Here Are NY’s 99 Track-Related Kills From Last Year

The following 99 horses lost their lives racing or training on NYS tracks last year. (An additional 27 “non-racing” deaths will be addressed in a separate post.) The notes come directly from the NYS Gaming Commission.

5-year-old Uncle Smokey, January 2, Aqueduct 7
“took bad step-pulled up-fx LF cannon bone-euthanized on track”

8-year-old Caixa Eletronica, January 4, Belmont, training
“suffered a fx skull and died when Six Drivers unseated rider and collided with Caixa Eletronica”

3-year-old Six Drivers, January 4, Belmont, training
“unseated rider and collided with Caixa Eletronica-Six Drivers suffered a fractured neck and died”

3-year-old Go Canes Go, January 13, Belmont, training
“suffered fx LF leg while breezing-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Dixie Sparkle, January 26, Aqueduct 7
“fell-sustained fx LF mid shaft cannon bone-euthanized on track”

2-year-old Valar Dohaeris, January 30, Belmont, training
“suffered fx RF leg-euthanized on track”

4-year-old Flashy in Pink, February 1, Belmont, training
“suffered a fx RF leg while breezing on training track-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Andromeda’s Coming, February 22, Aqueduct 3
“collided with Pleasant Shaker-fx RF humerus-euthanized”

Standardbred Scottie C, February 22, Buffalo 3
“bad step-ambulanced off-fx LF leg-vet found fx to be inoperable-euthanized”

Standardbred Pay Tribute, February 26, Buffalo 7
“took bad step-pulled up-fx RF pastern-euthanized on track”

5-year-old Sound of Drums, March 1, Aqueduct 7
“pulled up-splint applied-medicated-ambulanced off-xrays reveal fx both LF sesamoids-euthanized”

2-year-old Changeinaction, March 5, Belmont, training
“fx RF Leg while breezing on training track-euthanized on track”

Standardbred Hickory Louie, March 12, Monticello 8
“sluggish and unsteady at the half-finished 2nd but died on backside of track after finish-possible cardiac event”

4-year-old Concept, March 15, Aqueduct, training
“fx L humerus while training-euthanized”

7-year-old Itsagoodtendollars, March 15, Belmont, training
“died from apparent cardiovascular collapse while breezing on training track”

2-year-old Jojonotjoelowe, April 3, Aqueduct, training
“sustained injury while galloping-ambulanced off-xrays reveal fx LF leg-euthanized”

4-year-old American Iron, April 15, Finger Lakes, training
“attempted to jump outside rail while in care of outrider-resulted in no use of RF leg-euthanized”

3-year-old Recovered, April 18, Finger Lakes 3
“xrays obtained at barn revealed fx 3rd carpal bone-euthanized”

Standardbred Southwind Tabor, April 21, Yonkers 12
“DNF-ambulanced to barn-suspected fx RF fetlock-euthanized that night”

6-year-old Aussi Austin, April 25, Aqueduct 8
“pulled up-ambulanced off-spiral fracture left front, sent to Cornell, but euthanized after operation”

3-year-old Handstand, May 1, Belmont 6
“pulled up-ambulanced off-fx RR leg-euthanized in necropsy area”

9-year-old Boston Chief, May 3, Finger Lakes, training
“collapsed after workout and died from skull fractures”

Standardbred Liberty Cruise, May 5, Yonkers 5
“found down in stall-died in receiving barn after Lasix administration [for race]”

3-year-old Lucky for You, May 18, Saratoga, training
“suffered fx RF leg while breezing-euthanized”

Standardbred KZ Too, May 20, Monticello 8
“pulled up after 1/2-ambulanced off-fx LF leg-euthanized”

3-year-old See the Music, May 21, Belmont 7
“collapsed at the 3/16 pole and died-to be continued”

3-year-old Intense Holiday, May 25, Belmont, training
“fx RF leg while training-sent to Hogan Equine Vet Clinic for surgery-developed laminitis both forelimbs-euthanized at Hogan Clinic”

4-year-old Kingston Jamaica, May 29, Belmont, training
“suffered fx LF leg while breezing on main track-euthanized on track”

5-year-old Kissinginthedark, May 30, Finger Lakes 1
“ambulanced off-exam revealed dropped L ankle with swelling & heat-after checking it was determined to be a torn flexor tendon-euthanized”

Unnamed Dam, June 4, Aqueduct, training
“suffered apparent cardiovascular event in barn and died after breezing on the main track”

5-year-old Samuels Blond Lady, June 5, Belmont 2 (euthanized June 8)
“finished race without incident-xrays revealed LK sagittal slab fx-euthanasia 3 days later”

5-year-old Lemon Sundae, June 7, Finger Lakes 1
“behind in race-eased up-finished race-collapsed and died enroute to test barn”

