Asmussen-trained Finesse Dead at Oaklawn

3-year-old Finesse collapsed and died of an apparent “cardiac issue” Friday afternoon after finishing second in a race at Oaklawn. Finesse was ridden by Ricardo Santana and trained by Steve Asmussen (below) – yes, that Ricardo Santana and Steve Asmussen.

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  1. I do remember some guy saying he usually bet Assmusen’s horses because he had the “latest and greatest potions” !!!

    So now he will not be considered for induction into the “Hall of Shame” they didn’t know ??. Reminds me of the great line from Casablanca..”.I’m shocked….. ” The business is corrupt at every level. The cheating, lying, stealing and the animal abuse that has been going on and continues unabated is a national disgrace. And Assmussen is the norm in this business, and in no way an aberration. I also blame the owners.

    I hope the filly “Finessse” is at least tested for drugs.

  2. My personal thoughts–Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy at a better time. I’ve been waiting for him to get caught and for him it didn’t just rain– it deluged!

    Asmussen’s name was struck form candidacy to the Racing Hall of Fame yesterday as well.

    I’m just so terribly sorry for the horses that he trains and has trained.Some have paid with their lives and many have paid with their pain.

    I’m glad that investigations are being undertaken and that this incident has spurred a renewed rally to medication and racing reform.The proper channels need to be followed and the report and videos need to be reviewed, but this issue has opened the floodgates with respected members of the racing community such as Gretchen Jackson and Bill Casner adding their voices to those who are seeking reform and a return to putting the horses and their welfare first.

  3. The mention of Bill Casner makes me want to PUKE. I begged and begged for help from WinStar for a horse they bred…a horse they put on this earth for the purpose of their business and entertainment. His name was Leader of the Pact. They did NOTHING…it wasn’t the thing to do back then, you know. Clearly, they didn’t care to give the suffering gelding the time of day…and I wasn’t asking for much.
    We did eventually get Leader, a year later. He suffered for another entire year. All we could do to help him then was euthanize him. These people make me sick. So I guess in the last seven years Casner and company sprouted a heart? Right.

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