In Memoriam, Saratoga Race Course

An “In Memoriam” video put together by one of our great volunteers, Linda Rydant:

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  1. Very moving! Thank you for doing this. It’s so important to remember that each and every horse is a precious, living, creature, with dignity—not the disposable, forgettable, victims of this cruel industry.

  2. NYRA have put out an article celebrating that there were NO deaths on the Oklahoma training track in the last few months. Isn’t that such a disgusting tell on an industry when they celebrate not killing something for a change??

  3. Madness entertainment for a frivolous so called sport. Those were some beautiful horses that did not have a decent chance at a good life. Makes me want to hug & rub on all those thoroughbreds we live with.

  4. Not one of those seventeen beauties even came close to the 30+ human years of age three of my horses lived. It is so very sad they never had a chance to be truly loved and to give their love to ANYONE who really LOVES ALL HORSES. Deeply saddened for all the lost lives. Wish they knew how much some humans care. To each one, you are now free and running in the greenest pastures. You are not forgotten and are loved by many you never had the opportunity to know. We miss you but each of you live in our hearts forever.

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