NY: Kill, Kill, Kill

Three new dead “athletes” disclosed today by the NYS Gaming Commission:

Do the Hustle, Sep 11 (yes, that would be two months ago), Finger Lakes: “horse was vanned off the track, [euthanized].” The chart, by the way, said nothing of this, but then again, that’s Finger Lakes. DTH was two years old, and this was his very first time under the whip. Complicit: breeder Patricia Generazio, owner/trainer Robert Gorham, et al.

Duke of Hazzard, Nov 3, Belmont: “horse suffered a cardiac event after 1/4 mile breeze.” Duke was seven. Complicit: owner James Riccio, trainer Richard Dutrow, et al.

Blue Eighty Five, Nov 8, Belmont: “horse developed cellulitis and was euthanized due to his condition.” Blue also was just two years old. It should be noted that in Blue’s final race, Oct 4, he had been sold, though that sale was voided by the vet. Which means he was probably injured or sick for a very long time. Complicit: trainer William Mott, et al.

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  1. Three quick thoughts, in no particular order:
    1. All those Rick “He served his time!” Dutrow apologists are about to get real defensive again.
    2. I notice a lot of equine injuries with the name Gorham attached. Is this dude being investigated?
    3. HISA’s voided claim rule doesn’t seem to be protecting any actual, you know, HORSES.

    • I was thinking the same thing about Dutrow!
      And the sad part about Gorham is that he’s a small animal vet.

      • Marie, I’ve read in the past that the racetracks will hire a licensed veterinarian that has no experience with large animals to pass horses to race. It’s absolutely disgusting that horses with internal injuries are passed to race in order to fill a race card.

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