How They Die, Too

The following is a companion list to “How They Die.” While the industry attempts to dismiss these deaths (“non-racing”), make no mistake, these stabled-at-the-track, awaiting-next-race horses are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones who snap legs on raceday or rupture hearts in morning practice. Victims, all. (Again, this is but a sampling of information I annually receive from racing commissions.)

Some of the racehorses who died, or were found dead, in their stalls since 2014:

Boat Drinks: “the horse returned to the track with laminitis in all four limbs – rotated through the sole”

Cantina Butterfly: “the horse was down, depressed had labored breathing and a very swollen face with a bad odor and some nasal discharge…died before a tracheotomy could be performed; severe extensive cellulitis, severe gastric ulcers, renal papillary necrosis, severe traumatic osteoarthropathy”

Ivory Debt: “head trauma from flipping in barn September 29, severe CNS signs September 30 – euthanasia after contacting insurance company” (yes, after suffering head trauma, this horse had to wait a day before being put down – because of money)

unnamed 2-year-old: “found dead in stall, fractured pelvis with hemorrhaging”

Blow By: “found dead in the stall; pneumonia or possible head trauma during shipping”

Big Gene: “severe septicemia rear legs with necrosis – laminitis all four” (two years old)

Honest Abe: “bowel evisceration secondary to a castration surgery earlier in the day”

Quittin Time: “the horse shipped in from Arkansas with a 103 degree temperature…developed laminitis…today the horse’s coffin bone rotated out the bottom of its foot”

name withheld: “found dead in stall – the presence of an acute traumatic lesion to the left hind limb…suggests colt became uncomfortable during the night and injured his limb while rolling/becoming cast or otherwise struggling; gastric ulceration was severe enough in this case to have caused pain, in addition to the colonic lesion…large numbers of tape worms in the cecum”

Two Step Turn: “[trainer] stated that one of his workers found the horse dead on the floor”

Hoppy Hour: “marked diffuse chronic fibrinous arthritis of the left hock – the thickened joint capsule along with the abundant fibrin suggest a chronic, on-going process” (two years old)

Genaro: “colicky, unresponsive to treatment, died next day – ruptured intestine”

JC’s Dream: “broken carpus, very thin, very lame”

Olmeca: “ruptured bladder”

Lady Lucilla: “shipped in with shipping fever, abscess, and fluid in lungs”

New Ellenton: “head trauma, seizuring, hypovolemic shock”

Rainy Night: “found lame in her stall on 11/15; euthanized on 11/22 for severe hemorrhage from gastrocnemius tear/trauma”

Sayalittlprayrfrme: “rough trip in trailer to track, sustained laceration over L eye, seemed ok initially but was found down in stall and in extreme distress later that afternoon, vet treated without improvement – euthanized”

My Precious Stolita: “severe colic – horse was found dead in stall”

Bronze Bomber: “pleural pneumonia with four-feet laminitis”

Legasistic (probably sic): “evisceration of abdomen”

Mister Dark Eagle: “tracheal collapse/trauma”

Indio: “discovered dead in its stall; horse had stopped eating the day before”

Just Dance With Me: “drowning incident”

Shotgun Love: “euthanized for severe laminitis both front feet”

Sherlock’s Hope: “acute severe laminitis in all four feet”

Arrogante de Oro: “horse treated for colic on 6/11 [five days after last race]…found dead in stall at 4:00 AM by groom/night watch”

Myarchangel: “flipped in street, fractured skull”

Classic Kate: “penetrating abdominal wound – humanely destroyed”

Kershner: “sudden death; had been treated for colic, intestinal rupture”

Bigapplehereicome: “found dead in its stall”

Lovely Elle: “dead in stall 4 am”

Mongolian Eagle: “eight weeks of ataxia”

name withheld: “colic of 2-day duration…appeared to recover, then expired suddenly, most likely due to a distended or ruptured bowel”

name withheld: “horse flipped…suspect cranial fracture, hemorrhaged”

name withheld: “found in stall – suspect colic”

name withheld: “flipped in stall – head trauma”

name withheld: “dead in stall”

