More Welts at Hoosier Park

From the stewards at Churchill…

Sep 23:
“Quimichis was injured in the starting gate…scratched.”

Sep 24:
“Port Townsend was injured in the paddock…scratched.”

Sep 27:
“The claim [sale] of Run Smitty Run was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

“A voided claim was submitted for a [unidentified] scratched horse.” In other words, one exploiter was trying to pass off a compromised (injured, probably) horse to another.

“Watasha finished last [and] bled.”

Meanwhile, in the harness world these rulings at (where else) Hoosier Park in Indiana:

“While driving #5 Don’t Forget Me on Sep 19, Carson Conrad violated the IHRC whipping rule by raising his whipping arm above his shoulder and going back behind his head multiple times while whipping in the stretch.” Fine, $300.

“While driving #3 Captain Sleaze on Sep 22, Mike Oosting did cause welts to the horse. For this violation Mr. Oosting is fined $300 (second such offense).” And, of course, “Penalty was mitigated because Mr. Oosting was within the IHRC whipping guidelines.”

Both of the above fines, by the way, were considerably less than the one ($1,000) levied on Nick Clegg at Northfield. Mr. Clegg’s offense: “using improper and offensive language” to a security officer. Priorities.

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  1. This is blatant in-your-face, kiss-my-ass abuse of horses! This is not horsemanship and it is not sportsmanship!

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