Horse “Receives” a Fracture, Dead

Just released today by the NYS Gaming Commission: Who Is Jarett, Finger Lakes, Oct 17 (yes, 13 days after the fact) – “During a.m. exercise horse received a fractured sesamoid [in] the RF limb necessitating euthanasia. More to follow.” That’s right, the horse “received” a fracture. Maybe that’ll be better explained in the “more to follow” phase. Who Is Jarett was six years old and was being prepped for race #34. Complicit in the kill: breeder Spendthrift Farm, owner/trainer Timothy Murphy, and all those who support the U.S. horseracing industry in any way – betting, attending, watching, working in, etc.

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  1. Pretty sure the NY State Gaming Commission just means more crippling, more killing, and more carnage for their victims when they state that there’s “More to follow.”

  2. I would like to see the X-RAYS of the fracture of the sesamoid in the right front limb of WHO IS JARETT as well as the X-RAYS of the “minor” injury to the right front ankle of SECRET OATH.
    It was printed in a Horse Racing Nation article that it was a sesmoid bone that was fractured in the right front limb of SECRET OATH and that it was “inoperable” but, obviously to anyone following the story, she was not euthanized. Instead, she will most likely be exploited as a broodmare by someone with deep pockets in an industry propped up by taxpayer dollars and at the expense of the quality of education and infrastructure in those states such as New York, Pennsylvania and several other states.

  3. Cowards can’t even speak the truth:
    “the horse “received” a fracture.”

    • The horse “received” the fracture as in it’s a “gift” from this industry of abusing, doping and killing horses. Usually, they blame the horses as though the horses go out onto the racetrack and break their own bones themselves.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these horse abusers would say that there is no right or wrong way to do whatever disgusting and demented thing they do to the horses.

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