Where’s the Reporting on This Mountaineer Kill?

The official result (Equibase) for Admaa in the 6th at Mountaineer last night: “took a bad step after the wire, euthanized on the track.” She was six years old and was under the whip for the 20th time. On another note, I’m wondering (sarcastically of course) why no reporting on her death in BloodHorse, the Thoroughbred Daily News, Horse Racing Nation, the Paulick Report, the Daily Racing Form, etc. Was her life and death not as worthy as Practical Move’s? Despicable.

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  1. I just watched the replay. She’s #5 of 5 horses running that race. She literally jumped out of the starting gate(injury there maybe). She came in last and over the finish line. Therefore the connections made a few lousy bucks.

  2. It’s a business. When it’s business, it’s all about the money.
    I am curious about exactly where the dead bodies of the “also ran” racehorses are buried or disposed of that are not counted in the “official death count” by the Racing Commissioners and that were not shipped from the United States to the slaughterhouses in Mexico or Canada or another foreign country. As long as they are not counted in the official death count, there would not be a necropsy. Therefore, it seems logical that they wouldn’t be disposed of in whichever way necropsied horses are disposed of.

    I think many, but not all, of those injured and vanned off Missing In Action racehorses are disposed of in mass burial pits, but who knows for sure?
    In the 1980s, I heard of there being a burial pit at Yakima Meadows in Yakima, Washington although I never saw it. I wasn’t there in person, but I read about it. It was also possible to pick up a young horse that didn’t cut it as a racehorse. I never saw any other information about those young horses. Who knows how many of those horses that became unwanted by their racing connections were shipped to slaughterhouses within the same state they were raced in before 2007? I think it would have been in the thousands nationwide.
    There was no Facebook then. I never heard of people bailing horses out of a killpen before Facebook, and besides the truck/trailer ride in those days would have been much shorter and no crossing the border into a foreign country.
    One reason I bring this up is because it’s a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE how those large bodies of DEAD RACEHORSES are disposed of. There needs to be more scrutiny of what happens to all of those “Missing In Action” racehorses partly for the “safety” of the public at large. Are they buried in places that would create a public health risk? I believe the public definitely has a right to know.

  3. Wanda. They probably end up like Bridget Moloney in the landfill. There was a picture a few years ago showing a horse dumped near a racetrack close to a discarded item from a bathroom. It did bring comments from local news reports at the time. Disgusting and immoral in my opinion.

    • Nancy, the main state that I was thinking of more so than the rest of the states, is California because you know it’s a big deal to hide as many kills as they can to create the illusion that racing is “safe” and that they are so concerned about “safety” as if having multiple horses vanned off practically every race day is nothing to be alarmed about.
      It’s the “safety” policy of the California Horse Racing Board, the Stronach Group and “elite” race tracks such as Santa Anita Park to not count all horses that are vanned off; and now you know it’s getting so bad that you know dead horses are magically becoming “alive” again…

  4. It sounds to me in the second comment that there is tremendous fraud with the insurance companies when owners do not know what happens to their horses when they may have been put into a massive grave or sent to a slaughterhouse.

    It is extremely sad, cruel, and barbaric to think people only care about the money and not a life. The life that comes first will then comes the money.

    When a horse gets too old to run, then it should be put up for sale for someone who wants a good horse for leisure, and not sold to “Kill Buyers”, who supply the horses to slaughterhouses.

    And we call ourselves, “Civilized”. Who in the hell called us civilized, because in my mind, we have a long way to go to become a civilized society.

    Thank you.

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