What They Did to Psycho Dar Alone Is Criminal

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on some of that state’s kills this year.

Brody, Jun 17, Los Alamitos R
“Horse ran off track, hit vehicle and died: complete, displaced fractures of [11] vertebrae [with 10 comminuted]; fractures of multiple ribs; fractured pelvis.” Brody was two years old, and this was to be his very first time under the whip.

Fire Stel, Jun 25, Los Alamitos R
“Horse clipped heels and went over rail: open, displaced luxation of the P1 with fragmentations; ruptures of [multiple] tendons and ligaments.” Also: “osteochondral disease [both front limbs]; gastric ulceration.” Fire was three years old.

Psycho Dar, Jul 1, Pleasanton R
“This horse had complete fractures of both lateral and medial proximal sesamoid bones, with ruptures of the superficial and deep digital flexor tendons, lateral branch of the suspensory ligament and several distal sesamoidean ligaments.” Also: “osteochondral disease [both front limbs]; gastric ulceration.”

Despite the severity of those injuries, the powers that be, in a desperate attempt to curb their kill numbers, “referred/transported [Psycho] for surgery.” Obviously, the surgery didn’t happen. What they did accomplish, however, was an unnecessary, extended suffering for this poor boy. Tragic – and criminal.

Mooneymooneymooney, Aug 5, San Luis Rey T (died Aug 11)
“Horse sustained pelvic fractures during training Aug 5. Managed on tieline in stall post-diagnosis. On Aug 11, lied down around 3-3:30 pm while still on tieline. When [vet] arrived at 5:05 pm, horse was deceased, pale mucus membranes, cold.” The extent of those fractures? “Complete, comminuted, displaced.” Also: “The main fracture line…resulted in complete separation of the wing from the body.” At the end, Mooney also suffered from “bilateral necrotizing pleuropneumonia” – and sepsis. And finally: “This animal had pre-existing stress fractures.” Mooney was but three years old. That poor, poor girl.

Great Story, Sep 25, Golden Gate R
“Horse suffered catastrophic injury at 1/2 pole: [multiple] complete, displaced fractures; complete rupture of several ligaments; complete rupture of fetlock joint capsule; regionally-extensive hemorrhage.” Also: “osteochondral disease [both front limbs], severe [in leg that broke down]; stomach ulcers.” Great Story was just five years old.

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  1. The California Horse Racing Board and all of its members who have the responsibility to regulate horse racing in the State of California should be sued for malfeasance, violations of the Business Conduct Codes and for refusing to enforce the Animal Welfare Codes.

    • The problem with California cruelty laws is that the prosecutor must prove they acted maliciously. That’s near impossible to prove.

      • The CHRB and the Stronach Group fail on purpose to protect the horses from mistreatment by resorting to dirty tricks to hide the true kill numbers. These deceptive practices prolong the suffering of several horses that are/were already injured and suffering due to the callous and indifferent routine mistreatment of using and abusing racehorses in this egregiously cruel industry.
        Their willfully calculated tactics to cause more harm and suffering to horses ought to come back to bite them in the butt in the form of a legal action against the members of the CHRB and the Stronach Group that they can’t ignore completely. Their practices are deceptive to say the least.

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