Killed in His Very First Race

Moon Frolic was injured and vanned off in the 1st at Aqueduct Sunday. I subsequently received a tip that he was euthanized, and indeed he was, as finally confirmed by the not-so-diligent NYS Gaming Commission. Moon was four, and this was his very first race.

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  1. Belmont at the big A race 1. Getting his hind quarters whipped until.he disappeared from the camera. He didn’t cross the finish line. Guess they lost cash. This whole business is a travesty.

    • That whipping the horses like that is just so disturbing. That and shocking horses with any kind of electrical device and in horseracing that includes cattle prods. I can’t even really speak about it on this forum.
      I remember back in previous decades, 1970s and 1980s, that there was verbal recognition by head honchos at high profile elite racetracks that the public was appalled by the whipping of the horses. More people need to be apalled at the abuse of the horses.
      There is so much abuse of the horses that’s hidden to the general public. When they’re on the racetrack during a race, they can’t really hide the whipping of the horses, except to delete the video.

      Who knows what they did to this 4-year- old when he was a yearling and when he was two years old. I can’t help but think they injured him badly enough that they had to wait for him to be four to actually get him to the point where they could race him.

  2. All of racing is a non-stop horror-show of equine cruelty and carnage. But New York is really standing out these days as the poster child of why the whole, sick anti-sport needs to be banned.
    The hideous spectacle of the whole Saratoga disaster meet will now be superseded by the next bloodbath — ongoing at Aqueduct. And how are NY racing officials handling it? Apparently with a renewed dedication to covering up as many horse deaths as they can. (Why do they bother? Everyone at NYRA knew poor Moon Frolic was killed immediately, yet they slithered around that fact about as adeptly as a HISA “Safety” official.)

  3. This is so sad. The poor horses did not deserve such a tragic end. This cruelty must end!

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