Sounds Spooky Killed at Belmont

Sounds Spooky was killed training at Belmont yesterday – an “apparent” fracture, says the Gaming Commission. He was three years old and had been most recently raced at Saratoga Sep 1, when, it should be noted, he finished last, some 42 lengths back.

This, every day, is horseracing.

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  1. Thank you for letting us know, Patrick. Of course, if only Sounds Spooky had been given a reprieve, he might be alive today. But there was money to be made! His survival was of no concern! Being so far behind is always a bad signal. And only 3. Imagine! To have his life stolen away as a colt, only!
    RIP Sounds Spooky!

  2. An “apparent” fracture is as good an excuse as any. Sounds spooky’s fate was sealed once he ran so poorly. (Any irony in his name!)
    His connections needed him off the books

  3. For so-called horsemen to use the term “apparent” when referring to a fracture sounds so stupid and so unprofessional.
    These are the people who expect millions of dollars of public funds to keep them swimming in cash.

    How many horse owners who actually care about their horses would take their horse to a veterinarian that wouldn’t know the difference between a REAL fracture and an APPARENT fracture, if in fact someone who actually cared about their horses had a horse suffer a broken bone…?

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