Betting on Del Mar Down Over 10%; Oh, and They Also Killed 7 Horses

The betting figures are out for Del Mar’s recently-concluded summer meet and, from our perspective, they’re excellent. According to the Daily Racing Form, all-sources handle was down 10.9% over last year. While the track was quick to blame the cancellation of one raceday (hurricane), fact is average daily handle was also down: 7.9%. This, coupled with sharp declines at America’s other elite summer track, Saratoga, bodes well.

As it was with NYRA, Del Mar is in full spin mode: “[O]nce again [we] presented full fields with competitive and safe racing that continues to provide value for racing fans.” And: “Leading the progress on equine welfare…Del Mar continues to rank among the safest tracks in the country.” To which I reply: Seven – seven – beautiful, intelligent, sensitive beings were sacrificed (for, I remind, $2 bets) at Del Mar this summer:

Nevisian Sunrise, killed Jul 27
Ghostem, killed Jul 29
Episode Five, killed Jul 29
Mikethedealer, killed Aug 4
Vagabond Prayer, killed Aug 19
Pastor T, killed Aug 26
Peace of Mind, killed Sep 5

If that qualifies as “among the safest tracks in the country” – vile.

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  1. Always sweeping the life-ending injuries to horses and killings of these injured horses under the rug and treating the fans like mushrooms — keeping them in the dark (about racehorses being brutalized to death) and feeding them b***s*** — is the modus operandi of racetracks and Del Mar is no different.
    Not everyone is a big fan of horses being whipped and doped though, so there is hope that more people get wise to the horrendous abuse to young and underdeveloped colts and fillies.

  2. Blowhard, heavily-invested Finley said in a recent article, “Del Mar is close to a near perfect meet”. A whopping seven dead (admittedly) yet he continues the fabrication while spending millions on yearlings, many of whom, even if they step foot on a racetrack, will likely be one-and-done and/or join Butcher Bob’s MIA band.

    • What pisses me off is George Soros is supposedly FOR animal rights, yet, he’s that SF racing who uses bob baffert as their trainer 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 I mean really “F” these assholes.

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