Last Week…

Chart notes from U.S. Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse races last week.

Queen Breezy “broke down” at Grants Pass
Bete Rouge “fell over fallen rival [above], DNF” at Grants Pass
Summer Nitro “in distress, pulled up, [euthanized]” at Finger Lakes
Abbreviation “vanned off” at Horseshoe
La Colorada “fell and injured herself” at Parx
Takeover Kash “went bad, [euthanized]” at Delaware
Golden Gulley “fell, DNF” at Delaware
Trailing Monster “bled [pulmonary hemorrhage]” at Laurel
Chaos Theory “vanned off” at Presque Isle
Customize My Quest “fell, DNF” at Delta
Dogwoods Becca “vanned off” at Belterra
Red On the Head “bled, vanned off” at Delta
Sassy Jaxson “vanned off” at Horseshoe
Penny’s Prospect “bled” at Keeneland
Snafoo “vanned off” at Albuquerque
Hey Boss “bled, vanned off” at Keeneland
Sean the Hammer “vanned off” at Mountaineer

“Vanned Off”: Horse injured and required equine ambulance to get off the track. While not all the “vanned” end up dead, most do, as borne out by our subsequent reporting.

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  1. Once in awhile, the “vanned off” might already be dead while being hauled off the racetrack. It’s shockingly cruel and inhumane what is being done to the horses. Horseracing is Animal Cruelty.

    • When we were active participants in racing we saw way to many passed horses hauled of Portland Meadows! So glad to see that track gone! A few owners & even horse players admitted to us that it was a bad track.

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