Jacobson’s Ludo Bagman Dead at Aqueduct

5-year-old Ludo Bagman is dead after breaking down (sesamoids) in the 1st yesterday at Aqueduct. In three years covering 24 races, the gelding endured five different trainers: Richard Dutrow, Rudy Rodriguez, Jeremiah Englehart, Naipaul Chatterpaul, and finally, David Jacobson. For Jacobson, that’s five NY dead this year, four “in competition” – Uncle Smokey, Aussi Austin, Cherokee Artist, and the aforementioned Ludo Bagman (below). This is horseracing.


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  1. Poor dear fellow! I would have given you a great non-racing home, dear Ludo. But none of us will ever have that chance, because of the greed of the horseracing world, you died a youngster who did not get a chance to be a horse. So very sad.

  2. Poor Ludo, his eye said it all. Looking at the cross-over noseband and the chain through his mouth
    tells me that this noble animal was displaying behaviour that was difficult for his handlers to deal with, hence being passed around from trainer to trainer. They say yeah you can take this one on IT’S CRAZY! when Ludo was, by his behaviour, saying I CANNOT DO THIS my welfare is being seriously threatened!
    Only 24 starts in three years of racing indicates that he had health issues and Ludo was probably screaming out for help.

    • The cross-over nose band is to keep the bit higher up in the mouth so they can’t get their tongue over the bit and the chain on the gums is to keep them calm and have better control over the horse.

      • Rachel,

        Thank you for the explanation.

        That is terrible. I have never been to a racetrack and have never seen that done to a horse.

        Cross over nose band to keep bit higher. That sounds painful to me.

        Chain on the gums to keep them calm ??

        I think These people that mistreat these magnificent horses have darkness and hate inside of them

      • And the cross-over nose band also hits a nerve on the horse’s muzzle area which is uncomfortable for the horse and prevents horse from throwing its head up and therefore horse is restrained unnaturally.
        Rachel you state the chain on the gums keeps them calm…. what was this horse experiencing for him
        not to be calm and difficult to handle? The chain causes pain in the horse’s mouth when handler pulls on
        it the animal immediately succumbs and stops being “a naughty boy”. Have you ever seen a racehorse’s tongue cut and blood pouring out of its mouth when being restrained in this way? I have.

      • Kathleen, see my comment in response to Rachel’s above.

        And thank you so much for your comments. The Humane Society needs to have a good look
        at itself, in my view.

      • Caroly,

        Thank you for the explanation. That has got to be so painful for the horse to have chains in their mouth. I have never heard of such a thing nor have I ever seen it but then I have never been to a racetrack and have Zero desire to go except to watch it get torn down.

      • Carolyn,

        The HSUS could really help expose this in a major way and they refuse to help according to friends of mine that have been trying to stop horse abuse and horse slaughter for ten years. Helping dogs and cats is safer for them because they do not want to rock the boat of the racing industry or gambling industry.

        Speaking of slaughter, here is more on that subject from a friend of mine who has been trying to stop horse slaughter for ten plus years.

        European Union ban threatens US horse slaughter pipeline

        John Holland, the president of the Equine Welfare Alliance, examines possible scenarios following the European Union’s ban affecting horsemeat shipments from Mexico. He predicts short-term instability, but believes the US market could not hope for a better set of circumstances to kick on and put the slaughter trade behind it.

        Effective from January 15 next year, the horse slaughter plants in Mexico that formerly met European Union (EU) operating standards will no longer be allowed to slaughter horses for shipment to that market.

        The EU’s Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) audit that triggered the ban estimated that 87 percent of horses slaughtered in the EU-licensed Mexican horse slaughter plants are US horses. US Department of Agriculture (USDA) export figures indicate that 66.9 percent (102,254) of all US horses sent to slaughter in 2013 went to Mexico; twice as many as went to Canada. A similar ban is expected on Canadian horsemeat in the coming months.

        In addition to food safety issues, the audit found that the transport of the horses to slaughter did not meet EU humane treatment standards.

        To be clear, Mexico will still be able to accept and slaughter US horses. Although the EU is its main customer, a portion of their horsemeat goes to Russia and other countries.

        Factors driving the low-end horse market and recent trends in horse breeding, as documented in the Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) annual Equine Welfare Report, suggest that while there may be temporary negative impacts, the decision comes at an opportune time.


  3. I hate horse racing! What a horrible business. So many in it don’t give 2 cents for the animals that make them money. It needs to stop until they can take responsibility for the welfare of the animals. They are lives and need to be respected as such.

  4. Patrick, thank you for putting Ludo Bagman’s picture up. He was a gorgeous gelding who deserved better than the life he led. I hope in those five short years that was his life he got a chance to feel some kindness.

    • Ludo Bagman was a gorgeous horse. I hope he is in Heaven now. Speaking of Heaven.

      Pope John Paul II proclaimed that animals do have souls and are “as near to God as men are.”