El Borracho: “found dead in am, no signs of struggle”

Bettarun Realfast: “horse had laminitis of greater than 7 days duration…developed colic today – not responsive to any medications…euthanasia”

Citizen Ofthe West: “found dead – colic”

Silver Bullet Rf: “found dead in stall; 360-degree torsion of colon”

Nacimientos Clasic: “horse died during night – colic”

Wagon #1 (probably sic): “found dead in stall”

Speedy Trick: “colic – died in stall overnight”

Asophisticatedmomma: “horse was found dead – horse was insured”

Sms First Dibs: “found dead”

Carmon’s Trick: “found in stall dead”

Quick Coconut: “being treated for a cold – found dead in stall”

Freudian Dilemma: “found deceased in stall – gastric/digestive issues”

Rip Loves Maize: “collapsed in stall and expired”

Lemon Iceking: “being treated for recurring bronchopneumonia without resolution – found dead in stall”

Yodelmesomemagic: “found dead in stall – suspect colic”

Mias Mark: “flipped in washrack, fractured skull – dead on arrival”

The Grey Bullet: “found dead in stall”

Lebowski: “found dead outside stall, treated previous day for gastrointestinal issue”

Jade Run: “found down in stall, unable to stand; in distress; possible reaction to pre-race [left blank] – euthanized”

Morning Joe: “previously fx near LR pelvis, stall rest prescribed; 2 months later his health took a turn for the worse…found down in stall…got horse standing…demonstrated considerable distress – decision made to euthanize”

Mr Reid: “found dead in stall; previous surgery for severe colic…predisposed to colic”

Clever King: “found deceased in stall – being treated for colic”

Start It Up: “laminitis both front feet”

Totally Discreet: “laminitis both front feet”

Fashion Fund: “found down in stall & removed to clinic where filly was diagnosed with comminuted left femoral & pelvic fractures”

The Lucky Dream: “collapsed and died in stall – suspected heart failure or aneurysm”

Majic Laughter: “found dead in stall – history of colic”

Superbe Rulah: “horse not feeling well; found dead in stall – suspected acute colic”

Monsterinthepaint: “died after being removed from trailer – colonic ulceration with colitis”

Beautiful Mimi: “flipped in stall – hit head fracturing neck…died”

Demo: “being treated by vet for lumbosacral neuropathy with rectal/urinary disfunction; developed severe UTI and was found dead in stall”

Wild Perfection: “horse found dead in stall – unattended death”

Hawaiian Move: “sudden death post-exercise on equine wheel…died shortly after returning to barn”

Warair: “found deceased in stall”

Eye Opening Dream: “found deceased in barn” (was raced just three days prior)

Special Jessie: “dead in stall”

Floyd Hanover: “[trainer] found horse dead in barn”

Platinum Sensation: “found dead in stall”

Ladys Bad Boy: “[found] the horse dead in his stall”

Kettle’s Kid: “shipping fever”

Rangersleadtheway: “severely neurologic”

Built Bok Tuff: “horse was found dead in stall…with apparent signs of severe colic; Dr. Robinson reportedly treated the horse for colic [the day before]”

Sally Ali: “horse was found dead in barn on backside in early morning hours; showed signs of colic, endotoxemia; exact cause of death unknown – no necropsy performed”

Jumpn On Glass: “horse found dead in stall – signs of colic and endotoxic shock” (was raced just three days prior)

Jenny Cartel: “died in stall after being treated for several days for respiratory/lung disease”

My Lucky Shot: “horse died of colic and arrived at clinic deceased”

Miss Executive Gray: “found dead in stall…history of pleuritis with pulmonary abscessation”

D’forest Diva: “found dead in stall”

Phoebe Moon: “colic, enteritis – found dead in stall”

Waverly Force: “neurologic disease”

Catana: “found dead in stall”

Temple of Doom: “found dead in stall”

Hard Play: “found dead in stall – cause unknown”