Horse “Foul-Gates,” Shatters Pastern, Dead

Undertaker was killed last night at Batavia Downs. Here is the official line from the Gaming Commission: “Horse foul-gated and made a break – left hind pastern broken, [euthanized].” This poor boy was in his 11th year of unremitting servitude. Officially, he is the 68th kill in NY this year – though surely there have been more.

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  1. It looks like people go to Batavia Downs to be entertained and catered to in regards to the food, hotel rooms, gambling and such. How many of these people have any idea of what physical and mental torture the horses are put through? It looks like they would be able to see enough abuse of the horses to get a clue.
    This abuse of horses should be punished by law and not rewarded with millions of dollars in public funds or corporate welfare.
    IF the driver was whipping this horse named UNDERTAKER, the driver should be suspended for causing this deadly mishap. This whole despicable industry should be under much more scrutiny and terminated from all corporate welfare.

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