No Suspensions For Multiple “Whipping-Bleeding/Welts” Violations

Rulings from the Indiana Horse Racing Commission:

For abuses committed against QuarterHorses:
5/31/14, Aron Hunt, “Whip-excessive” – $200 fine, no suspension
6/13/14, Christian Esqueda, “Whip-indiscriminate” – $250 fine, no suspension
7/11/14, Julian Serrano, “Whip-excessive” – $200 fine, no suspension

For abuses committed against Thoroughbreds:
6/18/14, Alejandro Contreras, “Whip-indiscriminate” – $200 fine, no suspension

For abuses committed against Standardbreds:
5/8/14, Andy Shetler, “Whip-bleeding/welts” – $500 fine, no suspension
5/13/14, Bradley Hanners, “Whip-bleeding/welts” – $500 fine, no suspension
5/13/14, Lewayne Miller, “Whip-bleeding/welts” – $500 fine, no suspension
5/13/14, Samuel Widger, “Whip-bleeding/welts” – $500 fine, no suspension
5/17/14, Luke Plano, “Whip-bleeding/welts” – $500 fine, no suspension
5/23/14, Lewayne Miller (again), “Whip-bleeding/welts” – $500 fine, no suspension
5/23/14, Michael Micallef, “Whip-bleeding/welts” – $500 fine, no suspension
5/24/14, Luke Plano (again), “Whip-indiscriminate” – $100 fine, no suspension
5/27/14, Andy Shetler (again), “Whip-excessive” – $100 fine, no suspension
5/28/14, Brandon Bates, “Whip-excessive” – $100 fine, no suspension
6/21/14, Donald Eash, “Whip-excessive” – $200 fine, no suspension
6/27/14, Tyler Smith, “Kicking” – $100 fine, no suspension
7/1/14, Andy Shetler (again), “Whip-bleeding/welts” – $500 fine, no suspension
7/1/14, Lewayne Miller (again), “Whip-bleeding/welts” – $1,000 fine, no suspension

In early May, Andy Shetler, Lewayne Miller, and Luke Plano were each cited and fined for whipping their Standardbreds to the point of bleeding or welts. Over the next six weeks, the trio had a combined five more excessive-whipping violations. All continue to drive. This is Indiana horseracing.

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  1. What makes any reasnable person think that whipping (which causes intense pain) makes an animal more obedient? Nothing does. This whipping is the act of a sadistic personality and must be stoPped.

    This is animal cruelty.

  2. Fines galore and no suspensions shows the total focus in racing is money and only money. These sadists should be banned and charged with animal cruelty. How does this business get away with such blatant cruelty. The answer, once again, is money. Nobody will go after racing in any meaningful way because of the power that money spawns.
    Shame on the Indiana Racing Commission for allowing these individuals to continue abusing defenseless animals.

  3. The fines will never ever stop the whipping, it’s just something the racing authorities do to “be seen to be doing something about it” the fines do not adversely affect the jockeys in any way whatsoever because the fines are a pittance and often the owners/connections pay these paltry fines. The solution – no jockey is allowed to get on a horse with a whip and then we’ll see how equine educated skilful riders they are?

  4. Great job exposing the horse abuse issue in standardbreads. Excessive whipping is horse abuse and it also is cheating. When horses get disqualified and drivers get suspended the industry might take notice.

    P.S. The blog HorsePlop applauds horse abuse and racism…..These 2 things seem to go together ,,,,degenerates are a sad part of harness racing and ruin it for the clean guys.

    I will keep fighting for the integrity of harness racing !

    Jeff Gural is doing a great job protecting the horses….I wish he would do more and offer suspensions for excessive whipping and kicking.

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