“Fell Heavily,” Dead at Aqueduct

In the 3rd yesterday at Aqueduct, R B’s the Boss, says the chartwriter, “fell heavily.” Nothing more. In fact, we learn from the Gaming Commission, R B’s was euthanized where he lay. According to our data, he is the 80th kill in NY this year. Complicit: breeder Anchor & Hope Farm, owner/trainer Jose J. Magana, jockey Kendrick Carmouche, and all those who support horseracing in any way – betting, attending, watching, working in, etc.

At Remington yesterday, in addition to Our Lilah being “pulled up while bleeding” and ultimately being “vanned off,” two others had these notes:

“Gospel Hope flipped over behind the gate while loading.” Raced anyway, 18 lengths back.

“Deb’s Blessing was unruly in the paddock.” Raced anyway, 29+ lengths back.

All three of the above are three years old.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Even in mu king of the bushes tracks state, Oregon, horses are automatically scratched that flips anywhere on the track prior to racing. Same goes for breaking through the gates too. These poor young 3 year olds being subjected to this! End all casino & tax subsidies. Then let`s see how long this ” crooked , crummy, gamboling game” survives.

    • The bush tracks?! Give me a break. The bush tracks are the most lawless and unregulated places there are! God help the poor horses that end up there!

    • We did not mean that in a complementary way! We have seen stuff go on at these bush league tracks here in Oregon that would make anyone cringe such as riders striking a horse in the face repeatedly “just to wake him up”. Horses legs hooked up to several car batteries with wires for who knows what purposes. A trainer allowed to ride their own thoroughbred due to a jokey shortage caused by an earlier wreck thereby not having enough riders for the next race. An owner / trainer is not supposed to be allowed to ride their own horse in a race ever. Bush league tracks are indeed lawless places!

  2. In this so-called “Sport of Kings” in the United States, where the abuse and brutality against horses exploited for racing and wagering equates to NON-STOP KILLING OF HORSES, it appears that using the word “euthanized” has become too strong of a word. Therefore, we shall say, “fell heavily” in order to (🤮) spare the feelings (🤮) of all of those who are directly and indirectly involved this egregious cruelty to horses.
    Stop the corporate welfare to horseracing now!

  3. As always, I am so sorry and shocked – that shock never goes away – for these victims. Also, as usual, NYS horses are dying every year in large number, 80 so far in 2023 on the tracks.

    “Deb’s Blessing was unruly in the paddock” If YOU were feeling stressed, sick, scared, weak, in pain or injured or anything else, you would be “unruly”, too, if you weren’t being treated right! How dare they use that word, “unruly”? As if there are rules to be followed instead of attention, compassion and consideration for the horse. I bet they were abusive getting that horse out of the paddock, forcing Deb’s Blessing to a miserable fate. Burn in hell, you abusers!

    • Martha, I believe that would be a bet you would win. The abuse of forcing horses to perform as though they were machines to go out there with the junk in their mouth and their mouths practically tied shut with the extra crap around the outside of the mouth so they can’t get any relief from the pain in their mouths. That’s only part of the pain and routine abuse that the racehorse must absorb and tolerate.

    • Martha, I agree that the vocabulary selected by those reporting these deaths always takes the human component out of the picture. They consistently phrase things to sound like the horses are making their own decisions and everything that happens is their fault. It goes beyond that. They claim that horses have “careers” in racing. Honestly. It’s pathetic. End the casino money!! Please!!

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