As Ugly As It Gets…

2-year-old Ungawa at Prairie Meadows Friday. I wish I could make everyone who bets on, attends, watches, or otherwise supports American horseracing sit and watch this clip. I will not know her outcome for sure until my FOIA, but…

Also: Yesterday at Prairie, 3-year-old Relentless Jewell suffered the same result as Ungawa – “fell, vanned off.” This one, however, was stricken from the track’s replay center. Could it have possibly been any worse?

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  1. That was dreadful. Did both front legs break? She took a nose dive into the dirt and the rider was unseated onto the ground in front of UNGAWA. This 2-year-old filly laid on her side with her head up in the air but she wasn’t trying to get her front legs out in front of her body. Then the video is cut off.
    Two-year-olds are only 1/3 (one-third) of the way to full maturity which is 6 (six) years old. This is why the people involved in horse racing are abusers, not true horsemen/ horsewomen.
    Longevity of horses is not the number one priority in this egregiously cruel industry. It needs to be terminated from all corporate welfare sooner rather than later!

  2. I’m not a big believer in petitions, but is there some way you can take all this evidence and the stats to Congress and request an investigation? I know horse advocates were able to get their foot in the door with Big Lick and the torturous practice of soring. We could start with hearings and presenting bills and build on them. There must be someone in Congress who will support such legislation. We can’t expect something that’s been going on for centuries to just stop. We need a crack in the wall to crawl through. The media needs to do more to make people aware of the ongoing slaughter on our race tracks. Politicians are moved by public sentiment. Horse advocates need to start picking up the phone and calling their representatives. As uncharacteristic as it is for me to say this, perhaps this fight needs to move from the state and local level to federal jurisdiction.

    • Karen, the last I heard of the attempt to get some legal action against the soring abuse of Tennessee Walking Horses at the Federal level, it was that President T**** basically deleted/ discarded/ completely disregarded any and all petitions/ requests to stop any type of abuse involving animals because he didn’t/ doesn’t care about animals in the least.

      • The president you are referring to actually signed animal abuse bills into law on the federal level. So your statement is not completely true. Congress legislates, not presidents, and I distinctly remember the Democrat and Republican representatives who rallied against horse protections during the hearings on Big Lick. As for the current regime, they are treating wild horses even worse than previous administrations. Talk to someone who knows what this regime’s BLM is all about. There are no horse lovers in our government, period. That’s the brutal truth and why we can’t get anything done to help abused equines and other animals. By the way, you shouldn’t presume horse advocates are one political affiliation or the other.

        • Can you explain why there continues to be abuse of horses and other animals since the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act was signed into law at the Federal level? Why is this legislation seemingly not being applied to horse racing, the Mustangs under the management of the Bureau of Land Management and Tennessee Walking Horses?

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