Gulfstream, training

A & G Cover Girl, June 3, “colic – large colon torsion”

3-year-old Lucie Brown, June 7, Gulfstream 7 (died June 10 from post-surgery stroke)

Chiki, June 15, Gulfstream, training
Location of deceased animal: “Horse path between barns 6 and 10”

2-year-old Amphipolis, June 22, Gulfstream, training
Location of deceased animal: “Horse Pit”

2-year-old Flying Sapphire, June 28, Gulfstream, training

5-year-old Meleager, June 28, Gulfstream 1

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  1. Sad and deplorable that these horses died because of human profit and greed – exploiting the animals for human $$$$ . Animals deserve better.

  2. I tried to find A & G COVER GIRL on equibase.com to no avail. This poor darlin died from “COLIC – large colon torsion”. I’ve commented on COLIC before and will reiterate that it is a most excruciatingly painful slow death for a horse. There’s no excuse for this, none whatsoever!

    The notorious Steve Blasi (assistant trainer with Asmussen) stated to doomed horse, NEHRO: “Quit being such an asshole. Aggravating son of a bitch.”
    After NEHRO died of colic: “I have seen a lot of shit. THAT IS THE MOST VIOLENT FUCKING DEATH I HAVE EVER SEEN.”

    The following link contains information about COLIC
    “The most important thing to do when faced with a colicking horse is to immediately call your veterinarian…..”

    How dare the horseracing industry allow a horse to die from COLIC!

    • Colic isn’t typically preventable, in fact it’s the biggest killer of horses. Not sure what your point is here. Most horses are euthanized when surgery is not an option. I’m not defending Blasi, but I think you don’t understand that no one wants a horse to colic. I’ve watched one colic and be unsaveable and it was very upsetting.

      • I suggest you re-read my comment. And if you read the link I gave on colic you might be better informed. My point was obvious – many racehorses have died from colic because certain people do not call a vet to ensure the horse gets the professional care it needs. DEATH and unnecessary excruciating painful suffering from colic is preventable provided the vet is called immediately the horse displays colic symptoms. Racehorses are confined in stables and they are in your face 24/7 and therefore one cannot ignore the symptoms of colic. Surgery is often not an option because it’s risky and often unsuccessful.

        If you look into the Blasi link you’ll find that NEHRO suffered an unnecessary colic death and he’s just one example only. I myself have seen a colic death of a racehorse which could’ve been prevented (he was a horse fed on grain only, yet he was screaming out for hay). Euthanasia follows a colic case when the condition is far too advanced for any vet to save the racehorse. And some racehorses have died a horrific death from colic, after having been left unattended and found in a box DEAD.

        From my observations and experience in the racing industry, it is VERY COMMON FOR RACEHORSES to come down with colic and if you read the following links the information contained therein will tell you why.



  3. Location of dead horses? Oh folks they’re in the HORSE PIT ….. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

  4. Deceased and thrown into the horse pit; without the common decency for some to even be named, just discarded like trash, as if their lives never mattered. It makes me sick to think of the inhumanity of it all, and what humans have done to these beautiful, precious babies is intolerable.

    I can’t believe in this day and age this cruelty and total insensitivity is permitted to exist. They gave their lives so people could be entertained, how despicable you people are, you should bow your heads in shame.

    Marlene Thornley

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