2-Year-Old Killed at Finger Lakes Today

In the 2nd at Finger Lakes this afternoon, Moon Chariot, said the track’s ever-shifty chartwriter, ran and finished just fine: “broke slow, unhurried along the rail and finished with interest.” In fact, the Gaming Commission tells us, she was “vanned off” after the race and subsequently euthanized back in the barn. Dead – at two.

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  1. F’ing Finger Lakes is just flagrant about their fraud, aren’t they? I think they’re probably the current leaders of the “Yeah, we kill ’em all the time. So what?”movement.
    (Good thing they’ve got the full support of HISA in their Dead-Horse Hiding; now, if they could just get rid of those pesky NY Gaming commissioners.)

  2. Are there any laws in New York State that require truth in reporting, which would include chartwriters for the horse racing industry?
    Is there something that somebody can do legally to penalize the chartwriter/ chartwriters for being deceptive?
    Since Pari-mutuel wagering is legal, doesn’t the law frown on deceptive remarks to deliberately mislead the gambling public?
    Of course, if people who gambled on racehorses cared about what happened to any racehorse, they would stop betting on racehorses.
    There should be such a thing as ‘TRUTH in reporting the true events of what happened to each horse in each race’ and the operators of this egregiously cruel-to-horses enterprise should be required by law to report facts, whereas these remarks made by chartwriters are published on Equibase.

  3. “Finished with interest”? What the hell does that even mean? That she made it over the finish line at all means she had some sort of personal interest in the race?
    Then again, the chart notes on my baby (who passed two years ago) read “ showed no interest in the race”.

    • She finished in third place so I assume that is what the chartwriter means, at least to some degree. It’s all about the money. The payout for betting on MOON CHARIOT was $2.10 to Show. Sickening!

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