Standardbred Faith N Moon, June 8, Buffalo 5
“took bad step-fx LR leg-euthanized on track”

5-year-old Bear’s Spirit, June 12, Aqueduct, training
“pulled up-splint applied-ambulanced off-fx LF sesamoids-euthanized”

2-year-old Fran’s Kid, June 18, Belmont, training
“suffered fx LF leg while breezing on main track-euthanized on track”

Standardbred Dalglish, June 18, Monticello
“broke coming down stretch-crossed finish last-collapsed and died at paddock gate-suspected cardio vascular event”

4-year-old Rock and Roll Star, June 20, Finger Lakes, training
“suffered a fx LR leg while breezing-euthanized”

4-year-old Roses for Romney, June 25, Belmont 8
“clipped heels of Ballerina Belle-fell-horse died of apparent neck trauma”

7-year-old Elsaroarin, June 27, Finger Lakes 9
“pulled up before wire-fx RF Pastern-euthanized on track”

4-year-old Western Grit, June 28, Finger Lakes, training
“fx RF sesamoid while training-euthanized on track”

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3-year-old Michonne, July 4, Finger Lakes 9
“broke through gate and ran into rail fracturing leg-euthanized”

3-year-old This Guy Is Blue, July 6, Belmont 9
“pulled up-ambulanced off-fx RF leg-euthanized in necropsy area”

4-year-old Music Maid, July 13, Belmont 2
“pulled up-ambulanced off-fx RF leg-euthanized”

4-year-old Indomitable Woman, July 17, Finger Lakes 5
“vanned off after finish-xrays revealed fx RF medial sesamoid-euthanized”

3-year-old Missy Zelliott, July 20, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died while training-apparent cardiovascular collapse”

4-year-old Lifeguard On Duty, July 24, Saratoga, training
“pulled up badly during training-ambulanced to barn-xrays revealed fx RF sesamoids-euthanized”

3-year-old Double Gold, July 25, Saratoga, training
“spooked unseating rider-ran loose and fell over rail-suffering paralysis both hind legs due to trauma to lumbar spine-euthanized”

3-year-old Chichita, July 26, Finger Lakes 1
“pulled up-fx LF sesamoid-poor prognosis-euthanized”

7-year-old Gimmeanotherwink, July 28, Finger Lakes 2
“fx both RF sesamoid bones-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Father Johns Pride, July 28, Saratoga 7
“pulled up-DNF race-ambulanced off-euthanized in necropsy area”

5-year-old Quorum, July 29, Finger Lakes 6
“following completion race-ambulanced off-xrays revealed fx RF sesamoids-euthanized”

3-year-old Lavender Road, July 30, Saratoga (prior to race 7)
“collapsed on horse path leaving track-treated for heat exhaustion with no resolution-sent to vet hospital where xrays revealed a fx to the 7th vertebrae-euthanized next day”

2-year-old Sir William Bruce, August 2, Saratoga 5
“pulled up without incident-collapsed after unsaddling and died-sent for necropsy”

4-year-old Regretless, August 11, Saratoga 4
“pulled up-collapsed and died on track-apparent cardio-vascular event”

2-year-old Cashion, August 16, Belmont, training
“took bad step while training-xrays revealed fx LF leg-euthanized”

3-year-old M B and Tee, August 21, Saratoga 7
“won race-collapsed after finish unseating rider-died on track-suspected cardiovascular event”

2-year-old Kamarius, August 23, Saratoga, training
“pulled up after breezing on Oklahoma Track-splinted RF leg-ambulanced off-sustained fx RF leg-euthanized”

2-year-old Ludicrous, August 23, Saratoga 4
“suffered fx RF leg-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Elena Strikes, August 24, Saratoga, training
“suffered fx LF leg while breezing on training track-euthanized on track”

7-year-old Makari, August 25, Saratoga 1
“fell unseating rider after going over hurdle-died on track”

3-year-old Vanessa Halo, August 26, Finger Lakes, training
“suffered fx pelvis during training-euthanized”

2-year-old Divine Guidance, August 27, Saratoga 5 (euthanized August 29)
“pulled up-vanned off-previously submitted as Racing Incident-lame RF-xrays revealed fx RF leg-euthanized”

3-year-old Major Battle, September 5, Belmont, training
“fell and died while breezing-cause unknown at this time-case continues”

3-year-old Gerryland, September 7, Finger Lakes, training
“suffered fx RF leg while training-euthanized”

3-year-old Kitt’s Kool Katt, September 7, Finger Lakes, training
“suffered open fracture of the proximal humerus-euthanized”

4-year-old Ego Friendly, September 10, Belmont, training
“galloping on training track-collapsed and died-suspected cardiovascular event”

5-year-old Mulheb, September 10, Belmont 1
“pulled up-ambulanced off-radiographs revealed carpal slab fracture-euthanized 2 days later”

