Ugliness in Florida, Part 3

Through a “Public Records” request, I have confirmed the following 46 deaths at Florida racetracks over the last six months of 2014. (A reminder: These are only the ones reported to the Florida Commission – there were surely others.)

3-year-old Fun Elusive, July 5, Gulfstream 3

4-year-old Offlee Fast, July 7, Calder, training

4-year-old Save Your Pennies, July 24, Gulfstream 3 (euth July 26)

3-year-old Curly Queen, July 27, Gulfstream 7

2-year-old Dixie’s Pegasus, July 28, Gulfstream, training
“Location of deceased animal: Kill Pit”

3-year-old Baltic Princess, July 29, Calder, training
“Location of deceased animal: Calder Racetrack Horse Pit”

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4-year-old Seventh Apostle, August 1, Gulfstream, training

5-year-old Top Excitement, August 10, Gulfstream, training
“Location of deceased animal: Deceased Horse Pit”

4-year-old Party Lad, August 30, Calder, training

3-year-old Warpaint Gold, September 7, Gulfstream, training
(in last race on August 1, finished last – 33 lengths back)

8-year-old Marija’s Wish, September 13, Gulfstream 1
“Location of deceased animal: Gulfstream Park Horse Pit”

3-year-old Skoll, September 17, Calder, training

6-year-old Major Prince, September 24, Gulfstream West, training

10-year-old Kaylee’s Comet, September 25, Gulfstream, training

4-year-old Vizcaya Star, September 26, Gulfstream 1

5-year-old Scorpion Al, October 2, Gulfstream 1

2-year-old Decisive Decision, October 3, Gulfstream 5

6-year-old Zeffee, October 6, Gulfstream W, training
(in last race on September 28, finished last – 39+ lengths back)

8-year-old Decaf Again, November 5, Gulfstream, training

Standardbred Two Step Turn, November 7, Pompano
“[trainer] Hennessy stated that one of his workers found the horse dead on the floor”

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5-year-old Igotitdad, November 8, Gulfstream W 1

6-year-old Forever Conga, November 19, Tampa Bay
(in last race on October 25, finished last of 14)

5-year-old Good Girl Grace, November 20, Tampa Bay

3-year-old Justa Little Evil, November 22, Gulfstream W, training
“broke down wet track training in the am”

3-year-old La Hija de Olga, November 22, Gulfstream W 10
(in penultimate race on October 25, “hit the gate at the start,” last of 10)

4-year-old Lion Keen, November 24, Gulfstream, training

3-year-old Mischieviousmelodi, November 25, Tampa Bay, training

5-year-old Miss Prim, November 26, Gulfstream W 4

4-year-old Lost Yer Number, November 29, Tampa Bay 5

2-year-old Royal Legend, December 8, Gulfstream
“horse died in the stall”

2-year-old Miss Dashwood, December 9, Palm Meadows Training Center, training
“possible heart attack”

5-year-old Color Blind, December 10, Tampa Bay, training

4-year-old Danielle’s Honor, December 11, Tampa Bay, training
(in last race on October 3, finished last – 30+ lengths back)

3-year-old Tour the City, December 14, Gulfstream 4
“heart attack”

3-year-old Freights Bay, December 16, Gulfstream 2

4-year-old War Classic, December 16, Gulfstream 9

Fancy Star, December 17, Gulfstream, training

5-year-old Sarava’s Pete, December 17, Gulfstream W, training

4-year-old Roman’s Avenue, December 19, Tampa Bay, training

3-year-old Kilted, December 20, Tampa Bay, training

3-year-old Trini Vision, December 21, Gulfstream W, training

Dusty AP (pony), December 24, Hialeah
“Location of deceased animal: Maintenance Area”


7-year-old Grand Rapport, December 26, Gulfstream 6

6-year-old On Appeal, December 27, Gulfstream 1

3-year-old I Got Id, December 27, Gulfstream 5

Standardbred Stonebridge A Doze, December 29, Pompano Park

Of the 17 horses killed while racing, 14 were originally reported (on the charts) as merely “vanned off”; the other 3 had nothing negative attached to their names. In other words, not one of the 17 raceday deaths could have been positively gleaned from the charts. That, combined with the 29 entirely hidden deaths (23 training, 6 “other”) means that as far as the public knew, no racehorse died on or at Florida tracks in the second half of 2014. Imagine that. This industry rests on a foundation of lies.

