Mitchell Cushing Leaves Welts on Two Horses Four Days Apart – Small Fine, 1-Day Suspension

Among last week’s harness rulings (all emphases mine):

At Plainridge, Oct 19: “While driving Miki U So Fine, Mitchell Cushing did leave numerous welts on his horse. As a result of the violation Mr. Cushing is hereby fined the sum of $300. Subsequent violations will result in increased penalties.”

Same track, 4 days later: “While driving Get Extreme, Mitchell Cushing [below] did leave numerous welts on his horse. 2nd offense. As a result of the violation Mr. Cushing is hereby fined the sum of $600 and is suspended from driving only for a period of one day.”

At Hoosier (of course), Oct 20: “While driving Captain Luke, Andrew McCarthy did welt the horse. For this violation Mr. McCarthy is fined $300 (second offense of the meeting). Mr. McCarthy waived his right to a hearing and agreed to the penalty.”

At Hawthorne, Oct 21: “Driver Kyle Husted is fined $200 for causing visible injury – welts – with the whip while driving Ponda Hawk, winner of the first race.”

To recap:
“did leave numerous welts on his horse” – small fine, no suspension
“did leave numerous welts on his horse” (same person) – small fine, 1-day suspension
“did welt the horse” (second offense) – small fine, no suspension
“caused visible injury – welts – with the whip” – small fine, no suspension

Finally, this “minor” infraction:

Andrew Monti, Batavia, Oct 20: “kicking a horse.” Fined $100. This, by the way, is the same fine three others received for “talking on the race track.” What more can I say?

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  1. Patrick, you cannot say more. Despicable cretins who whip and kick; Despicable moral degenerates who hand out phony “punishments”. We must not stop fighting to ban racing forever.

  2. Leaving welts on any type of mammal is very clearly abuse! This abuse of horses should be punished in a way that is actual punishment, not a revolving door for repeat offenders. This should not be allowed at all. This abusive industry practice of leaving welts should be taken much more seriously by the racing industry people and the news media and the courts of law.
    Horseracing needs to be banned altogether. This abuse, brutality and cruelty to horses for racing is unacceptable.

  3. Kicking a horse should not be tolerated at all. The rules of racing allow for abuse to horses (as common industry practice). That’s why racing needs to be banned altogether.

  4. Abuse with little penalty and no disciplinary action just goes to show the level of concern in this disgusting industry.

    Could only wish I was present when this half pint POS caused the welts, 1/2 pint would be sporting his own welts.

    • Lynn, you could also be arrested for assault since the law allows for human beings assaulting human beings to be arrested for such things. The laws against human beings assaulting horses are extremely inadequate or possibly non-existent in many cases, to say the least.
      I don’t blame you for feeling that way, though. More people need to know that horse racing is the equivalent of abuse, neglect and cruelty to horses.

  5. Kicking a horse gets the same fine as talking on the track!!!
    Something is very wrong with these people.

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