While the Rider Is Memorialized, Tawney’s Wish Is Quickly Forgotten

Either from self-delusion or as a base marketing ploy, racing people speak almost exclusively in sport vernacular. Accordingly, to them, each racehorse actually represents a larger “team,” complete with owner, coach, assistants, team doc, and, of course, the athletes themselves – jockey and Thoroughbred. Partners on the playing field.

Last week, an exercise rider was killed when his mount, Tawney’s Wish, had a fatal heart attack (at three) at Woodbine. Yesterday, the Paulick Report ran this on the memorial for Mourad Boudraa. By accounts, Mr. Boudraa treated his horses well, and it is sad that he died. But as Woodbine was honoring him, his erstwhile teammate quickly faded into oblivion. Without so much as a moment of silence. And that is horseracing.

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  1. And this is what you’re reduced to Patrick??

    This man was a husband, son, and most importantly a father. “By all accounts Mr.Boudraa treated his horses well”. We all know that has not been the sentiment toward any other horseman. If you are going comment on this don’t pull punches. Or even better leave it alone…

  2. Thank you, Patrick, for remembering Tawney’s Wish. Once again, a horse’s life cut short by a cardiovascular event.

    • A very sad incident. Thank you, Patrick, for reminding us that Twaney’s Wish died also.

      The whole scenario is suspicious, at best.

      It is interesting when people get so indignant because someone mentions the death of an animal in conjunction with the death of a human. Acknowledging the death of an animal in no way detracts from the dignity and sorrow associated with the tragic death of the person. It is part and parcel of human compassion

      • Compassion?? There is no compassion in here. Not for people in the racing business. How many times has it been said that Jockeys/exercise rides choose to do what they do?? Also we (race trackers) are all bad people. We torture these animals. All for a $2 bet. Why change your tune now?? Because a rider dies, he treated his horses well?? The only horseman in the Northern Hemisphere to do so??

        Wanting to mar this mans eulogy with a moment of silence for that ratty ass horse?? As Patrick has asked me before “And this is what you’re reduced to”??

      • Rose, I couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, it is a suspicious death since the horse was only 3 years old but we know that many “babies” in racing die because of cardiovascular events which, of course, is totally unacceptable but this is horseracing where money is “king” and the eyes are always on the prize money. Mr. Boudraa’s death was unfortunate and I sincerely hope that the track will do a necropsy on Tawney’s Wish to determine if drugs contributed to both deaths. This wonderful horse was destroyed by those that owned and raced him. I continue to applaud racing’s precipitous decline.

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