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  1. Dixie’s Pegasus. Bay filly, would have been 3 years old on April 27. The racing industry killed her, dumped her lifeless body in the “kill pit”, then did what they do so well – hid her death.

    Marija’s Wish was a stakes placed 2006 gray mare. She raced EIGHTY times for nearly 200K. She ends up in the “horse pit”. Unbelievable. And do you know what?…as many times as these people are dropping dead horses into these pits, I have to wonder if they don’t bat an eye. Makes me think of those who work in the slaughterhouses. Strikingly similar.

    Major Prince was royally bred. This 2008 chestnut gelding with earnings of 110K was bred and formerly owned and raced by Brereton Jones/Airdrie Stud.

    Kaylees Comet…2004 gray mare…her 11th birthday would have been April 5. This mare raced only TWICE, both in 2006…yes, 2006! And now, EIGHT YEARS LATER, she dies in TRAINING???

    Decisive Decision – 2012 bay colt – ran THREE TIMES (his first three starts) in the month of August. As a two-year-old. Each time with Lasix (bleeder in training up to his first race in August?).

    Decaf Again. This 2006 dark bay gelding raced ONE HUNDRED AND SIX TIMES. He was MULTIPLE STAKES PLACED. He made over 314K. The majority of his races were at Gulfstream and Calder. Oh, he was probably a “fan-favorite”. Those “fans” don’t know he’s been dumped in the kill pit.

    Two Step Turn, died of pneumonia?…and FOUND DEAD? THAT horse suffered.

    Royal Legend dies in his stall. A month after his 3rd and final race. A gelding not yet three years of age.

    HEART ATTACKS for 2 y/o Miss Dashwood and 3 y/o Tour the City. Heart attacks in babies. Lies…unless of course, drug-induced heart attacks.

    Grand Rapport…this 2007 chestnut gelding made over A HALF MILLION DOLLARS. He was a Grade 3 winner, was Grade 2 placed – at Saratoga for Gary Contessa and Earle Mack (of Star Plus “fame”). David Jacobson ran him, too. “Went wrong” in his last race. Went wrong? Sickening.

    46 dead horses – at least – in 6 months. Nearly 8 horses killed a month. 2 a week. Kill pit full of dead horses. How does this happen in a civilized society? How do humans with a conscience accept this, even take part in it?

    What do you think of your sport, racing apologists?…oh before you answer, look at each dead horse’s name. LOOK AT EACH DEAD HORSE’S NAME.

  2. I agree – that any of these so-called “trainers”??? would do very well in a slaughterhouse! The grand sport of horse racing???????????? It may be grand for people who are raking in the money – sure isn’t for the horses. Doesn’t it seem as though the people who really do care about their horses would step up and publicly denounce what is happening? I don’t watch racing anymore – sadly though, that doesn’t take away any profit from anyone who is involved in horse racing. The fact is, what enjoyment is there in watching these animals run their hearts out only to end up dead – either on the track before your eyes or down in back of the barns? Why is there almost NO punishment for the ones who consistently abuse these animals? I think this world needs to realize that if we all are so abusive & cruel to the animals that do so much for us – not just horses, but dogs, cats – all animals – what kind of civilization is this? Or IS it? After all, the way we treat those who have no voice tells what kind of people we really are.

    • Maggie, your words are true. I am incredibly frustrated and saddened with how we – the human race – treats defenseless creatures. And it’s good you don’t watch racing anymore…I don’t either and I used to be a huge racing fan. Just keep sharing the realities of this abusive gambling industry. It does make a difference.

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