      Pope Francis recently made news in the world of Animals . It hit the New York Times on Dec. 11th

      Pope Francis Says All Animals Can Go to Heaven


      From Wayne Pacelle’s Blog

      Pope Francis’ comments may not instantly change how the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics treat animals. But it fortifies an emerging consensus in all faiths and traditions that all animals matter for their own sake

      After the new Pope was chosen last March and then took the name “Francis” – after Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals — I took a deep breath and dared to hope that this could be the pontiff who calls on all of his followers to show mercy and decency to all creatures. Until now, Francis hasn’t said much about animals, but his commitment to reform and his comments on so many important issues of the day are helping to make the Church more relevant than at any time in recent memory. Recently though, he reinvigorated the legacy of Saint Francis by telling a child grieving the loss of his pet dog that “Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures.” It was front-page news in the New York Times, and his ideas are being noticed and discussed throughout the world.

      That value – the preciousness of every animal life and our duty to care for them – is shared by almost all of the world’s faiths and belief systems. Hinduism teaches that the Divine exists in all living beings, including animals, and that we have a duty of ahimsa, or non-violence, that extends to all. Buddhism teaches that we should treat humans and animals with equal respect. Islam and Judaism too encourage the greatest consideration for non-human life. Our Faith Outreach Program reaches people of these faiths and so many others, to connect their faith values to their treatment of animals.

      Pope Francis’ comments remind us that humane values run deep in Christianity, too.

      faith drove the evangelical reformers C.S. Lewis, William Wilberforce, and Hannah Moore to fight against cruelty to animals.

      Pope Francis is not inventing a Christian concern for animals. Almost a millennium ago, Saint Francis is said to have preached to the birds and even blessed a wolf to show that God intended us to love all of creation. Pope Francis is modernizing and amplifying that concern, and gently building upon it. Pope John Paul II made clear years ago that “dominion” is a call for us to care for animals, not a license to abuse them. My friend Matthew Scully, a Catholic, wrote a beautiful book on the topic, Dominion: The Power of Man, The Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy. Scully sums up well the thinking of defenders of animal abuse when he writes that “theirs is a dominion only of power, with them and not God at the center, all grandeur and no grace.”

      Pope Francis’ comments may not instantly change how the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics treat animals. But it fortifies an emerging consensus in all faiths and traditions that all animals matter for their own sake. Here at The HSUS we share that value and are committed to championing it.

      Humane Society should change its attitude about racing and realize how cruel it is for horses.

      Dogs in Heaven? Pope Francis Leaves Pearly Gates Open by New York Times


      • Just want to be clear about above article by HSUS on the Pope.

        I was told that the HSUS will not speak out against horse racing and is not against horse racing and to me that is a major mistake.

        I added this comment to the bottom of the above article based on my understanding and based on the fact that they are not trying to stop the abuse at the race tracks or even reporting it.

        Humane Society should change its attitude about racing and realize how cruel it is for horses.

        HSUS needs to tell the truth about this cruelty to horses and needs to help stop this cruelty to horses that happens every time a horse is forced to run for his life..

  5. PS I see Be Bullish is back in Jacobson’s clutches again. This old track warrior has had 84 starts and earned over a million. The horse will soon turn 10 yrs. old. How much is enough !! Jacobson will keep running him until he can’t make it through. Many of the kings of the claiming game have made money on the back of this over raced gelding, but none more than Jacobson and his Drawing Away Stable. Also Jacobson started BB on 9/14 and again on 9/21 when he was claimed for $16, 000 by Levine. He won for Levine on 12/10 and Jacobson claimed him back. What a business !!!

  6. Jacobson is a moneymaking machine he claims horses and runs them back a week later if the break down, there’s always another horse to replace them. If u look at the horse social Saul that horse has been claimed a few times the past three months now in jacobsons hands. He was run just about s week ago and entered today! Are u kidding that is not enough time to recover from s race this horse needs month or two to rest. Let’s see how social Saul runs.

    • Yes, Ryan, lets see…
      I wonder whatever happened to so many of the unfortunate horses under his “care” ! Kissa Mellissa had two DNF in a row and then nothing, and Mess In a Dress started 4 times in March. Her last start on 30 March said “tired”. What a surprise !! She has not been heard from since. Of course,these are just two examples.

      I know Be Bullish is being watched.
      But racing loves this guy ! That fact says all one needs to know about how low this business continues to sink.

  7. I remember a Breeder’s Cup years ago and watching a horse trying to continue running on Three legs after the front leg broke – It was horrible and I never watched horseracing again…

  8. David Jacobson has announced that after having a perforated bowel and extensive ICU stays, he is now getting rehab and hopes to return to training race horses soon. Even pro racing people want this shit bag to stay away and feel he is a pimple on the ass of racing. Let’s see how many racing jurisdictions will welcome him back with open arms? I’m betting quite a few.

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