More Welts in Indiana

Recent harness rulings:

Hoosier Park, Sep 15: “While driving #1 Graceful Design, Andrew McCarthy violated the IHRC whipping rule by using more than minimal wrist and elbow action and by leaving welts on the horse. For this violation Mr. McCarthy is fined $300.”

Yonkers, Sep 4: “While driving #5 Seth Hanover, Austin Siegelman did use his whip in an excessive and indiscriminant [sic] manner. This is his 2nd such violation in a calendar year. Further violations will result in increased penalties.” Fined $250, suspended 1 day.

Harrah’s, Sep 8: “Tyler Miller used his whip excessively while driving #2 Vicious. Mr. Miller is fined $200.”

Red Mile, Sep 11: “Jamaal Denson is hereby suspended five days [for] excessive and indiscriminate use of the whip.”

And the following were cited for “Kicking a Horse”:

Walter Hennessy (not the first time), Saratoga, Aug 20 – fined $250, suspended 1 day

Chris Page, Scioto, Sep 9 – fined $500

Ronnie Gillespie, Scioto, Sep 12 – fined $300

Jordan Stratton, Yonkers, Sep 19 – fined $100

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  1. Wow. I once thought that harness racing was the least worse.

    I’m now convinced that racing is racing.

    It all needs to go.

  2. If the fines were alittle heavier than wrist slap amounts I’m sure that would curtain some of the things these guys think they can get away unnoticed ! Damn shame they think they can go above the rules and regs they are suppose to uphold !

  3. Wait, if whips don’t hurt horses, as the racing industry always claims, then why are they leaving welts? And if those same whips are only used for “guidance”, then why are there (ridiculously pathetic) fines for excessive use? How do you “excessively” guide a horse?
    Any apologists want to try to explain? Oh, and also explain why all these asshats are kicking the horses who are “treated like royalty” and “loved like family”.

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