3-year-old Freddie Freud, September 13, Belmont, training
“pulled up while training-ambulanced off-xrays revealed fx LF leg-euthanized”

4-year-old DJ’s Hope, September 13, Finger Lakes 5
“suffered fx to LF leg-euthanized on track”

2-year-old Tale of the Spa, September 19, Saratoga, training
“while training on turf course-sustained fx RF leg-euthanized”

2-year-old Here in a Hurry, October 1, Belmont, training
“unraced 2 year old took a bad step during training-suffered fx L shoulder-euthanized”

4-year-old G W’s Hammer, October 3, Finger Lakes 5
“went down at finish-fx LF cannon bone-euthanized”

3-year-old Stenson, October 8, Belmont 1
“pulled up-splint applied-vanned off-xrays revealed fx RF sesamoids-euthanized”

4-year-old Endearing, October 9, Belmont, training
“fell at wire suffering fx RF leg while breezing-euthanized”

3-year-old Grand Arrival, October 10, Belmont, training
“fell at 1/8 pole while breezing-fx RF leg-euthanized on track”

2-year-old Giant Hearted Lee, October 13, Belmont 5
“pulled up-splint applied-ambulanced off-fx LF leg-euthanized”

4-year-old Zaikov, October 23, Belmont, training
“fell at 3/4 pole-stood up-ambulanced off-sustained fx L humerus-euthanized”

2-year-old Chase This Bandit, October 24, Belmont 10
“fell unseating rider-fx LF leg-euthanized on track”

2-year-old Saint Kris (sic?), October 25, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died while breezing-pulmonary hemmorrhage”

5-year-old Summer Sunset, October 31, Aqueduct 2
“pulled up-sustained fx LR leg-euthanized on track”

4-year-old Jesses Giant Dunk, October 31, Aqueduct 3
“stumbled after race-ran loose-horse ambulanced off-xrays revealed LF sesamoid ligament rupture-euthanized”

3-year-old Zo Sophisticated, November 3, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died while galloping-suspected cardiovascular event”

5-year-old Antone Suavey, November 3, Finger Lakes 2
“went down-fx RF leg-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Pete, November 11, Finger Lakes, training
“sustained fx RR Pastern while breezing-euthanized”

4-year-old Knockher Off, November 12, Aqueduct 5
“stumbled and fell after finish-horse died on the track-apparent neck trauma”

Standardbred Santa Baby, November 16, Yonkers 9
“walked back to paddock-non weight bearing lameness LR leg-vet exam revealed fx LR pastern-euthanized”

5-year-old Threetimes a Saint, November 26, Finger Lakes 2
“fx LF sesamoid-euthanized”

9-year-old Cherokee Artist, November 28, Aqueduct 6
“pulled up-ambulanced off-xrays revealed a fracture RF leg-euthanized”

4-year-old Princes On Thelake, December 3, Aqueduct 5
“fell at 1/4 pole-Fx LF cannon bone-euthanized”

4-year-old Carla Sweetrevenge, December 3, Finger Lakes 7
“went down-horse fx LF leg-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Warrior’s Hero, December 4, Aqueduct 3
“pulled up-ambulanced off-xrays revealed fx R carpus-euthanized”

7-year-old Quick Money, December 5, Aqueduct 8
“fell unseating rider after clipping heels-horse died on track due to neck trauma”

5-year-old Half Nelson, December 5, Aqueduct 8
“fell over fallen horse Quick Money-fx L shoulder-euthanized”

5-year-old Sage Valley, December 10, Aqueduct 8
“fell after finish-horse died on track”

5-year-old Ludo Bagman, December 11, Aqueduct 1
“stumbled unseating rider-ran loose-pulled up-fx LF sesamoids-splint applied-ambulanced off-euthanized”

2-year-old Deckers, December 15, Belmont, training
“unraced 2 year old-fx LF sesamoids while training-euthanized”

4-year-old Celebrate We Will, December 26, Aqueduct 1
“unseated rider Dylan Davis-ran loose-caught at wire-splint applied-ambulanced off-fx RF leg-euthanized”

5-year-old Wicked Irish, December 27, Aqueduct 2
“stumbled-splint applied-ambulanced off-fx LF sesamoids-euthanized”

3-year-old Soldier Inthe Rain, December 31, Belmont, training
“suffered fx RF leg while breezing-euthanized on track-investigation continues”

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  1. These poor horses ! I have read that necropsies have shown existing pathology at the site of the fatal fracture in up to 90% of the horses studied. All fatalities should, at least, be tested for drugs. However, this would only happen if racing had any spark of integrity and if there was any notion of “cleaning up” the business as many “apologists” admit needs to be done.
    “Cleaning up” racing is a ridiculous notion and will never happen because it is built on total exploitation of the horse. Racing needs the cheaters and animal abusers to keep the cards filled and the game going.

