Abused, Missing: Far Fly, Casanova Kiddo

On July 25th, 4-year-old Far Fly was reported to have bled in a race at Indiana Grand. She was returned to that same track August 20th and finished 7th of 9, 20 lengths back. Two weeks later: 7th of 11, 13 back. Two weeks after that: last of 8, 28 back. She has not been heard from since. Trainer, Mazie Brown; owner Glen Ford.

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On July 30th, 4-year-old Casanova Kiddo “fell over [a] fallen horse” (who had fallen herself over the mortally wounded Patinka) in a race at Presque Isle. Less than a month later, Casanova Kiddo was vanned off at Ellis Park. She has not been heard from since. Trainer at Presque, Anthony Rini; trainer at Ellis, Steve Hobby.

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  1. Thank you for putting their names to print…Far Fly and Casanova Kiddo. Living, sentient beings used for someone’s entertainment. And they certainly endured discomfort, even suffering, for that unnecessary purpose…for someone to bet…be entertained…and for someone’s paycheck, or ego. How can anyone just accept this abuse…

  2. Um I personally know Mazie Brown and i am certain she was down as paper trainer. Its unfortunate. She would never do anything to cause harm to an animal. I know for a fact that she finds good homes for her retired horses. Glen Ford well i know him to and he is an egotistical madman. Its a shame that Ms. Brown was doing a favor for him and ended up in this blog!

  3. So was Mazie Brown doing Far Fly’s first owner a favor, too?…a paper trainer of Far Fly for Kent Sprunger in her first race at Indiana Grand? She certainly likes to do favors, it seems…10 races from June of 2013 to September of 2014 all as a “paper trainer” of Far Fly for Glen Ford! And isn’t that illegal?

    Unfortunate? – most definitely. For the horses.

  4. Ms. Mazie Brown, on record as the trainer of Far Fly, may know about the “disappearance” of the horse !! However, anyone who “lends” their name (as alleged by illuminatedadept) is not someone I would trust to tell the truth… what a sorry mess and worse for the horse.

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