More on Dale Hiteman, and Other Animal Abusers

Lowlights from the just-published weekly harness rulings. (All emphases mine.)

In Ohio, “While driving Kept Under Wraps A for most of [the] race Parker Smith violated many whipping rules, including whipping using other than wrist and elbow action, excessive whipping, and whipping a horse while out of contention.” Even though officials acknowledged “Mr. Smith’s actions were against the best interest of racing,” his original 30-day suspension was reduced to 15 because he did not appeal.

In Indiana, “Alexandra Sarkine was excessively using the whip up the backstretch and down the homestretch while driving the horse Incredible Luck Sep 16.” She was fined $100, but, they swear, “the next offense will be $200.”

Speaking of Indiana, the racing commission there finally officially rescinded Dale Hiteman’s licenses. They of course only did this because the USTA had already acted, and under the rules you must hold a valid USTA (or equivalent Canadian) license in order to be licensed in Indiana. Still, they added this: “Mr. Hiteman may reapply for either Indiana license when he meets the eligibility requirements once again.” A reminder:

And finally, under “Minor Penalties,” two drivers were busted for “Kicking a Horse”: Daniel Noble in Ohio, fined $300; Ridge Warren in PA, fined $200.

This is horseracing.

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