  2. So much pain and suffering, for what? The Sport of Misery…where the horses always lose, and many times lose their lives….When will they see?

    Marlene Thornley

  3. JUSTIFY these 99 deaths New York State Gaming Commission!

    Absolutely heartbreaking to read this list. Indisputable evidence of the horrendous abuse inflicted on these helpless horses.

    Just to pick out a few

    Standardbred Liberty Cruise, May 5, Yonkers 5
    “found down in stall-died in receiving barn after Lasix administration [for race]”
    To think that an injection of this drug killed this horse. Lasix, a drug authorized to be administered to the horses by the racing industry.

    3-year-old Andromeda’s Coming, February 22, Aqueduct 3
    “collided with Pleasant Shaker-fx RF humerus-euthanized”

    3-year-old Six Drivers, January 4, Belmont, training
    “unseated rider and collided with Caixa Eletronica-Six Drivers suffered a fractured neck and died”

    8-year-old Caixa Eletronica, January 4, Belmont, training
    “suffered a fx skull and died when Six Drivers unseated rider and collided with Caixa Eletronica”

    The above three “collisions” are horrific incidents and they are not accidents in my view. If the horses “loved” to race as the industry claims then Six Drivers would not have dumped his rider. There would’ve been a very good reason for the horse to do this e.g. whipped, hit with a battery, sore and not up to the task, to name just a few.
    Andromeda’s Coming – possible carelessness in riding, whipped, hit with a battery, sore and not up to the task.

    Standardbred Scottie C, February 22, Buffalo 3
    “bad step-ambulanced off-fx LF leg-vet found fx to be inoperable-euthanized”
    Forget the “bad step” there’s no such thing. It’s a very tired old excuse to put the blame on the horse and at the same time deceiving the public into thinking it was the horse’s fault when it most certainly was not.

  4. Everyone who knows me is well aware of how much I despise horseracing. However, there is another “sport” that I despise as well….steeplechasing. Back in the 1960’s, my mother purchased a TB hunter for me from Meshewa Farm which was located outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, and was owned by Mary Stephenson. Meshewa was also the home of Jay Trump, one of the greatest steeplechasers of all time. Jay Trump “flunked” out of racing but was very successful in his steeplechasing career. The Grand National, a four mile race, is considered to be the most difficult race in the world. In 1965, Jay Trump competed in the Grand National in Great Britain and he won the race by the slimmest of margins. Almost 50 horses started the race over jumps and about a third finished the race. Perhaps a better name for the Grand National is the Demolition Derby. It is truly difficult to watch this race as horses and riders plunge over fences and some horses complete the race without a rider. I’m sure there were horses that were euthanized at the conclusion of the Grand National. After Jay Trump returned to the states, I was fortunate to be able to visit him at Meshewa. The experience was one that I will never forget. I truly felt that I was in the presence of a higher power,

    Jay Trump was retired about a year after his victory and lived a long and healthy life. He was euthanized at the age of 31 and is buried at the finish line of the steeplechase course at the Kentucky Horse Park. My sweet Bit O’ Scotch was retired to our family farm and he, too, lived out his life being loved and cherished. I wish ALL horses were as fortunate.

    • This race was one of the most horrific things I’ve seen, Mary! Thanks for sharing it and exposing another “sport” where equines are horribly used and abused. The ugliness of horse racing thrives in darkness…we must continue to shine the light!

    • Agreed Mary. Jumps racing is barbaric, they play Russian roulette with these animals. How people can watch these horses jumping and galloping which is a lethal combination, whilst being beaten with a whip and suffering serious fatigue, is beyond me – they are sadists in my view. These horses are under so much stress with self preservation in doing this sick activity, they are fighting for their lives.
      A former jockey friend of mine when he was riding in England was invited to the Grand Steeplechase and he was absolutely sickened with what he saw, he couldn’t believe what they were putting these horses through and said never again.
      A few years ago there was an article in a British newspaper showing photos of the Queen’s granddaughter, Zara Phillips, with some other members of the Royal family attending a Grand Steeplechase. There were also photos of horses falling and dying. Zara’s ex boyfriend was riding and his horse came down and one of the photos shows her pointing to the fallen horse and the ex and laughing along with the other royals. I posted a comment giving my opinion on steeplechasing and how disappointing it was to see members of the British Royal Family supporting and enjoying such abhorrent abuse of these horses. Within an hour the photos of Zara and family were pulled down and disappeared. People in the UK were loud and clear when posting their comments and Zara copped a hiding. She comes out here each January to promote horse racing – a pathetic attempt by certain people in the racing industry here to give racing a shot in the arm. BAN JUMPS RACING FOREVER!

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