3-Year-Old Killed at Finger Lakes Today

According to the ever-disingenuous chartwriter at Finger Lakes, The Catillac Kid was “pulled up in distress and vanned off” in the 6th race today. In fact, we learn from the Gaming Commission, the 3-year-old was euthanized right there on the track.

This is horseracing.

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  1. For those people who are involved in this egregious cruelty to horses in New York and California and any other state and have no intentions of stopping, you can say that this is proof that all of “the safety measures are working” as if it is not obvious that no safety measures can stop the deliberate killings of racehorses.

  2. Finger Lakes’ chartwriter should just go back to his tried-and-true system of never reporting carnage in the charts at all. Why bother to start now (accurately or not), when most of their previous horse-mangling “accidents” were left unacknowledged and unrecorded? It’s not like the fans or horseplayers pay attention to these omissions — and they’re certainly not noteworthy to “regulators” like the obscenely-named HISA, who are merely inconvenienced and annoyed by publication of another fatal, on-track TB injury they won’t be able to hide.
    So, who are these misleading chart notes for, anyway? Must be just for us. Because nobody in racing seems to care in the least about poor Catillac Kid, et al.

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