Another Death at Golden Gate

The CHRB has disclosed the death (sans details) of Zakkiyyah at Golden Gate Saturday. She was five years old and had been put to the whip 20 times, most recently at that same track Sep 30. The complicit: owner Larry Odbert, trainer Sergio Ledezma, et al. Since Stronach announced in July its intention to permanently close Golden Gate, six (that we know about) horses have perished there. In other words, can’t happen soon enough.

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  1. IF The Stronach Group and the California Horse Racing Board can hide as many as possible of the deaths of horses killed at Santa Anita Park in 2024, maybe there will be enough bettors buying the total package of bullshit that Santa Anita is a safe track and continue to place bets on all of these disposable gambling objects.
    I mean there is possibly at least three to five years worth of horses to fill race cards and whatever happens happens until it can’t happen anymore.
    Eventually, there won’t be an endless supply of young, vulnerable yearlings and two-year-olds predisposed to Degenerative Joint Disease as well as a variety of other racing specific injuries including sudden death.
    Maybe they will crack down on unregulated racing and maybe they won’t. Who knows what egregious cruelty to horses the people who have millions of dollars to spend are capable of hiding?

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