Two Kills at Santa Anita Sunday; Death Toll Now at 20

Two new kills Sunday at Santa Anita, as relayed by the CHRB (details will have to wait till my FOIA): Captain Maverick, two years old, training; Bellstreet Bridie, four years old, “other” (probably in stall). The 2023 Death Toll for Santa Anita, one of American Racing’s crown jewels, now stands at 20. For comparison, the count in all of 2022 was 14. The lie of “safer racing” on full display, again.

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  1. Who knows how many more horses were injured and transported off the grounds to allegedly be “repaired” by surgery but were euthanized (or died in surgery) over 72 hours after being on the grounds of Santa Anita Park in any given year?
    After Golden Gate Fields is no longer in operation, there could possibly be more horses shipped in (to Santa Anita Park) only to be injured and subsequently killed. The killing will never stop at the racetracks until there is no more racing, because the killing of innocent horses is built-in to this brutal exploitation of horses.

  2. Tomorrow’s public meeting of the high-transparency, super-credible, not-corrupt-at-all CHRB should be fascinating. I mean, these things usually are. But this one even more so with the ongoing rise in horse deaths at the SADT and the not-long-for-this-world GGKF. Can’t wait to hear the esteemed Board tap-dance their way around the carnage increases.
    Oh, and there should also be some comical obfuscations about a certain (Stronach-friendly, of course) “trainer” who decided to skip out on most of those pesky little pre-work vet inspections.
    (Thank goodness he was caught early enough so as not to disrupt all that super-safe horse safety.)

    • Dan Blacker, a licensed trainer with 527 violations but not considered a “red flag” because they allegedly have no “smoking gun” as in the case of catching someone red-handed administering dope to horses with an oral syringe.
      The evidence in Blacker’s case is in the record. How is that not a “smoking gun” when it’s a clear violation of the rules?
      It sounds like a case of “it’s not what you know but WHO you know” at least in part.

  3. It’s the horses themselves, our breeding protocols have destroyed them. It’s not the tracks, “safety measures” can’t protect the animals from themselves. Eventually, the industry will be forced to confess what many of us already know.

    • It’s the greed and corruption of the people who are not interested in what happens to the horses and continue to exploit the horses for whatever morally depraved kick they get out of dominating gregarious and sentient beings.

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