Part of Steeplechase Fun: Watching Horses Get Hurt

Among the many “activities” to be had at the “International Gold Cup” steeplechase in Virginia is a “Hat Contest,” with prizes awarded in the following categories:

1. Best Racing Theme
2. Funniest/Most Outrageous
3. Most Glamorous/Elegant
4. Best Child (under 18)
5. Best Men’s Showing

“Come join the fun!” they say. Well, in the words of the stewards, here was some of that fun at the event’s most recent iteration last Saturday:

race 1:
“Praghas Ceart was scratched on the advice of the Equine Medical Director [after] being reported as lame in his RF.” (Yes, his exploiters had every intention of racing him.)

“Field Marshal did not come off the ground well and fell at the first fence.”

In addition, in this race, “several horses slipped and lost their footing on the far turn.”

race 2:
“Parquetry was pulled up having grabbed his tendon over the fence…shipped for surgery.”

“Giantsbane slipped and fell entering the far turn.”

“Irelands Call propped at the water jump and suffered a contusion to his eye.”

It was only after all this that a “remediation effort [to] correct the slippery condition” ensued. Some fun, huh – especially for all those children in attendance. Vile.

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  1. The number one hat is the Asshat… fits all shapes and sizes of pathetic, disconnected ,debutant wannabes who decidedly choose to ignore the horrific facts of Horseracing 🚫🏇🏽🚫

  2. Here we go (again) with the sadistic nature of using horses as entertainment.
    People were drawn to the circus to watch animals perform and so many spectators were clueless as to the abuse that the animals were forced to endure.
    I can’t say how much these children know about the abuse to the horses used for steeplechase racing, but isn’t it obvious that when the horse falls down that it isn’t good?

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