Horrific Fall at Delta; Death at Los Alamitos

4-year-old Carlos Loves Tee in the 2nd at Delta yesterday. While the chart merely says “fell, vanned off,” if she’s not dead I’d be shocked…

Also, according to the CHRB, Club Cal died at Los Alamitos yesterday. No details yet. He was five years old and was to be raced at Santa Anita tomorrow.

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  1. The name of CARLOS LOVES TEE doesn’t come up on my usual type of search, but CLUB CAL did come up immediately on my search.
    I suppose they can’t sweep this horrific incident of the injured filly/mare, CARLOS LOVES TEE, under the rug fast enough. There is no way that anyone is going to spend the thousands of dollars on this relatively “no-name” racehorse to save her from having a broken and dangling cannon bone.
    These horses are like road-kill in this business/industry that they call a sport.
    I have no sympathy for the people who engage in this cruelty to horses. Certain individuals who are accused of illegal doping and cry foul are aware of the stuff that other people in this industry do to the horses, even IF they are/were innocent of doing whatever the agents from HISA/HIWU accused them of doing and they know this industry is not a squeaky clean industry.
    Lots of people get laid off from their jobs in other industries, such as Micron, for example. Being displaced from your income and your way of life is not unique to individuals in the horse racing industry.

  2. Los Al Horse Hell is having itself a hideous streak of bad luck. Ol’ Doc Allred is probably blaming the CHRB for his, um, misfortunes — specifically Wendy Mitchell, his former nemesis who dared to suggest he should stop killing off horses and paralyzing riders for a couple days. I don’t believe it’s in his nature to care about horse and human destruction, though; his single-minded obsession (addiction) seems to preclude such genuine concern for others.

  3. If these jockeys and connections think the higher ups give 2 iotas about them or their family please think again.

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